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MILLIONDAY 6-23-2012

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MILLIONDAY 6-23-2012 Empty MILLIONDAY 6-23-2012

Post by Just Da Truth on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:15 am

Millionday chat 6-23

  1. <BLOCKQUOTE class="postcontent restore">[millionday] sSo lets start with the news that everyone is buzzing about
    [millionday] ever
    [millionday] There is an article out -- I want to address

    [millionday] First let me get it and then we will talk about what it means or at least the point.

    [millionday] Readings obtained confidential information leaked by a source within the list of reports that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki presented to the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, to form a strong alliance between them and form a majority government to address the Kurdish political and expansionist ambitions. According to the source The source, who declined to be named, said al-Maliki offered Allawi, through high-level delegation from the Dawa Party, a representative in person, to form an alliance binary includes the rule of law and Iraqi forces to form a majority government a political stand against the greed of the Kurds and to stop the exploitation of the crises which are the major cause of the fictitious.

    [millionday] Now some were swinging from the trees that this is powersharing
    [millionday] It is not !!

    [millionday] It is an attempt by Maliki to avoid the next news im going to show you

    [millionday] Not to say it won't work -- because believe me Allawi wants his place in power and Maliki is pushing that he is serio

    [millionday] The National Union Party said the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Kurdistan and their insistence on no-confidence in Maliki's efforts with the participation of other parties. This came during a meeting of political offices, on Saturday, with the resort of Salahuddin. According to a statement issued by the meeting got (News Agency news) on Saturday: the political offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party held their joint meeting in Salahaddin in Arbil resort, under the authority of the President Massoud Barzani.

    [millionday] Now Talabani is pushing hard with all other parties to have the national
    [millionday] this is not bad news but -- this is extensive pressure
    [millionday] Let me show you this

    [millionday] It added: the meeting that followed the meeting of political offices in Sulaymaniyah on 18/6/2012, emphasized a bipartisan alliance position, also discussed at length the current Iraqi crisis and the political process, and was a common position on the gravity of the crisis on various areas of political life and governance, the incorrect orientation that struck the country management mechanism, has adversely affected relations between the parties and political components, so its impact on Iraq's foreign relations as well. The statement said: the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan agreed to rescue Iraq from this crisis and remedy the situation of the political process and governance, and insisted on no-confidence motion against Prime Minister under constitutional procedures and democracy with the participation and cooperation of the parties, taking into account the responsibility of the President and his constitutional duties and obligations in General

    [millionday] So they are trying to push and would be out numbered if Allawi agrees
    [millionday] And the meeting that Talabani is pushing goes forward --

    [millionday] I had this up first

    [millionday] This is all that got done with the parl but they are putting into play all constitutional laws and working on all steps concerning that so this is good they are actively putting things in place.
    [millionday] the other hand the Congress voted on the appointment of Kamran Messenger is capable member of the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice instead of Hossam Abdel Latif Jassim Nariman. as House of Representatives approved a resolution concerning Iraqi asylum seekers deported forcibly removed from European countries and the report of the committees displaced persons, and the emigrants and the legal and human rights, foreign relations and the text "1 - reject the House of Representatives re-Iraqis living abroad forced to violate the principles of human rights and calls on the Iraqi government not to facilitate the procedures refoulement .2 - on the Iraqi government to speed up to amend the memorandum of understanding signed between the Iraqi government and the Kingdom of Sweden, in particular paragraph 2 / IV. 3 - call the Ministry of Transport to impose fines on airlines contribute to the transfer of Iraqi anti forcibly .4 - We recommend that the Iraqi government to work on an international conference to resolve this problem

    [millionday] So this is nothing we like but all is on the table just not to it yet
    [millionday] so not bad news just honest news

    [millionday] The laws we are waiting on are being addressed but not yet
    [millionday] brb with that about Talabani

    [millionday] Saw politicians from different blocks that the return of President Jalal Talabani planned in the coming days revive hopes for an end to the crisis. President of the Republic held last Wednesday, successful surgery in Germany, where the site said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), "The surgery underwent knee President Talabani and successful." The MP said the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati, the "morning": that "the priorities of the national forces are holding a national dialogue under the initiative of President of the Republic." Al-Bayati said that "the return of President Talabani promising, because it will make every effort to ensure the success of this dialogue," noting that the National Alliance has formed a number of committees for the purpose of providing a paper reform of all aspects of the political problem and this paper will be placed at the disposal of President Talabani and the disposal of the parliamentary blocs. "It is said that the President had called in a presidential statement recently to the following:" 1

    [millionday] stop the mutual media campaigns .2 - adoption of the Constitution invoked as a reference to it and respect its clauses and a commitment to the agreements made on the basis of which the Government of the current partnership agreement, including Erbil, 3. Commitment and adherence to the basic principle upon which the current government .4 - to ensure the independence of the electoral system. 5 - the referral of cases for determining the service cycles of senior officials in the state to the House of Representatives to consider the proposals on them within the framework of the Constitution. 6 - stick hard to the principle of separation of powers and the maintenance of independence of the judiciary and speed up the ratification of the Federal Court. 7 - to support and strengthen all the institutions that ensure the independence of the development of democracy. 8 - to complete the implementation of the commitments set forth in the Constitution and laws and approve the necessary legislation such as the basic law of oil and gas. "

    [millionday] we will read the rest of this together
    [millionday] For his part, said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ahmed Sirwan able to be President of the Republic is a safety valve for the political process is the first sponsor of the Constitution. He is capable of the "morning" It's the return of President of the Republic will solve all outstanding problems between the political blocs and will try to achieve harmony between the political blocs involved in the political process and his attempts to raise the political blocs on one steps to ensure the safety of the political process . MP Qassem al-Araji, has pointed out that the project of President Talabani is to sit at the negotiating table because it is the best solution to get out of the political crisis.

    [millionday] Araji said in a statement the "morning": "President Talabani's long experience in political action and believes that the situation in Iraq needs a real dialogue," noting that the return of President of the Republic is a lot of political solutions to the exit of political crises. Also confirmed that the Sudanese MP Nada, "the president determined after his return from treatment to heal the political situation and determine the date of the national meeting and urged all the political blocs to attend the meeting. Sudan said "morning" that "the political blocs that will refuse to attend the meeting will be the loser because what will come out of it (national meeting) is al-Faisal to resolve the political situation in the country.
    [millionday] A source of political beginning for "morning" Recently, the determination of the President to invite a fourth of all political parties to hold a national meeting, noting that "the new call may include some of the items to be discussed at the national meeting held in the event ". in turn, called on the Secretary-General of the mass of the white beauty of watermelon Iraqi leaders of political blocs to set a new date for the convening of the national meeting. He stressed the need not to ignore the watermelon invite the President of the Republic to hold the national meeting, calling at the same time to create the atmosphere before the return of Talabani of travel for the purpose of a national meeting. He also noted in a press statement that the white bloc reiterates that the current atmosphere does not subside, but to hold the national meeting, which has become an urgent necessity should take notice of all the political blocs to it.

    [millionday] You know anytime we see watermellon -- things get done
    [millionday] lol
    [millionday] So anyway it seems he is empowered to complete all of the things we are waiting on so that s great

    [millionday] I have some economic news for us
    [ROBINREDHED] millionday this is good news

    [millionday] It seems that there is a meeting coming up in a couple days that is between all economic experts business leaders ect
    [millionday] to determine the exchange rate and the expected changes coming
    [millionday] ROBINREDHED I think so too -- they have everything written and prepared so -- good news
    [millionday] maybe they gave him a shot of courage
    [millionday] brb with more

    [jeffusa] millionday so is Maliki staying or going or staying with no power

    [millionday] It depends on the result from this latest attept to get together with Allawi in force

    [millionday] Said an economist said the central bank's demands in cooperation with the government is the largest for the highest possible coordination between fiscal and monetary policies, pointing out that this principle was enshrined in the Bank Act No. 66 of 2004, as well as the Financial Administration Act, public debt, No. 95 of the same year. Explained Kareem Hamood Faraj Speaking (morning) that the crisis experienced by the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar due to several reasons, particularly the indiscriminate importation and increased rates of imports of goods and goods poor in Iraq, saying that this cost the country large sums of money used by importers to feed Tjarathm at the expense of the value of the dinar exchange rate, which fell as a result.

    [jimplants] i would think that just knowing his countries money will be worth more than the 1/10 of a cent would motivate anyone that has a butt load of it and I would bet they all have a sack full
    [millionday] Now this is a report of the issue with the exchange rate
    [millionday] and the reason I am bringing this part is for the end of it and how it ended .

    [millionday] Faraj criticized the actions of the Ministry of Commerce in the organization of import operations, explaining that these processes need to be strategic planning to determine the overall needs of the country as well as the need to organize grant import licenses to the provisions of the Central Bank of the process of granting the dollar to holders of such licenses exclusively. In order to find out how successful the current exchange rate policy in the country called Faraj to hold a national conference has named an extended number of economic experts, academics, businessmen and state officials to discuss the extent to which the current exchange rate with the economic policy for Iraq.
    [millionday] Now the timing with what we know is great for this

    [millionday] Having input from corporate is the way we taught them democracy works so this is expected and good

    [millionday] With the Shabibi meeting going on the 26th ect --- the timeline is very good for this input and all that is being completed
    [millionday] And trust me, --- everything is on the table right now

    [millionday] Detect the Iraqi Central Bank of negotiations conducted with a company (not disclosed) for the purpose of adopting banks, phone in daily dealings in the country. Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that «one of the companies submitted to the Central Bank of Iraq for the purpose of establishing the banking system, telephone, a modern system supports transfers of financial assets on a telephone as is the case in the transfer of the balance of the mobile phone to someone else ». He said the Deputy Governor that« the central bank in the process of study and negotiations with a company that made the offer depends on the mobile phone in the transfer financial assets of certain persons are then later exchange fund balance transferred from the branches of the company after the deductible part of the commission ».

    [millionday] and that« the Central Bank supported all of these concerns that contribute to the development of the country and contribute to make a quantum leap in his dealings ». deliberately Iraq in financial dealings currently in the conversion and drag on banks and banking companies and seeks the Iraqi Central Bank to adopt more sophisticated means to contribute to the reduction of manual trading for liquidity. and seek the central bank to develop a system of payments the country's economic and previously announced a rise in reserve cash of $ 50 billion to 60 billion dollars.

    millionday] More monetary advancements -- maybe we will just call and transfer our money out !!!

    [millionday] Other than that -- the banking is also moving forward in islamic banking acts

    [millionday] So this is what we have --

    [millionday] The Erbil is not activated --that is a save from Maliki trying to gain Allawi support -- not bad or good for us -- and

    [millionday] Talabani is coming home with a method to his madness
    [millionday] and
    [millionday] the meeting in a couple days makes sense for all business leaders concerning upcoming rate changes
    [millionday] and

    [para~investigator] Now, I thought Allawi didn't want any part of the Power sharing after the last lovers quarel he and M had early last year.
    ]millionday] The HCL and Tarriff did not move forward today but are on the working table andTalabanis

    [millionday] it is not power sharing but a concrete front that Maliki wants -- dangling power in front of Allawi nose
    [millionday] might work

    [jeffusa] they are afraid of the Kurds... the Kurds are begining to excert their power IMO
    ]millionday] So I thought we might have the powersharing too -- called Robin and said we might but not --- so tomorrow new day

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Post by Just Da Truth on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:21 am

Just Da Truth
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MILLIONDAY 6-23-2012 Empty Re: MILLIONDAY 6-23-2012

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:21 am


When is his return again...


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