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fate Microsoft call

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fate Microsoft call Empty fate Microsoft call

Post by ecpope Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:43 am

I had a call today from a man with an Eastern Indian accent claiming he was with Microsoft. He claimed my computer had downloaded a complicated virus and he was calling to help me clear my computer before it ruined my hard drive.

Our conversation:

You say you’re from Microsoft?


How do know that my computer has this virus?

“It shows us here that there is a problem and it needs to be solved as quickly as possible. If you will go to your computer I will walk you through it”

Why does your number show as unknown on my telephone?

“We use an 800 number here and it does that. Are you in front of your computer yet?”

If you know my private cell phone number then you should know my email address. Why didn’t you just email me about this problem or better yet, just send a MS update to solve the problem? How did you get my number?

“It is such a bad virus that we are taking immediate action by calling our customers. (He failed to say how he got my number) If you will go to your computer, I will walk you through how to solve your problem. Are you in front of your computer yet?

Yes I am, but I am having a hard time believing you are from Microsoft. (I knew this was a load of crap, but wanted to see what else he had to say)

“It won’t take but a moment or two if you will follow my instructions. If you are in front of your computer we can get started. Are you ready?”

Ok, but I’m not going to do anything on my computer yet. First I’m going to write all your instructions down and after I call Microsoft to confirm that this is legitimate, I will do what I need to do to solve the problem. Now what do I need to do first?


I find all of this funny that they thought I would fall for his line, but there are some people that would believe them and that is where their trouble would begin. Just thought I would let you know incase the same thing happens to you. If you do get a call please get the instructions before you tell him you are writing it all down. That’s where I made a mistake. I should have waited to tell him what I was doing.

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fate Microsoft call Empty Re: fate Microsoft call

Post by davidpg Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:23 am

I've had several calls from these idiots. I now have their phone number set to go straight to voice mail. They also try to get you to download software to allow them to help you. HA HA like I'm going to do that.
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