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Post by EZ Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:12 am

This may get me banned from OOM! But I must say this and get it off my chest!

All of us at OOM are adults and should know better than to blindly believe and trust every bet of news that comes our way concerning the RV, RV Date and RV Rate! I have watched this for over half a year and even volunteered as a MOD until I could not stomach it any longer. I have watched the Emotional Roller coaster ride as people believed that RV was near and wagered their rent and food dollars to purchase more dinar on Lay a way plans and then watched as all hope was dashed due to “poor Intel” or “Delays” in the RV. I find this disgusting of both the Intel providers and the people that believed it. As grown ups we should be more responsible. We should research better and TRUST less! Do not misunderstand me, I do believe in the Dinar and it’s soon to be Value! I am saying that the HYPE needs to stop! I want you to think back how many times Bulldog has come into chat with info of RV and told you to stay up all night to watch it. Did it happen? No! It did not! How many times has our beloved Okie come in and stated RV has was here? Did it happen? I am not bashing ANYONE or being Disrespectful! I am asking you to check your emotions and filter ALL info and decide for yourself as to the Real possibility of it being accurate. I think and believe that NO ONE will know in advance of the RV! Certainly not days in advance! We have Great Intel Providers! Their job is to provide us with news and intel on the Dinar. Their job is NOT to share their personal opinion of Date and Rate of RV! Not one of our intel providers sits in the room with the RV button in front of them. Only a hand few of people in the world will know in advance of Date and Rate! Declaring the RV before it happens will always prove you wrong in time! Report to us after the RV happens please! No more projected Dates.

So in closing I ask everyone here to splash cold water on your face and wake up! We have lifted Intel Providers to Rock Star status and lead some of us to financial ruin. Stop the insanity and make informed personally researched decisions based on fact and not the Hope that some info from some person you never meet before is true and accurate! I love this site and its love it’s members more! There is lots of entertainment here! Don’t be sheep and follow each other to the finacial slaughter house! Weight all info and look at it logically.


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Post by Guest Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:34 am

Good advice, EZ.

Ya, some of us need to grow up. I have grown tremendously since coming on the site and seeing how it works. Good advice about layaway's!

I know you say this out of caring for the ones who are too optimistic for their own good. So thank you for this dose of reality check.

And I see you have strong feelings, opinions, and frustration. That is alright. We all do. We are all unique and bizarre. Now that you have gotten this off your chest, I hope you can have peace in your heart for those who still don't or won't "get it". Everyone has their own path, their own learning curve, their own experiences that are hands on education. You probably can't save them from their own folly, but I find it sweet of you to try.

Thank you for caring enough to put your thoughts out there. At least you are participating, communicating, sticking your neck out to say what may not be popular, and it's obvious that you care about people. Let Divine Order prevail now as it most certainly will. Have a great RV experience.


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Post by Cardiac99 Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:34 am

I, too, believe that the rv is near, VERY near. I have been following this for almost 2 years. Have I stayed up all night waiting for numbers to post? WEEEELLL, not ALL night. The sun wasn't COMPLETELY up. I have never heard Okie or Bulldog75 tell us to stay up to watch for it. I HAVE read/heard Okie say he was staying up. If anyone wagers their rent or grocery money on the rv by using the money to buy reserves, are the intel providers REALLY to blame? OR is it the (supposed) adult (person that buys the dinar on reserve) that is to blame? I will be the first one to tell you, or anyone else, that if I have the extra money, I'm buying more. But I pay for mine in full when I order it. If someone doesn't want to read what OKie and his wingmen have to say, don't. It is not a requirement of this site to read any one person's posts. As a matter of fact, I believe there is a setting that Miske has installed to block whoever you want to. Okie and Bulldog75 do not encourage ANYONE to go buy IQD or VND with their rent or grocery money. If anyone does this, maybe we need to rethink the responsibility issue. I don't feel that any intel provider is responsible for a reader buying currency. Hope I made my point. I'll shut up now.
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Post by Guest Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:37 am

Good point, Cardiac99!!


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