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No Dark Days..Life is a Love-Story...Heart's Agony DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

No Dark Days..Life is a Love-Story...Heart's Agony

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No Dark Days..Life is a Love-Story...Heart's Agony Empty No Dark Days..Life is a Love-Story...Heart's Agony

Post by 7freemom Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:03 am

from God Calling

No Dark Days

April 18

Such light, such joy flows from this house. It affects all who come here.

Do not feel that you have to try and help them. Just love them, welcome... shower little courtesies and love-signs on them and they must be helped.

Love is God. Give them Love, and you give them God. Then leave Him to do His Work. Love all... Send no one away without a word of cheer, a feeling that you care. I may have put the impulse to come here into some despairing one's heart. Think if you failed Me!

Besides, you have no choice. You told Me it was My Home. I shall use it. Remember this. There would be no dark winter days were Love in the hearts of all My children.

Oh! My children, can you not feel the joy of knowing, loving and companying with Me? ------------------------------------

Life is a Love-Story

April 19

You need Me. I need you.

My broken world needs you. Many a weary troubled heart needs you. .. will be gladdened by you, drawn nearer to Me by you both.

Health-- Peace -- Joy -- Patience -- Endurance , they all come from contact with Me.

Oh! it is a glorious way, the upward way, the wonderful discoveries, the tender intimacies... amazing, almost incomprehensible, understanding. Truly the Christian Life --- Life with Me -- is a Lovestory. Leave all to Me.

All you have missed you will find in Me, the Soul's Lover... Friend, Father -- Mother-- Comrade -- Brother. Try Me.

You cannot make too many demands upon Me -- nor put too great a strain upon My Love and Forbearance.

Claim -- claim -- claim -- Healing -- Power -- Joy -- Supply -- what you will.


Heart's Agony

April 20

There is a Calvary-Cross on which one hangs alone, untended by even the nearest and dearest.

But beside that Cross, there stands another, and to My dear ones I say little, I hang there afresh beside each one through the hours of the heart's agony.

Have you ever thought of the Joy that the patient, gentle, loving obedience of My disciples brings to My heart? I know no Joy such as the Joy I feel at the loving trust of a dear one.

The wounds in the Hands and Feet hurt little compared with the wounds in the Heart that are the wounds, not of My enemies, but of My friends.

Little doubts, little fears, little misunderstandings. It is the tender trifles of a day that gladden My Heart. I that speak to you, am He -- your Master. ------------------------------------------
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