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Post by UNEEK Wed Oct 17, 2012 9:55 pm

Hello Dinar Daily Gang -- Surprise ---- I'm baaaaack -- I apologize for losing touch but my travels have encountered some bumps in the road and have been working my way around them --

It has been pretty constant with me that when I have a very emotional experience from a crisis of
some sort I usually sit and write something prophetic -- It is like therapy for me to be able to express my thoughts and feelings about the experience and then see what I can learn from it --

Have you folks ever had a friendship or any kind of relationship that has slowly drifted apart or experienced some bumps along the way? Did you feel hurt or angry about it? Was it mended? Did you move on?

Well just recently I had something to come up and well to get to the point -- read my essay here and tell me what you think -- It is long but I could actually add a few more lines to it already - Every time I would think I was finished more would come to me - so after hours and hours that went in to a couple days - I finally decided that I was just
- going to stop with it - lol - The pressure continues from many directions so I am just going to release this 6 page 2345 word essay and the pressure it has had on me - and have faith and trust that it has served its purpose or will serve its purpose well - I hope that someone will be either entertained or encouraged by it -- ((HUGS))

You may not understand it totally but hopefully
you will for the most part - It is written to a long time friend
and we have drifted apart - Our lives are in service to "others"
can be and has been very demanding and draining - etc -

Sorry to hear you are not doing well
- your job is / or can be very demanding of your mental / emotional / physical
/ and even spiritual energy -- Do you see yourself continuing on this path for another
10 years? How's your driving? How's your vehicle? Lots of miles? Ready to trade or park it?

You "feel" like you
have lost a friend? How did that happen?
Did someone throw rocks? It "has to" be? Maybe you have not
lost the friend - they just are not with you
right now where you are --

Maybe they are on a different path and just seem to be further away than they really are --

At one time maybe
the roads / paths were closer together and it was
easier to communicate and
exchange dialog -- now - for whatever
reason / reasons the paths have taken
turns and widened -- each staying on their own path and dodging the falling rocks - bending with the
sharp curves - going over and
through different road blocks - avoiding
the horn blowing - screaming road rage and
weathering the different storms that befall them

Each one has their own map /
vision / mission and degree of passion (fuel) to stay on their path and stay
true to that goal - Each one can get
side tracked and move slower than
the other due to - the road
conditions - the turns - twists - curves
- falling rocks and the speed at which they decide to travel along their way on
their path --

When the two paths were closer
together - seemingly side by side -- it would have been (was) easier for one to
reach over and block the falling rocks
or remove one out of the way -- and even comfort and ease the pain when there was an injury

Now that it "appears"
and "seems" that the roads / paths have become farther apart and with
each one still watching their own directions - speeding at times feeling
they are late for a particular destination on their journey -- or weathering a
terrible storm -- or dodging
falling rocks or just plain tiring from
the wear and tear of the journey itself
and what has been required of them -- it can be very
lonely and it can be very
dis heartening to feel that friend has traveled ahead and deserted the
other -

That may or may not be the case -
but how it is perceived - and the state of mind and emotional strength at the time
the thought was conceived can influence the perception --

When speeding down the road in
turbulent weather - over extended on time and energy - bruised from some
previous wreck along the way and you are summoned to appear and perform or just
take a phone call from one that was involved in the wreck earlier - isn't it or
couldn't it be an almost impossible decision to make to take that call?

Remember don't drink and drive
and don't text/talk on cell and drive? Well
- obviously decisions get made whether chosen / decided voluntarily or not
....... and then.... and then another reaction or response- and so continues:
stimulus - reaction / response = results / consequences

Traveling requires attention and when things come into the direct pathway
either a response or reaction is made -- many factors can influence one or the
other but both will have a counter reaction or response and consequences of some sort -

Depending on each traveler -
their insurance provider - their deductible - their vehicles worth - their time
restraints for making repairs - etc and the many other factors -- the traveler
may be able to make a quick settlement with recovery and move on - or the
traveler may have a slow settlement and slow recovery -- or the traveler may
decide it is a total loss and "has to be" junked / trashed / discarded--

Neither decision would be
considered "unreasonable" when all factors of influence and the
condition of the vehicle are considered
- neither decision necessarily states or proves the
traveler hates the vehicle and wants to part with it - again
many, many factors and influences are considered in the equation - such as investment / value - cost of
repairs – time of repair - available
funds for repairs - future performance & maintenance-
etc Each traveler decides - and
negotiates and even haggles with adjuster / insurance provider – or not - and
settles for whatever

Either way - sooner or later --
the traveler will eventually continue on their path - maybe with some changes -
maybe with a different map - a different destination – maybe a different perception and maybe not that same vehicle

The traveler can “love” the
traveling and even manage well behind the wheel for long hours and days even - but
the traveler will tire from the
task -
adequate rest and food is a fairly
easy remedy - Feeling tired and or hungry
can easily be forgotten when the
traveler is cruising down the smooth highway with clear skies ahead and knows
without a doubt from distinct landmarks that they are going in the
right direction –

There is a peace and calmness knowing
they are on their designated path - The gratification of all that was
accomplished to travel and arrive at the present distance and all that was
overcome to make it - no one can take
that away

There may be those that are met
along the way that tell the traveler they are going the wrong way – or “get
out of
the way” or “quit hogging the
road” or they want them to take a detour for some fun –

Whatever the decision the
traveler makes will have consequences to live with – there may be guilt – there
may be sadness – there may be regret but all will be a part of the journey and
the means of fine tuning and evolving of the traveler

There most likely will be parts of the journey that are rough –
unpleasant - difficult – lonely –
disheartening – painful – fearful – depressing – draining – crippling - These are the times the traveler is gaining
driving experience for those
hazardous road conditions – It is the
only true test of strength and ability
and if it is not there before the
test – it most assuredly will be afterwards

Just as sure as there are hazards
to face and steer through - so there
will be the smooth places where for a brief time cruise control is on – the
scenic views are on both sides of the road and straight ahead –and the little surprises
and gifts along the way are there to give encouragement and assurance that the
traveler is on the designated path --

Me always stressed? That is a truth that I admit - only to add
that I am happy and positive most of the time -- Sometimes there is a boulder
that comes in my pathway - out of nowhere it seems - and brings me to a painful
screeching halt -- Of course if I look back at my map -- I see a tiny sign that
I missed -- "Possible Large Boulder Ahead" Caution Is Advised -- I
missed it but it did not miss me --

I have been waiting on the
adjuster to assess the damages and work
on repairs - Some emergency work was done but it has been a slow process and has slowed down my traveling -- I am still moving but with head lights out
- flat tire - low - fuel etc -- progress
is at a snail's pace –

Wear and tear weakens a vehicle over time and
depending on care and maintenance
will suffer in performance – Some vehicles are a little
tougher and better equipped to withstand the boulders and bump
ups – Some vehicles have a larger – sturdier built metal frame – better shock
absorbers - crash tested and just made
for longer endurance travels -
There are the Hummers and there are the
small compact smart cars - ( how they could ever be classified as "smart" is beyond me) One is
made for specific heavy duty off
road travel and the other may be only economically short distance
use - I do not have the Sherman tank style that's for sure - it was not
built for going over and through traffic - but around cautiously -

Sometimes and
with me almost all times -- decisions with navigating - using a map -
not knowing the directions to take - shortest distance or shortest time -- keeps me going in circles
using more fuel and getting
no where --

I do have some deadlines to
deal with that are close at hand
because of my circling around - staying
too long in one place - procrastination --
all consequences of MY reactions and responses while traveling on my path -- I
have enjoyed some scenic views and picnics along the way at
a price- and payment is coming due

"Friends who take care of
me?" I have had some good
Samaritans along the way, yes, all of whom I am grateful for and appreciative
of but none are traveling with me or
“taking care of me” -- big difference - The long hauls have been alone - That
too has been most likely influenced by my own doing whether consciously or
unconsciously - I guess I picked a one seater compact instead of a two seater full sized –

I get to be behind the wheel
& do all the driving – all of the map
reading - all of the fueling – all of the maintenance - etc

I think I have been on a major
detour for the past year -- I came to a fork in the road and it was this way or that - I was out of
fuel / funds and vehicle was stalling – I could not see a possible means to
continue on that road at that time - There was only one other direction available - and so here
I am - traveling with still a vision of where I want to arrive

I have met some new and interesting
people but mostly just passerby's - I have been privileged to do some Samaritan
work that otherwise would not have done -

I am accepting the layover in
this town was a necessary one just not sure of all the reasons - Maps do not always give all details of such encounters - I do know that I am ready to move on

This town is not my most favorite
cup of tea – but it has quenched the thirst and the town is paying for it with room and board –
I even get to have Queen Ginger to snuggle up to at night even if only for 4-5
hrs most nights -- I do get to sneak her on my lap during some days which is
like a royal treat – She is the “BEST”

If it appears that I value and
love Miss Queen Ginger "too much" you may be correct - With the path
I have chosen - with what I have dealt with and felt in the past - she has been
the highlight and most comforting and the best rescue I have ever encountered
-- I cannot explain it any other or better way - there just aren't words –

It is my wish and prayer for us both that our traveling be frequently
interrupted with pleasant visits – picnics – and cherished
memories in friendly places –

May our road be smooth and clear
ahead --

May we have the necessary tools
with us when emergencies present themselves

May we take special care of the
vehicle we were given

May we drive with alertness and at
a safe speed –

May we drive carefully and only
when well rested –

May we be ever mindful and avoid littering
and hogging the road so not to hinder another’s passage way –

May we be patient with ourselves
when we feel it best to travel at a slower pace

May we politely move over and
allow others to pass us by when they are ready to advance on their journey –

May we never be in such a hurry
that we cannot give some road side assistance and when we absolutely cannot may there always
be an angel to step up in our
place -

May we be courteous & kind to
other travelers as well as very cautious about who we may pick up and want to
bring with us on our journey

May we enjoy the ride with
beautiful scenic views towards our destination –

May the angels be with us when through
our own human weaknesses and vulnerabilities we get lost and or encounter some
fender benders and delays -


Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own -- Bryant

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

To be persuasive, one must be believable;
To be believable, one must be credible;
To be credible, one must be truthful.


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Post by Guest Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:31 am

Yep, I've been there, Uneek.

I found that true friends can be gone for very long times and when we finally do see each other or talk by phone, it's as if only one day has passed...we just pick up where we left off.

If it doesn't work out that we can work out our differences or they "did me wrong," then I try very hard to know they have a "uneek" perspective and so do I, but I don't have to try to change or control them or let them control my life. Love will find a way.

Thanks for sharing and yes, I can relate.

We don't get to "see" you enough on here! Uneek, you 'neek to 'neak on here more often, lol. (((hugs)))


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Post by Terbo56 Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:06 am

Listen to the song from 'Pablo Cruise', 1976, 'Love will find a way'- It was on their first or second album, real good tune-Very Happy:cheers:
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Post by Guest Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:05 pm

terbo56 wrote:Listen to the song from 'Pablo Cruise', 1976, 'Love will find a way'- It was on their first or second album, real good tune-Very Happy:cheers:

Good one, Terbo. That's the bottom line. Love is so creative. THE TRAVELER 2834342768 Smile


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Post by Horizon Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:55 pm

Oh yes Uneek, as always your words are so true! I myself have a few very good friends, we don't talk every day, or every week, but when we do there is no time in between. We are there for each other when we need each other.

As far as crooks and turns, I have made many in my life time! Hard headed as my Daddy always said! If I would have listen to him a little more, I can see I would have done a little better, just took me longer my way! I have been through a couple wrong marriages, and finally give up and the right person came into my life. I knew from the 1st time I spoke to him on the phone that he was the one, and he knew it also! He had been through some bad marriages also, and give up. (No we didn't meet on any dating site)He was contacting me through my work to get some materials hauled for his business, that was almost 6 years ago. We really wish we would have met sooner, but I guess our roads we took has made us who we are now!

Life does give us some weird turns, but if we look forward and not behind, and remember what we have learned, it seems things does turn out better. For me I stand on my faith in God, and try to each day please him with the things I do, and I know if it is pleasing to him, it is right! Like the saying, WWJD, best way to make the right decisions!

Thanks for coming in Uneek, and please come back more often! I miss you!

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Post by Kevind53 Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:44 pm

I was just prompted to write a blog post about taking the unexpected turn. Hopefully I will have time to type it up tonight. (I was in a store working a medicare advantage kiosk and so had to write it out longhand.)

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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