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Post by rick152 Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:49 pm

I have read a lot of articles and still haeve not seen where 5 names have been submitted to parliament for security and defense ministers. Plus there are other things here that I have still to see in any article. Please, if any of you can verify any of this stuff I implore you to show me a article on it. Thanks

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7-15-2012 Poppy3: Well, the Minister list has been submitted again. This time they have submitted 5 names for three opening. Now this is the fourth time names have been submitted.

I hope someone stands their ground this time and gets the vote and seating completed. If I were over there I would lose my religion and look for a sniper to help me get some things done for my people. GET-R-DONE BOYS Poppa needs and brand new bag.

7-15-2012 BGG: I did not call an RV today, but things are leading us in that direction. A few weeks ago in the news, Maliki actually offered Allawi the Erbil deal for them not to go forward with the no confidence.
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Allawi accepted the deal as long as he hurried up what he needed to do. I'm not sure if the National Meeting didn't start today, I believe that if we get an announcement for the National Meeting, or this is the National Meeting that is taking place, as soon as there is a power sharing agreement, I believe this will go very quickly. We are looking at 24 hours to a week. We are in a prime window to see some ground breaking news.

7-15-2012 BGG: "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, 5 candidates to fill the positions of the security ministries, including three people to the Ministry of Defence has been nominated by the parliamentary blocs, withdrawing from the Iraqi List.

The agreement included Arbil signed between the parties participating in the government provision, provides for the granting of the Ministry of Defence of the Iraqi list and the Interior to the National Alliance." This is the breaking info about Allawi getting yanked around by the SLC.

Don’t know it to be true or not – but would not shock me. However, the very interesting point is the names for the outstanding ministries are appearently already to Najafi (like I said the other day) and they are contemplating their next move.

This is great news of it’s real solution. In either case - it’s movement. P.S. Other than it being good they are moving – the details of this info is also perpetrated by Maliki’s own cousin.

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Poppy - Bgg and Poppy III Empty Re: Bgg and Poppy III

Post by Guest Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:30 pm

Hope this is ALL true.


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