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Bond Lady from 6/10 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bond Lady from 6/10

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Bond Lady from 6/10 Empty Bond Lady from 6/10

Post by rick152 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:02 pm

Brought this over from Recaps.
Lots of good stuff on tarriffs

BondLady & Member Chat - Post By tlm724 BondLadys Corner


Awadi added that "there are drafts, the first is a project presented
by the government in 2011 and the second proposal made by some of the
House of Representatives and the Committee are engaged in their study."

Under the terms of one of Conventions Erbil that so they
can be consensus on the oil and gas law, but the region accuse the
National Alliance circumvent the conventions and pass the bill without
taking the position of the Kurds. He pointed out that al-Awadi,
"paragraphs listed in the proposed project, the government and
parliament reached approximately 50 paragraph there is no disagreement
between them in only four paragraphs."

He did not specify
Awadi those paragraphs, but he pointed out that the Commission on oil
and energy parliamentary will put their observations on Monday to leave
the latter view to Parliament. The dispute is between Arbil and
Baghdad on 41 oil contracts signed by Kurdistan government since 2007
until now and described Baghdad as "illegal".



[premier] 4 out of 50 ain't bad.

[BondLady] so with malikis new initiative maybe they will finish the hcl and art 140 also

[premier] probably the toughest 3.

[BondLady] no its not considering how they cant ever agree on any thing premier

[campdav] BondLady

[campdav] Thats a biggie

[BondLady] yes let me grab talibanis 8 points that maliki agrees on to do of the erbril agreements

[BondLady] It is said that the President had called in a presidential statement recently to the following:

"1 - stop the mutual media campaigns .

2 - adoption of the Constitution invoked as a reference to it and
respect its provisions and a commitment to the agreements made ​​on the
basis of which the Government of the current partnership agreement,
including Erbil,

3. Commitment and adherence to the basic principle upon which the current government

4 - to ensure the independence of the electoral system.

5 - the referral of cases for determining the service cycles of
senior officials in the state to the House of Representatives to
consider the proposals on them within the framework of the Constitution.

6 - stick hard to the principle of separation of powers and
the maintenance of independence of the judiciary and speed up the
ratification of the Federal Court.

7 - to support and strengthen all the institutions that ensure the independence of the development of democracy.

8 - to complete the implementation of the commitments set forth in
the Constitution and the adoption of laws and basic necessities such as
oil and gas law. "

[BondLady] i took that from the middle of this article...... http://www.alsabaah.com/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=28877

[campdav] agreement, including Erbil,

[BondLady] those 8 things were from the erbril agreements

[BondLady] the ones which can be done by the constitution

[luckyintx] BondLady they look simple enough...

[BondLady] yeah right

[campdav] basic necessities such as oil and gas law. " WOWZA if done so r we IMO

[BondLady] the other 12 points of the erbril agreements will be left
for them to continue to do what they do....fight over them

[campdav] right exactly Dont think Shabbs cares get the HCL DONE!

[BondLady] ill grab malikis initiative brb

[campdav] ok

[BondLady] Maliki launched a new reform package 10/06/2012 0:00
Parties claim of no confidence is meeting today .. And al-Sadr calls for
the United Nations to intervene Baghdad - Alaa al-Tai - Muhannad Abdul
Wahab plans to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki launched the initiative for
political reform new, urged the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the United
Nations to intervene to solve the political crisis.

This comes
at a time held in which the parties claim no-confidence of Government
meeting in Erbil today. revealed the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party MP
Walid al-Hilli said in a statement the "morning", the determination of
the Prime Minister put forward a new initiative includes political
reforms and wide.

said jewelery: "The initiative is aimed at
achieving national reconciliation and strengthening cooperation between
the partners politicians, "explaining it (the initiative) includes in
addition to vision-Maliki most of the points of the initiative of
President Jalal Talabani, agreements Arbil, saying it will also solve
the dilemmas between the center and the Kurdistan region.

In a
related context, he invited Mr. Moqtada al-Sadr, the United Nations to
intervene to address political crisis which passes through Iraq for
months, according to a source close to him. source said on condition of
anonymity in a statement quoted by Reuters news agency: "Mr. al-Sadr
sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations through its
representative in Iraq Martin Kobler demanding that play a role in
resolving the current crisis, which Iraq is going through.

He also said al-Sadr in his letter to the "lack of justice and the
presence of interference in the institutions of the Iraqi state." In
Mosul, ended the leaders of the Iraqi List, their meeting yesterday, the
agreement "to hold a meeting with representatives from the Kurdistan
Alliance and the Sadr movement in Erbil today and tomorrow."

He warned the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, the neighboring
countries of interfering in Iraqi affairs, he presided over the meeting
which was attended by Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, Saleh al-Mutlaq
said that "the foreign countries of non-interference in Iraqi affairs."
It is said that dozens of people of Nineveh demonstrated yesterday in
protest at the meeting, which conducted by the blocs opposed to the

[BondLady] was informed political sources have
said the "morning", said the President of the Republic is still not
convinced to apply to withdraw confidence from the government,
indicating that "the parties to the meetings of Erbil, Najaf is
considering a request to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in
parliament later this month ", hinting at the same time that some
parties of the meetings of Erbil, Najaf, a condition not share al-Maliki
in the upcoming elections as a basis for negotiation and compromise."

For his part, MP for the National Alliance, Abdul-Hussein Abtan in a
statement the "morning," said President Jalal Talabani and leader of the
Islamic Supreme Council of al-Hakim were holding intensive dialogue
with political parties and leading the efforts and initiatives to bridge
the gap in views between different parties. also revealed that the
leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, trying to parties in
the process of political pressure on the president to be a party to the
current dispute and take a stand supported some blocks against the

Othman confirmed in a statement the "morning" that
"the President refused to be party to the dispute being the head of all
Iraqis must be the position neutral on all sides to allow him to play a
role in bringing the views and end the current crisis."

Council decision Representatives from the Iraqi bloc MP Muhammad
Al-Khalidi has announced the "morning" that the parties social Erbil,
Najaf, will hold a meeting today in Erbil to discuss political
developments, but he stressed that the case is still linked to what
convinced the President of the Republic.


[BondLady] so i guess we wait to see whats gonna happen today

[BondLady] gm all just joining

[BondLady] and if they push to go ahead an question maliki in parl and not do the no cnfidence

[therealbubbie] whats gonna happen today?


[BondLady] yqw

[COSMO] BondLady ...ty

[BondLady] then we have the tarriffs article and how it will affect the families budget

[BondLady] yqw cossy

[BondLady] let me grab it brb

[BondLady] Tariff protection between production and their effects on
the family budget 10/06/2012 2:34 Controversy over the timing of
Baghdad - Haider al-Rubaie Filaih as seen by a number of stakeholders in
economic affairs tariff law necessary to the revitalization of the
national industry, and activation of local production facilities in
various forms, an economist warned that the application of the law is
can lead to the collapse of many of the economic gains achieved in the
past years thanks to the fiscal and monetary policies, pointing out that
the imposition of fees on goods entering tax factor will lead to rising
material prices in the domestic market and thereby increase the
pressure on the shoulders of the citizen and then high rates of
inflation, and while he believes the seriousness of the law is applied
tariff at this time, pointed out that such laws are implemented to give
effect to aspects of industrial production and said that does not exist
in Iraq.

The government is seeking to implement a package of
economic laws that can be very active fiscal policy in the country, is
that the application of tariff law, according to many economists comes
at a time commensurate with the development trends of the country, for
arguing that such a law sponsor higher rates of turnout on purchasing
local products and reducing the size of the purchase of imported goods,
which irritated and surprising economic circles, which holds that the
total Iraq produced locally does not exceed 5 percent of the volume of
materials and imported goods.


[BondLady] did any 1 by chance copy any of this?

[BondLady] sorry who all got in late or didnt make it at all

[BondLady] stresses economists on the importance of resorting to the
government and the country's economic policy makers to stimulate the
production of industrial areas such as orientation to the imposition of
customs duties on ÂáÓÚ and materials, and this matter was raised by
economic researcher Hassan sponsor creates an atmosphere of competition
between the price imported materials and manufactured locally, pointing
to the fact that industrial in Iraq now refers to a large decrease
compared to the size of the total imports of the country,

this is the point of intersection between the law of the tariff and
time schedule for its implementation. praised the good orientation of
the government called for the need to wait to apply the law, is that
good patient explained that the process does not mean stop Altiv, which
shows that the Ministry of Finance continues to implement it in time for
the end of June, pointing out that the question of organizing an
extended meeting attended by many experts and specialists in the
economic order is necessary to feed and mature decision with all the
ideas involved in this matter, and to determine the main the contents of
the pros and cons, and this could put away the economic reality of the
price fluctuations that can affect the overall economic gains in Iraq.

[BondLady] Despite the size of the widespread criticism faced by the
process of applying the law for the time being, but the industrialists
and those involved in the Iraqi private sector praised the decision, but
they demanded a legislation package of laws that can operate at revive
aspects of productivity in the private sector, particularly the
provision of financial support and loans to industrial and private
sector Guanyin exempt from taxes and customs duties on raw materials
used in the production of certain goods and materials.

local industrialists to the tariff law imposing customs duties on goods
and raw materials used in production, and this according to the
resolution of industrial empties its content, which calls to revive the
industrial reality in Iraq, calling for the revision of the law well and
exempt raw materials,

especially within the dairy
industry and electrical items, clothes and some the food industry from
customs duties in order to activate specialized Iraqi factories
producing such substances, wondering about the usefulness of a
resolution aimed at reviving the national industry and imposes customs
duties on inputs to national production. markets have seen a remarkable
rise in prices in recent weeks,

The reasons watchers
attribute this to a state of frenzy in the domestic market and the fear
among the wholesalers of the volume of procedures that can accompany the
process of implementing the law, led the increase in demand is to raise
the prices of other single remarkably, comes the increased demand,
according to many citizens in anticipation of a big hikes in materials
and imported goods if the application of the law.

and see the expert and head of the Department of Economics at the
University of Mustansiriya Dr. Qusay Al Jabri said the customs duties
were not discriminatory, as imposed on the All goods without taking into
account the price elasticity demand (ie, the degree of response
required quantity of goods to changes in the price), asserting that the
imposition of customs duties on goods to be flexible as low as request
price of basic food commodities will give the possibility of large to
raise the price as long as the amount required in response to these
changes in the price low.

He criticized what he called Gabri
(forget the legislator) shapers results of applying the tariff law to
the poor, adding that he will be the effects of rising prices and a tent
on the poor, especially since the poverty rate in Iraq stood at 23
percent and the poverty gap is 4.5 percent and the unemployment rate of
nearly 15 percent.

And Al Jabri said that the impact of
taxation will be reflected in high rates of inflation in Iraq,
regardless of the existence of exemptions on certain goods and reduced
taxes on other items, indicating that the inflation rate in Iraq in
2008, and without the imposition of customs duties amounted to 12.7
percent and for the year 2009 amounted to 7 percent, and that he would,
according to these data.

When a tax-tariff must be
the rate of inflation is much higher than this. stressing that the law
of the customs duties should be one part of a group action a national
strategy for economic reform, and that the enactment of this Act and
without a policy of agrarian reform, and without solving the problems of
public facilities and industrial manufacturing sector, and without a
radical solution to the problem of electricity and the rest of the
problems of infrastructure, and without solving the problem of the
unemployed, and without work to mitigate the problems of poverty ...

All this will transform this law into a mere burden on the people in
favor of the largest glut of government budget, according to Jabri.


[campdav] Missing the HCl Erbil stuff

[BondLady] and the goi stuff we did 1st too

[BondLady] sighs o well yall can tell every 1 what was said all day

[campdav] And shall

[urbil] BondLady -Thank You and gm ! i have a quick question with
regard to Three Zero notes...did the CBI ever express a desire to remove
a certain percentage of those notes off the street ?

[BondLady] yes many times urbil whether they have or not is our opinions

[BondLady] if they are or were doing it

[BondLady] ok well that was the tarriff taxes article, all imo and ty

Love understands, Love supports, comforts and, cares for. Love forgives. Love also honors, respects and, believes
so please;
Love each other and yourself ...rick152
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Bond Lady from 6/10 Empty Re: Bond Lady from 6/10

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:01 pm

July 1st is fast approaching...


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