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Never Sell Your Seed..

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Never Sell Your Seed.. Empty Never Sell Your Seed..

Post by Horizon Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:38 am

Brought over from Recaps...good advise...

Never Sell Your Seed - Post By gtabdinar Caps Corner


Never Sell Your Seed

Hi Mateys! You know….a long time ago I was listening to my grandfather talk about when times were tough on the farms of America…around the time of the great depression (we are close to that these days). He said that his family would live from day-to-day just hoping to make ends meet until the next crop was harvested.

They had planted the crops, watered them, weeded them out, nurtured them, fertilized them, watered them some more and then they harvested them. The harvest needed to last throughout the long winter that was to come, in addition, until the new harvest of that year’s crops.

Along with the harvest, they would always save some seed for next spring’s planting. Hopefully more seed than they planted the year before; always looking to provide more for their families and perhaps to help others.

During the winter things got so tough that they had to make ends meet by working additional jobs, cutting back on all expenses and finding other ways to survive the long winter and spring months.

One year it got so bad, things had to be sold in order to buy food to eat and survive. He told me his Father told him that they would “never sell their seed.” He did not know what that meant until later on in life.

In short, his Father and Mother knew that in order to make it next year and the years far after that (and to expand the crops for the future), they had to save their seed. The seed was worth a fortune, but they never sold it.

Without the seed there was a very slim chance to plant the following year’s crops.

On a daily basis, soonerpatriot and myself get emails, IM’s and calls from fellow Mateys and others who are so tired of the ride that they want to just get out and sell their Dinar. Your Dinar is your seed.

That is the worst thing anyone can do at this point in the journey. I have counseled many to not do that. Do whatever else you need to do….but don’t do that! We are so close to the end that we can see land on the horizon.

Now is not the time to get rid of your Dinar. Sell whatever else you can, if you have to, to make ends meet…but never sell your seed if you can avoid it.

Make drastic changes in your lifestyle, if needed but once again….never sell your seed. Without it….you have no chance of growing crops for future years and even increasing crop production for future years. This is a full reference to income in future years. Crops are your income.

These requests also remind me of my coaching career. I would always tell my kids (all 400-500 of them!) to never quit. You may be getting beat up on the field but you never….never….never quit. There is always the next at bat. There is always the next play. And there is always the next game.

If you quit now…you will have very little chance of playing again, much less winning a game, or getting a hit. Baseball is like life and life is like baseball. Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose….but you never stop trying. NEVER!!!

To sum this all up, I have a love for people in general….and my Mateys in particular. Like I have said before….I wish I could make all our problems go away. I cannot. But if you ask me, I will tell you not to quit. And never…..never…..NEVER….. sell your seed!

You’ll need it to live your life in the future to the fullest. Lots of nevers today huh?!?!! Our Lord expects this from us. BTW…I read the last chapter….we win! Thanks Mateys and wake up rich! In more ways than one!!! gtabdinar

Never Sell Your Seed.. Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbUTUwRpDbhT-xIofJl3G31OXoGzOAJS3qKlCApR1lrvZghQYKngbnt9AnaQMakin' Plans...Never Sell Your Seed.. 7_6_8
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Never Sell Your Seed.. Empty Re: Never Sell Your Seed..

Post by Kevind53 Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:13 pm

Never Sell Your Seed.. 3079029344 Never Sell Your Seed.. 3079029344

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Never Sell Your Seed.. Empty Re: Never Sell Your Seed..

Post by SEBtopdog Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:07 pm

Fantastic post with really great advice. Thanks for digging it out and bringing it here, horizon. Never Sell Your Seed.. 3079029344 Never Sell Your Seed.. 1261280965

Never Sell Your Seed.. Emoticon-animal-028
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Never Sell Your Seed.. Empty Re: Never Sell Your Seed..

Post by dinarstar Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:08 am

Wise words Horizon,thank you 8)

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts."
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