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The Iraqi Transport Ministry announces the launch of new projects for rail  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Iraqi Transport Ministry announces the launch of new projects for rail

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The Iraqi Transport Ministry announces the launch of new projects for rail  Empty The Iraqi Transport Ministry announces the launch of new projects for rail

Post by ADMIN on Sat Jun 16, 2012 2:50 pm

The Iraqi Transport Ministry announces the launch of new projects for rail
2012-06-16 11:50:38

Baghdad (IBA)Transport Ministry officials announced that it will be launching major projects for the rehabilitation and development of the rail transport sector in the country earlier this week.

He said media adviser in the Ministry of transport, cream, in an interview with Al of my new projects aimed at expanding the railway network and linked with all Iraqi cities and neighbouring countries to facilitate the movement of passengers and goods and promote tourism.

He added that the expansion will include network Noury trains passing port linking Iraq to Zakho Turkey and Safwan port connector with Gulf and Khanaqin, Basra and reconnoitre the port with Jordan and Rabia wehasibh.

Noori said that these projects include rehabilitation of trains and the former lines and development commensurate with the aspirations of Iraq, adding that the Ministry has signed agreements with foreign companies to import new trains and convenient for travelers.

Noori said that the cost of repairing our old trains approaching price modern trains, so agreements with French and Chinese firms have high capacity trains industry suited to what Iraq.

What will be the victim of old vehicles, said it would use in transport Noury procedure or the transport of goods.

But he explained that modern trains will be high-speed rail in Iraq that does not allow for high speeds due to the mechanism of sabotage and armed actions, so we turned to be the speed of up to 250 kilometers per hour.

In turn, the Director General of the General company for railway, Rafe Yusuf, in an interview for new projects to home create new font linking Baghdad to Basra, the southern governorates, which is hoped to accomplish by the end of the year.

These projects will develop fiscal revenue for the company, which will help them to fulfill their debts.

In this context, the company spokesman, Javad alkhorasan, that new projects will contribute to transforming the company into a profitable company, where they will gain the trust of citizens who were reluctant to travel by train between governorates obsolescence and suffered from vandalism.ButThey will make a big difference, especially since they will be able to reach their destination in a Baghdad Basra, about half the time they responding previously.

Alkhorasan said that work on the draft rehabilitation vehicles, numbering 50 wagon, to be completed in October of this year.

In order to promote this sector, contracted General railway company in 2011 with Germany to buy 40,000 tons of iron on the railway at a cost of $ 50 million as the first phase of the establishment of new lines within Baghdad, to create new lines in the then provinces of Karbala, Najaf and Babil.(Finally)



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