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Problems w/ the port of Mubarak and corruption..Kuwaiti news report DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Problems w/ the port of Mubarak and corruption..Kuwaiti news report

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Problems w/ the port of Mubarak and corruption..Kuwaiti news report Empty Problems w/ the port of Mubarak and corruption..Kuwaiti news report

Post by rick152 on Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:37 pm

A Kuwaiti newspaper: there is a possibility of collapse action b {port Mubarak} because of corruption and the absence of his designs and not useful

Baghdad: Euphrates news} she feared a Kuwaiti newspaper was not completed because of corruption port Mubarak in companies that evaluate the project and the lack of his geometric designs as well as not useful in case Iraq building of port of FAO.

He said the Kuwaiti newspaper {now} in an article I wrote today electronic "imagine you want to adopt a beta or repaired the building, can be done without the design engineering construction by Engineering Office Specialist? In the light of these designs and engineering plans are built. So says a b geometry, but what's being built in the port of Medgidia is a fantastic Wonderland and exotic curiosities of the weirdest! ".

And movement of reliable sources as saying that "the port being built by contractor – represented by a Falcon hoinday and Kharafi group — which brought the construction of the second part (PHASE II) of the first phase (58%) Worth 328 million dinars, and include four marinas and design the remaining stages until the fourth stage canceled later without schemes known to the Ministry of works. "

The "first stage of 150 million dinar and include building bridges among boys one train and Bubiyan last for trucks and street cars, and this stage of irregularities and what turns his head notes.
Following the newspaper as saying that "the second part of the first phase is being built now and night without engineering blueprints and the responsibility of the contractor which repeats ON OUR RISK whenever he dedicated in major projects of the Ministry of public works: where diagrams? According to the agreement, it is assumed that delivers Advisory Office URS-SCOTT WILSON charts since last August, but it is not, and is not the application of a fine, and as dedicated as in follow up major projects, was confronted by three arguments flimsy. "

The paper points out that the officials who run that project is a LUMSUM and is as close as possible to the way the building key, but even building geometrical forms and requires key schemes are against constructive!! As demand for sleep, Mubarak port is a vital strategic project for the national security of the country, don't ask much about it so as not to incite controversy with Iraq. And reflected the policy of ' silenced ' desperate defence by the media power centres benefiting from the project which had passionately and continues the project despite the lack of relevance in case of an Iraqi port for him. "

The paper shows that Iraq protested the port grounds also flimsy and his engineers have visited its Responsibles and his officers and his generals port more than once, and examined him fully with ahadathiathm, and calling them always open to visit port at any time to remove their fears that the port will not affect their beauty and their port big FAO, a fear dissipated with the abolition of the fourth phase of the project ".
And private sources refer to the public authority for the environment were rejected the workings of the project and what it can cause environmental damage and the lack of environmental impact, the Commission continued its position until the year 2010, but backed down and agreed to all the project suggesting that complicity with the project or the ramifications of the killing sources within the Ministry of works in the follow-up and management of major projects.

The newspaper is left to say that a contractor-Hyundai Korean represented by a Falcon, a bridge had been dropped by most projects India bridges and killed 48 people, the Indian Government has condemned. The stadium was built by one of the contractors port Gaber Mubarak Al-Kharafi group, and we all know what has happened to the stadium that stands today is testimony to the stage of grim blackness to corruption, may end up Kuwait port Mubarak as Jaber Stadium ended? ".

The port of Mubarak were problematic between Iraq and Kuwait as Iraq showed that this port will affect it and held several discussions with the Kuwaiti side where the agreement to cancel the fourth phase of the project ended.


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