millionday] i normally dont come on thursdays but i wanted to share some excitment

[millionday] we do have something to be excited about and it is this on
the date that belabun told you about for the kuwait meeting of the 29th

[millionday] at the same time the meeting will be taking place at the UN to bring them out of chapter 7

[millionday] so if kuwait is happy they notify and then the decision
will be made -- also the US and Iraq have hed a meeting to activate the
strategic trade agreement between them so the national meeting should be
after the activation of the erbil as well so we may see that very soon
-- also the strategic framework agreement comes with an agreement for
massive oil production and we know what that will bring right away --
the hcl is being pushed by all contracting oil companies so the oil
production agreement with the US is pushing for the country to put in
place the hcl and the UN meeting is on the 29th and the Kuwait meeting
is the 29th'

illionday] the investment law is in place and the privatization of banking and their producers is activated

[belabun] millionday exciting>>

[millionday] this is so exciting !! very exciting -- now this other little tid bit i have is as well

the article that we had yesterday that we were all talking about said
that iraq will return to a normal rate after putting it to 1160 wasnt
it 1160 - let me look hold on - yes that is right --llionday] the
adjustment appears to be active right away

[millionday] so we have the next little bit of exciting news - no the
1160 was a planned adjustment to the rate also we have this

the World Bank is coming to Iraq and announced that plan on the 23rd of
this month as being in a couple days --- they are coming to assist with
the economic reform and its implementation. now this does not mean
that the rv is today or that we have looked in a crystal ball but
remember what we all do here for you -- it is this we are trying to take
the steps to discover when the set date is -- not when a surprise rv
will come -- this is set in stone and we are watching it unfold and
applying our international experience and knowledge so -- know that when
some other site tells you it was held up or ooops it didnt happen --
they are silly

this is a global event and oh baby are we close ~they are asking the
cbi to move forward with the event to keep the economy from crashing

[millionday] so this is very good for us becuase my economy is crashing too lol

so just wanted to bring you the exciting news that is unfolding -- and
now we watch -- the set UN meeting is very good news becuase they dont
just set them and not show