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Post by SpaceCowboy Sun Mar 11, 2012 2:49 pm

Quite a while ago I wrote that I believe very strongly that "words matter". I listed several examples of times when words were used to convey very specific intent, and discussed how the other options available to the speaker would have been less powerful. I have not stopped watching and paying attention to the EXACT words chosen, and most importantly I have been paying attention to the words spoken (or misspoken, or misquoted) by Dr. Shabibi. It relates to our investment and I think the following example will help you see inside the curtain. The brave will be rewarded with the truth.

For the last 9 months there has been a gradual but noticeable increase in articles and topics that focus on the currency, the monetary plan, and the lifting of the zeroes. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago it became SO popular that I actually took the bait when Dr. Shabibi said "delete" the zeroes, and I wrote about why we should expect to see a "lop" and revalue happening together!

Well I have enough egg on my face to make my skin shiny and wrinkle free (my coat is shiny too!) and I am fat (fatter) from all the humble pie. The good news is that my post mentioned "LOP", so only a few people read it! Anyway, to all three of you voracious readers I submit that words matter, and I believe strongly that my previous analysis was incorrect. Don't cry. It is actually good news that I was wrong.

I laugh when people talk about smoke and mirrors. Most of the time they are inferring that three letter agencies have mislead them, causing them to make incorrect RV date and rate notifications. What I laugh about though is misrepresenting faulty analysis as smoke and mirrors. When an article is posted in the Arab news, it is devoured by the hundreds of people on dinar websites that are good with that stuff. That analysis, and the the reports the researcher makes based on his or her analysis is not the smoke. THE SMOKE IS THE ARTICLE ITSELF! Someone purposefully wrote a misleading article, published something wrote for them, or acted as a pawn in the much larger picture. We need to be investigating where these articles are coming from, determining who is the source, and watching every little thing that person does in the future. The guy with the job of delivering the "smoke signal" KNOWS THE REAL MESSAGE!

Want to see a mind-blowing example? The source is Dr. Shabibi. I think this guy is perhaps one of the most brilliant people on earth. And I am beginning to come to the conclusion that this event has been in the crock pot for a long, long, time.

We have been reading about the "______ the zeroes" for a few weeks now. And even recently articles were posted quoting the CBI and even Dr. Shabibi himself speaking about the project. He even gave us dates and a power-point ready "three phase" project outline! That stirred up the colony! But for over a year now, and more strongly in the last quarter, the project has been outlined very clearly (we thought!). As a matter of fact, last month he spoke so specifically of "deleting the three zeroes" that I forced myself to reconsider my profit margin and consider the "LOP" possibility. HE WANTED US TO THINK THAT.

WHY? He got slammed by the West. HE WAS ASKED PUBLICLY to stop selling off the country! That doesn't mean oil contracts, it means currency auctions.


They HAVE sold so much currency to the world (U.S.) that many now believe that the revalue is going to be a burden, not a benefit! They had to come up with a way to slow sales to make parliament satisfied. Dr. Shabibi needed you and I to think LOP... and to think 2013. They are up against the wall now so the CBI's message to the world can't continue to be, "Try a Dinar, it goes well with anything!" The new message is, "The Dinar is great... for Iraqi's!" The goal is to slow (or stop) the worldwide sell-off without impacting the CBI auctions. (The auctions are a help convey a powerful message that the dinar is undervalued, and desired.) To accomplish the goal, they are going to have to change our perception of value. They are going to try to get us tear each other apart, to leave the chat rooms, to become discouraged, and ultimately to stop buying or to sell off.

Which brings me back to words matter. Dr. Shabibi (and hundreds of others) have said, "delete the zeroes". This was not a translation mistake, it was DESIGNED to be read in English. To us, "delete" means to take away, but it IMPLIES that what was taken away, is no more. We read "Delete the zeroes" and believe a 25,000 note will be replaced (somehow) with a 25 dinar note, because we believe "Delete" means to take away, or to erase. He chose this word very carefully and has used it to his benefit over and over again in the last three months! Delete the zeroes is a LOP. A LOP censor and our interest fades.


The word is, "lift" or "raise", not "delete". They CAN mean similar things (that is why it is genius!), but they really don't mean the exact same thing. The Deputy Governor slipped and used the real meaning in a message picked up by Western media. He said they would "lift" the three zero notes from the money supply! That means the CBI is purposefully holding the larger notes to help the process get underway. We were all taught that from the beginning! Because so many of you are so smart, we all got the clear message a year ago!

OPPS, the clear message isn't causing Americans to slow their buying: SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE, and all the sudden, with a simple word change, there is confusion.

Where does that leave us? First, we KNOW that insiders are upset that CBI is selling to much. WE KNOW that selling too much currency is ONLY a problem if you are going to Revalue! That is great news. Second, we now know that Dr. Shabibi is the Wizard of Oz. He is behind the curtain and he has two jobs, create a sense of value for something worthless, and create something of value out of nothing. I wouldn't want his job. He is a genius though and he has played us perfectly. When it was the right time, he slipped in the "delete" the zeroes idea and parlayed our confusion into an opportunity to reduce auction sales. Because of the slip, we KNOW that the real project is NOT to delete the zeroes, but to "lift" the zeroes out of the money supply. Words matter!

Watch the smoke, they want us to sell off.

Analysis isn't smoke, the article is the smoke.

Pay attention to the words they choose when speaking to the Western Media!

Intel will be nearly worthless... especially intel out of Parliament, or the CBI.

An RV is imminent. Our constant frustration about the timing works in their favor. Frustrated people sell off.

Our trust in Shabibi's goal made us trust him. He has no reason to benefit you or I, he wants a strong Iraq, and will say or do whatever that takes.

Be Blessed!

Space Cowboy

By the way, I would like to thank MED for his valuable perspective on this (with supporting details!). I suggest people read his message today as well. (Med's chat 3-10-12)

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Post by Kevind53 Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:06 pm

:cheers: :yes: :yes: Ilikeyou

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Post by jahlives Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:29 pm

SpaceCowboy, thank you for the logical presentation of this info. It is greatly appreciated.


COME DINAR RI/RV, NOW!!! :farao:
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Post by RikkiRen Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:33 am

Smokey the RV Bear 1261280965 yes -- thanks for your intreptation-- words indeed matter more than you have even said here -- the thoughts we have the most ? is what we cause to happen-- if you worry? you increase things to worry about !! Action follows thought-- a little logic is very much needed abt now !!! thank you
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Post by Clydesdale Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:05 am


I greatly appreciate your perspective. I also think it makes a great deal of sense.

However, I have one question! Maybe you can answer it for me or maybe not.

I know that if your assessment is correct (I'm not here to judge it, because I have no ground to stand on,) that we would have to rely on human emotions in order for this to be successful.

My question is, If they were not accurately depicting human emotions, could the 2013 projection actually backfire on them and drastically increase sales? (People would be ready and waiting for the RV, but for those who do not own as much dinar could consider this an opportunity to purchase more.)

Just Curious

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