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Post by ADMIN Sun May 13, 2012 6:18 pm

1. Q: This is Ron S from Las Vegas...
(1) Have you gotten the approval letter from Treasury yet to receive our IQDs and deposit them in an account in your Iraqi Bank...(UIB)...?
(2) Do you still plan on giving the CBI rate...?
(3) Are you still planning on charging $150/Million for exchange...? Be Blessed Ali, my regards to everyone...
Thank You...! RON

[Dinar Trade](1) we have all the paperwork in order. We are just tying up a few loose ends. Once everything is in place we will make an announcement to the public. (2) YES at the time of an exchange I will use the CBI rate and my charge will be $150 / million IQD exchanged. (3) yes we will charge only $150 per million IQD

2. Q: I have some limited responsibility to four of my friends who I encouraged to invest in Dinar. I have a cash-in question about timing. Our plans are to cash one or two notes when the RV is announced so we have some cash. Then one friend and I will travel to Las Vegas via Motor home with our dogs and the rest of our Dinar. In LV, hire one of the two lawyers I've talked with to help with an LLC or corporation for each of us. Then exchange the IQD and deposit to our individual accounts. This will take about 2 weeks. My question is can we guarantee our exchange rate for this period?
A: [Dinar Trade] As a currency exchange I cannot lock in a rate for a two week period. We schedule lock in rate appointments out 3-4 days. as we will be able to lock in till the date of your appointment

3. Q: If we have a reserve and the RV happens just before the 30 days expires, can we deduct the balance at time of cashin even if our apt. goes past the 30 days deadline...thank you
A: [Dinar Trade] This is the best part of our new Guaranteed Reserve program. When you place 10% down you are actually buying currency equivalent to that payment. You own that currency, but cannot take possession of it until the date of expiration. The currency sits against the reserve for 30 days. I will however allow customers to exchange the currency purchased with the 10% down payment and use the funds to pay off the 90% even if it is before the 30 days. no matter if the price increases we will pay the balance off form the 10% that we are holding

4. Q: Is our rate locked in the day we make the appointment? How does that work? Do we fill out paperwork 1st to get appointment?
A: [Dinar Trade] So basically you either call our office or schedule an appointment on our website. We will validate if you are a Dinar Trade customer and give you the option of a lock-in rate appointment. Once we decide on your rate you will be sent a contract via email or fax. The contract must be signed, notarized and sent back to our office via email or fax within 24 hrs. to hold that rate. Once we receive the contract your rate will be locked in for your specific appointment. Lock-in rate appointments will be scheduled 3-4 days out from the day you call to set it up. once you make that call we will lock in the rate even though we have not received the contract we will still have your rate locked in

5. Q: Rumors have it that dependent upon how much one holds in dinar the rate will be different. Is that so?
A: [Dinar Trade] No, we will base each customers rate on the CBI rate. Our fee will be $150 / million IQD exchanged no matter how much currency you hold.

6. Q: Could people "combine" there holdings, come in together and still get separate wire transfers... thus separate tax ramifications and still get a better rate?
A: [Dinar Trade] The rate will not be based on the quantity of currency you exchange. Everyone will get the same rate. and we can send the wire to each customer that is no problem

7. Q: If we are a customer of Dinar Trade, but also have currency purchased through another dealer or bank, will you allow for exchange of the currency that was not purchased through Dinar Trade?
A: [Dinar Trade] Yes, we will exchange currency from any dealer. The currency will be authenticated on our de la rue machine at the time of appointment. we will only lock the rate in for customers that have purchased form dinar trade but we will exchange it for you even though you did not purchase the currency form us.

8. Q: What if some of the purchase receipts for a person dinar were misplaced would Dinar Trade still cash out all of that person’s dinar?
A: [Dinar Trade] We do not require receipts for exchange. If you are a Dinar Trade customer we have your receipts and transactions in our database. If you purchased your currency from another dealer we will authenticate the currency as there are some dealers that are buying their dinars in jordan not IRAQ at the time of appointment, but we will not require a receipt.

9. Q: What type of personal info/ID should we bring to cash out?
A: [Dinar Trade] You will need two types of Identification. One must be a Government issued picture ID (ex. Passport, Drivers lincense, State Identification card). The other can be a utility bill matching the address on the ID or a bank statement. you are locked in till the day of your appointment that is our guaranteed

10. Q: Will ALL of your locations have delarue machines?
A: [Dinar Trade] Yes, all of our locations will have currency authentication machines.

11. Q: How will CBI rate compare to the bank rates?
A: [Dinar Trade] I cannot speak on behalf of financial institutions, however it is my understanding that banks will base their fees on percentages. We will be charging a flat rate of $150 / million IQD exchanged. Think about it if the rate is issued by the CBI that would be the best rate banks cannot offer more than the cbi as that is the central bank of that country

12. Q: I would like to know about security he has planned for the smaller locations especially Springhill’s thanks
A: [Dinar Trade] We will have security officers inside of our exchange offices, just like a bank would have. As a customer it is your responsibility to transport your currency to your appointment. The addresses of our appointments will not be posted on our website or anywhere else. The addresses will be given out at the time of appointment. In order to make an appointment an individual must send us a copy of their identification and fill out a few forms. We will have a record of every person the addresses are given out to. This is for our and your protection.

13. Q: How long do you think it will be post R/V before international banks open IQD denominated accounts?
A: [Dinar Trade] I cannot speak on behalf of financial institutions. The law of the land applies to those banks and they will have their own processes to go through.

14. Q: Will there only be one cash in location in CA?
A: [Dinar Trade] At this time we are only planning the one office in Santa Monica and Bakersfield

15. Q: You mentioned IRA options in the "coming weeks", capabilities to invest in the ISX, Iraq reconstruction bonds, and the bank site not quite ready. How close are you to announcing all of this information?
A: [Dinar Trade] Believe me I am as anxious as you are. The IRA option should be up in the next two weeks along with a new investment option in addition to the IQD. The ISX and bond investments will come with the Financial Institution in Iraq. I do not want to put days out on that, because when it does launch I want it to be perfect.

16. Q: Ali has said that my "offer to sell" my dinars to him represents a legally binding commitment on my part, presumably enforceable in court like a "contract". Contained within the IRA dinar exchange procedures, will Ali's "offer to sell" contain in writing language likewise legally enforceable by my IRA Custodian as a commitment by Dinar Trade? A lot of money will be exchanging hands without the IRA holder's ability to be present as in personal dinar exchanges, and these written assurances would make IRA holders much more comfortable in using Dinar Trade for exchange, rather than other options now available.
A: [Dinar Trade] Yes, we are also responsible for our side of the contract. This refers to customers choosing a “lock-in rate” appointment. That is why the contract must be signed and notarized. We are as legally responsible as the customer. In regards to IRA customers who made their purchases through Dinar Trade. You will of course have the “lock-in rate” as we must decide on a rate with your agent once a sell order has been presented to your agent from you. Your agent will call us and set up the details of exchange. We will present them with a rate contract. They cannot contact us for that contract unless they can ensure their paperwork will be complete and the currency can be placed in our account within 3-4 days. Those who hold their currency at First State Depository will have their currency transferred directly to our account at the depository. First State has stated this process is very simple and can happen in one day once they receive the order from the IRA agent. It will be in the hands of the agent to submit the paper work to the proper channels.


17. Q: My question revolves around understanding how the cash in process works.
(1) We have heard that major banks will turn Dinar into the UST for reimbursement? Is this truth or just IQD BS? Please explain the process?
(2) How will Dinar Trade or any other currency trader provide the funds to cash in? Will you turn Dinar into UST or will you have some other clearing procedure?
(3) A year ago you had said if the IQD revalued to a minimum of 10 cents you would set up cash in offices. Do you still hold true to the 10 cent minimum valuation? Please provide specific details so us Dinarians can understand the process! Thank You
(1) [Dinar Trade] That is not true, this must have come off of a guru forum.
(2) [Dinar Trade] A cash reserve to provide funds to customers by wire transfer on the day of exchange. Some banks will not allow a company to send multiple large wires in a day if the cash reserves are not there, or have not been consistently there for a long period of time. we at dinar trade have all the limits set before hand 2. A secure channel to exchange the currency back to Iraq, The UST will not be taking the currency. A dealer must have a connection in Iraq. We at Dinar Trade have this connection 100%. 3. An infrastructure set in place to open multiple exchange offices all over the world at any given time.
(3) [Dinar Trade] to be correct I stated I would open my exchange offices at the time the currency reached the value of one penny. I hold true to that statement. At the time the value reaches $10,000 / 1 million IQD, Dinar Trade will open its exchange offices.

A: [Dinar Trade] I cannot answers the Q because we have not yet launched it here in the states I don’t what anything to go wrong with all of the approval process that is why I don’t like to give out too much info but when we are ready to launch I will put it out in detail. Just remember this When you make a vow to the LORD , be prompt in doing whatever you promised him. For God demands that you promptly fulfill all your vows. If you don't, you will be guilty of sin.
I truely believe in that.



21. Q:
(1) I understand you will have cash out Location in Vancouver B.C. Canada after the RV for Canadians? Correct?
(2) How will Canadian cash out be handled?
(3) We bring you Dinar and you give us a certified cheque or you wire the money to us, which or both?
(4) If you wire us the money...will it be from a Canadian Bank of yours to our Canadian Bank?
(5) Will there be any hold ups or problems with wiring large sums of money way over $500,00.00 to our Canadian Accounts now that US has the rule for $500,000.00 only at a time?
(1) [Dinar Trade] Dinar UK will handle all of our International customers. They will treat our customers as their own. Meaning that if you purchased from Dinar Trade they will provide you with the lock-in rate option. asd DUK is owned by my family
(2) [Dinar Trade] The same way US customers will be handled, except the money will come from Dinar UK rather than our bank in the US.
(3) [Dinar Trade] We will be doing wire transfers, not cashiers checks. Look, I know there are rumors out there that the Government will freeze wires. A couple of notes on that rumor. They are actually references a bill that was made in regards to International wires. The Government must hold large wires going International because of terrorist activity. Our domestic customers have nothing to worry about in regards to wire transfers. Our International customers will be handled by Dinar UK and so they will have nothing to worry about either. The only other reason the Government would hold a wire would be if the sender ie. Company sending the wire did not have the approval from the bank to send that size wire. We do not have that problem.
(4) [Dinar Trade] All the wire for customers will be sent form our bank in Dubai
(5) [Dinar Trade] this 500k rule came from the blog sites. If you go to any major bank website you will see that the 500k limit they are speaking of is based on the banking history of the company. The bank sets a limit on the amount of wires a company can send. This has been twisted into something that it is not. That is why customers must go with a well established dealer or financial institution.

22. Q: Will DT have any overseas outlets besides London?
A: [Dinar Trade] We will have exchange offices in LONDON , AUSTRALIA Singapore , Dubai CANADA Zurich the wire will be sent the same as our US location

[.Miskebam] one question from email... regarding the same:

[.Miskebam] I got my Dinar from your UK location I am hoping that makes me a customer.....Please let me know....However, I think I might have got a few from one of the banks and I am in hope that you will honor that as well as it might be 1,000,000.00 and I need to turn it all in at one location....Thanks Ali for your good heart I read all the below Thank you Frances
[.Miskebam] Just clarifying that DinarUK... will honor the same as DinarTrade
A: [Dinar Trade] That is no problem as I have stated we will honor DUK customers as our own


[aglenn12] Ali, will you have cash in area in Texas?
[Dinar Trade] Thank you all for all the business and referral you all have given us me and my family really appreciate it. we will have a office in TX wich will be run by Neno ( tommy Styles )

[Ovillaite2] We purchased our dinar thru Richard B who purchased from you. Does that make us a customer who can cash in thru you
[Dinar Trade] yes it does we will take care of all of richards customers

[daphydyll] Can we make appointment convenient for us or are we given the next available etc? If we use an auxillary site and tey are not opening for 5-7 days, what does that do to the 3-4 day lock in rate?
[Dinar Trade] the rate is locked in till the time of your appointment no matter what date it is.

[leh] Could you please comment on rumors that the U.S. Government may possibly punish in some manner people that use dealers to cash in rather than banks ... such as, freezing wire transfers, and or bringing about an automatic IRS audit.
[Dinar Trade] That is a complete LIE we live in a captialist socity that will not happen these are rumors form different gurus so they can keep you on their sites That how they make money they have no idea how the currency markets work

[stillwaiting] Thanks for your time Ali, Would you consider opening an office in the Hartford/Boston area since most east coasters don't like to travel to New York?.
[Dinar Trade] we will have one in NYC. I will look into a boston office


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Post by ADMIN Sun May 13, 2012 7:57 pm

The following were questions that we were unable to get to because of time restrictions, Ali emailed the answers.

[favor1] I have bought all my dinar from dinar banker because I have only bought since January of this year and you were not doing business. I live near Arkansaw and would live to exchange there. If I place an order with you now will you exchange all my dinar and will you lock in a rate for all my dinar?? Does one order make you clear to lock in and exchange all your dinar???
[Dinar Trade] it does not matter as long as you have made a purchase once form us we will lock in the rate for you.

[birdie] Ali, last call you mentioned we could cash in for gold/silver. Could you explain any restrictions and logistics of handling/delivery and are they first exchanged to US dollars or straight from dinar?
[Dinar Trade] I can not answer this I will be posting it on my site in a few days

[0108kle] Ali: I gifted dinar purchased from DT to my Mom and brother. Will they be able to cashin with you by using only the gifting letter with my signature? I am a customer.
[Dinar Trade] That is no problem as long as they bring a copy of their ID at the time of exchange

[zoe] What types/denominations of silver and gold coins will you have for exchange? Also, are you able to send them to a storage facility of our choice?
[Dinar Trade] We will be able to send them to a depositery of your choice.


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