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24,36,48,60,72 Pick the Magic Number!!! Hour by Hour .... FREEWAY BILL 08/03/2011 (COPIED FROM DINAR RECAPS) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

24,36,48,60,72 Pick the Magic Number!!! Hour by Hour .... FREEWAY BILL 08/03/2011 (COPIED FROM DINAR RECAPS)

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24,36,48,60,72 Pick the Magic Number!!! Hour by Hour .... FREEWAY BILL 08/03/2011 (COPIED FROM DINAR RECAPS) Empty 24,36,48,60,72 Pick the Magic Number!!! Hour by Hour .... FREEWAY BILL 08/03/2011 (COPIED FROM DINAR RECAPS)

Post by dinardiva on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:55 am

24,36,48,60,72 Pick the Magic Number!!! Hour by Hour ....... FREEWAY BILL
Post by Freeway Bill at OOMF

With solid reports that the Commander and Chief has signed off on this blessing (finally), we are now in the moment! So, if we are going to go through all of this, we need to go over with a review of where we have been, where we are going and what we are going to do once we get there......

Many years ago a plan was designed to bring a balance to the World Economy and that plan resulted in taking the most resource rich country in the world, turn it completely upside down and rebuild it while giving it's people a much needed and deserved freedom and democracy that many other countries have always had. You can read or already know the rest of the beginning ........ years later a huge undertaking of putting this plan into fruition was started, the country was indeed, turned upside down, their ruler removed and eventually brought to justice. Then the rebuilding process began. Over the past decade + this country has went from a poverty stricken citizen base with no electricity in the homes with no hope of anything better in their minds to a country with a tremendously stellar outlook on times to come. They have a government of their own, they now can take all of their assets (which never was theirs before) and their resources and use them to become what may be the wealthiest country in the World!

Great story, right?

Read More button on right
Now, how did we get into this story? We, as individuals, less than 1% of the population of our country somehow was introduced to this unique idea called the iraqi dinar. Somebody explained that you can buy this currency for around 1.2 cents a dinar and someday this will revalue and it will be worth a lot more, maybe even as much as 50 cents to a dollar each. What a find? Made some sense, so we bought in a little bit. Little did we know that it would start a whole new way of life as we would start looking at this currency, the country, the progress that was being made to a point to where we found ourselves as if we were reading a fabulous novel we couldn't put down. As we read, we realized this was much more than just a way to help the people of the country of Iraq with the money we were purchasing their worthless currency with. This was something that very well could end up being for real! So we dove deeper into this and as we did, we started realizing that this could be a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event and was indeed something that we had been led into by a much higher power then what we thought.

Skip to today:::::::: After so many hours, days, months, years, we have come to the point where this country has went through all of the steps needed to become the resource rich democracy that had been planned many years ago. Now, this did not come without a heavy price by both this country but other countries as well with fallen soldiers and fatherless or motherless children left behind on both sides of the pond. Today, we stand ready for a Revaluation of this currency that we bought on a whim of a charitable way to help people we didn't even know when we started, that will bring not only the Iraqi citizens the fabulous new start they have dreamed of. This will answer so many prayers for so many in our country as the investors/benefactors that bought this currency will now have thousands of times the fund to reach out and help many more people in our own country and other countries with a blessing that just is almost too good to be true!

This is the largest transfer of wealth since Moses led his people out of Egypt with all of their spoils and we are smack dab in the middle of it. WE MUST BE FINANCIAL GENIUSES!!! Hey, stop dreaming about that new house and get back in this story with me!!! No, we are not financial geniuses! As Poppy said, we all have been chosen, whether we believe it or not. What are the odds of you or me being in a group of less than 1% of the entire population of the USA being in the situation we are now in if it wasn't brought by some higher power?

Folks, I am not trying to tell you this story and take up a lot of your time for any other reason than to make you realize that this is something that is Life Changing and Your Opportunity to Make a Mark, Make a Difference, Build your Legacy by taking a portion of the proceeds of this blessing and help one, two or a hundred of the many worthwhile causes throughout the USA and beyond. Take this cheat sheet and start here and then build your own list from there:

1. GIVE GOD HIS SHARE - This is where your charitable contributions come into play
2. PAY YOURSELF COMPLETELY OUT OF DEBT - You cannot enjoy this blessing without a clear mind, heart and credit rating
3. HELP YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Mom and Dad have a mortgage, don't they? The kids could use a starter home, right? The lady at Church that just lost her husband could use a little help, right???
4. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP ---- No, not a psychiatrist, you are not crazy, this is REAL, you need a professional staff of people to help you safeguard this blessing
5. STAY GROUNDED ----- You may now be wealthy, but you are still you and please stay that way. We are all created equal in HIS eyes.
6. KEEP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SECURE --- as much as you want to tell everyone you know .... BAD IDEA! You made a little investment and it paid off just enough to buy that new house and retire a little earlier than you had planned .... THIS IS YOUR STORY and STICK TO IT! Telling everyone how you turned a few thousand dollars into 10 - 15 MILLION DOLLARS only keeps them smiling until they leave you. Then they go home and feel horrible that if it could happen to you, why didn't you tell them about it, get them into it, or hey, you are rich, you could help them out ...... get the point?
7. NOW ..... RELAXXXXXXX .... Play golf, do some charity work, whatever but I ask you to do me one favor and yourself one favor ..... when you wake up every morning after you cash in, give thanks for your new life and your new ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want for the rest of your life and that your children, their children and their children will be continuously be blessed forever for this one single event where you were led, (yes, I said it again) to a blessing that changed your lives.
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