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Post by hithere Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:36 am


Bluedog (DFI Funds protected): The G.E.T. Team 4/16/12

April 16th, 2012 08:11 am · Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info)
Bluedog………….Looks like Iraq got there Funds here in the US Extended for one more year…………Shabibi is here or on his wayhere he will be pleased………………………………………….External relations: Congress was reluctant to extend the protection of Iraqi funds


Baghdad/JD/…The parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee alluded to the possibility of the approval of the US Congress to extend the protection of Iraqi funds deposited in banks and approximately 64 billion dollars for one year. Attorney, said Committee member Imad John l/JD/that “the US side agreed to extend the protection of Iraqi funds abroad and Congress has opposed the extension of the duration.” John said that “ethnic funds need extension because Iraq did not graduate from item VII”. He noted that “the outstanding files with the State of Kuwait and other chemical and nuclear activities by the former regime are all you need for the international community to exit inclusions Iraq from Chapter VII.” “America’s previously occupied to Iraq either now is the rule dealing with Iraq as two complementary”. He is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee “that good relationship with America and developed the development towards the interests of Iraq.” And away end us protection on Iraqi funds deposited in banks only (34) days, which Iraq failed in persuading the Government to extend protection to Obama would be vulnerable to looting by the judge of compensation claims by the malicious characterised by the Iraqi Central Bank and the Economic Commission of the Cabinet demanded the Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry to address us President Obama about the possibility of extending the period of protection for these funds in another. Special Ministerial Committee to develop a mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraq’s money in the twentieth meeting Wednesday chaired by Deputy Prime Minister روژ Nuri Shaways, the presence of the Ministers of finance, oil and justice and financial oversight of the chef and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and I am planning the ministries of Foreign Affairs and legal adviser to the Prime Minister and Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister. The Commission deliberated pursuing actions and steps to protect Iraqi funds and assets deposited abroad, especially with the imminent expiry of the protection provided by the US presidential resolution of such funds and assets until next May. The Commission, inter alia, resolutions and recommendations to be carried in by making a recommendation to the Council of Ministers to make a formal request on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iraq by United States Government Foreign Ministry for a new presidential decree provides protection for Iraqi funds for new year from 20 may 2012 according to the Central Bank of Iraq, the decision of the President of the United States Barack Obama, the Iraqi funds abroad under us protection, preventing any judicial decisions freezing or confiscation under a compensation claims Debt decisions by companies and lifted, this protection would continue until the 20th of May next. The Central Bank estimated the size of these funds is great there are several billion dollars distributed in a number of States, in addition to the Iraq Development Fund which contains the oil sale proceeds that vary between 8 $ 16 billion, and there is also a $ 52 billion dollars of funds belonging to the Central Bank established in US banks as a cover for the Iraqi currency and are not subject to freezing decisions. Central Bank and confirmed by Deputy appearance of Mohamed Saleh said Iraq is capable of protecting its funds abroad and owns all means defensive stand in Iraq conditions exploiters, and what happened after 1990 to sue as his compensation in huge amounts, stressing that Iraq is not responsible for the policies of the former regime, as committed to follow up such cases confirms that most submitted
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