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The Way I See It.... For What It's Worth. DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Way I See It.... For What It's Worth.

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The Way I See It.... For What It's Worth. Empty The Way I See It.... For What It's Worth.

Post by chevysteve on Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:31 pm

After 5 years or so of following the whole Dinar goat rodeo, I have come to what I believe may be the final conclusion, at least it is for me. I am not suggesting anything other than my own opinion and if I'm wrong, I really don't give a crap. It is what it is.

Over 5 years, I have read more Guru post's and wasted more time and emotions than any one person should waste on this. I know many of you have done the same. I accept responsability for my own actions and do not blame anybody but myself. Anymore, my main reasons for comming here is for the comradre and as many of you know, I enjoy telling a joke or two as well as reading them. If I stumble upon a "Dinar" article or any other article that I am interested in, I read it and retain what is important to me, if anything at all. I also enjoy a good bashing when we get the guru's, village idiot's, and a host of others who lay claims to thier special intel and how well the are connected to the Iraqi and / or U.S. government so they for sure know whats going on. Heck, some of this stuff is funnier that any joke I could tell!! What's even funnier is that some people actually believe themselves.

There is no doubt that the articles about the Iraqi Dinar are being churned out at record levels. I have never (5 years) seen and read about the Iraqi Dinar so much as I have over the past 6 months or so. Every day and some times many times a day Iraq is talking about thier currency and the dilemma which they are in and so on and so on. One thing is for certain (in my opinion) and that is that something is going to happen with the Dinar. That something is subject to a host of scenario's that we have all seen and read too numerous times to babble anymore about. I even believe that one thing that could possibly happen is "nothing at all". The powers in Iraq may be just completely happy about that and all this other "jockeying" may be just pomp and circumstance for the media and the U.S to try and figure out. Yes, millions of Iraqi's are suffering and live in poverty and squaller but, do you think the government really cares?? Put yourself in Malaki's shoes, or Shabs shoes or any other government figure for that matter. Hmmm, let's see.... I am very, very wealthy, have all the money I will ever need, live in a pretty nice palace, have other homes in other parts of the world, have the best of everything, a staff that waits on me and my family hand and foot day in and day out, cooks for me, cleans for me and some of them if they are attractive enough even ????? me!! BUT, being that I am agovernment official, I am worried about my people and need to change things. HORSEPUCKEY!!! These people don't want things to change! Would you if you had all this?? Be honest, yes you would help out those close to you (as I'm sure some of these corrupt officials do) but, would you really want to change all this?? Deep down in you wouldn't but, you would at least want to put on a dog and pony show to make people believe that you are trying to help them but, it's somebody else's fault that you can't get that job done. Sound familiar?? Sound like Obama also?? You bet your bottom dollar, that's why nothing is changing, here nor Iraq.

One thing I believe for certain.... If this RV is ever going to take place (and I am highly, highly doubtful) it will happen within 30 days of the election here in the U.S. So that is around October 4th give or take. If this is really all "intertwined" among the world leaders as some say it is, Obama WILL NEVER miss the opportunity to lay claim that he and his socialist cronies made this happen for us, the little people. He will want all the glory and fame that will come with it. Heck... wouldn't you?? Wipe out our Trillions of national debt, create more revenue than the U.S. has ever had in thier history? This president would go down in history as the best President the free world has ever seen!! Do you really think Obama would let that opportunity slip by?? Would You?? That's why I say October 4th, as it will take at least 2 or 3 weeks for people to even begin to understand what is happening and it will take Obama at least that long to get the news out via TV, radio, newspaper and any and every other medium under the sun to make the people understand that it was him and only him that could possibly have made this happen. THAT'S..........WHY I'M RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION he will blurt out over and over again. Again, "IF" this RV is ever gonna happen, it will have to be within the timeframe to allow Obama to tout it as his doing. HE WILL NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY, NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Imagine if he didn't (how wonderful a thought) get re-elected and Romney stepped in and the RV happened (as they are saying) in January 2013, right as Romney takes office!! There may never be another Democratic president again, EVER!!!

It's just not gonna happen that way folks. Not no way, no how, not ever! It will either happen by election time or it will not happen for years and years if ever at all. LOP is a very real and probably the strongest possability of all with gradual appreciation to the point where we will maybe double or triple our investment (speculation).

And to say this isn't about the US or other world economy's, it's about Iraq and it's people........ BULLCARP!! Unfortunately, thats not the truth. It should be totally about Iraq and it's people but, it's not. It's about the political crooks from every corner of the world and the power and money they want. They will stop at nothing to accomplish thier goals but, they will make it look like "it's somebody else's fault" for the sake of SELF PRESERVATION!!

That's just my 2 cents for what it's worth....
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The Way I See It.... For What It's Worth. Empty Re: The Way I See It.... For What It's Worth.

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:06 pm

CHEVY, good write up. I agree that I have never seen this many articles from the C.B.I. about the currency. You are right that something is going to happen with the dinar...but I think it will either be in SEPTEMBER or JANUARY.


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