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Post by PrudenceArt Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:51 pm

They will Rv after they devalue the dollar, Makes way more sense. The government has said they hold dinars to and for reserve currency. If they devalue before the rv and issue new notes then the rv as well as the new currency will creat massive wealth, albeit the only ones with money are dinar holders and he left over remains of the devalued new currency

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Post by stevejss1 Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:37 pm

This talk has gone on for a long time. IMO the USD is not going to go to 40% all of a sudden or in the near future the entire world would fall apart, think about it. I understand the FED, UST new bills, white hats, black hats etc and believe a lot of it. IMO we will not see this huge devalue of the USD therefore I don not believe this has anything to do with when we will see the RV. This is in Iraqs hands, when they have completed all issues they will RV there currency. Things are looking good. JMO blessings

Here is something posted by someone that makes great sense.

My opinion has always been that We the US were used to go into Iraq secure the oil gov and currency, bring iraq into the future, set the gov then reval the money. the reward for the ptb US is cheap 32 a barrel oil, and trillions in dinar. To sum up it was a big money Play in fact world record money play Or trade. And we peons are very fortunate to be riding this thing.

What a wonderful time to be involved it this investment. We have so many issues scheduled for resolution this month. The claims that the RV is in the banks and "finished" are of course false but we do believe Iraq will have a tradeable currency soon and we believe this because we can see the steps they are taking in preparation and the effort they are making to educate the public.

We are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the National Conference and the Summit. The European Union announced that it will be signing a partnership agreement with Iraq in the next few weeks. Iraq announced that it is aspiring to extinguish all debt and financial claims with Saudi Arabia in accordance with a "new mechanism."

The US department has been holding workshops in DC and has successfully encouraged businesses to participate in the first American pavilion at Baghdad International Trade Fair in 20 years. According to our sources at the IMF, CBI and high level banking officials, it appears that Iraq is truly preparing to enter the world stage as an economic power once again with a tradeable currency and the CBI may pull the trigger before the Summit in compliance with the IMF's instruction and finally be released from Chapter 7 by the UN.

With so many agencies and governments all intertwined and working together to complete this, it's no wonder we can't get a clear picture from any one particular source. When you put all the intel and news together it points you in once direction: Iraq will RI/RV very soon and they will do this for one reason, it benefits them to do so.

Iraq has to RV to be involved in the real world and come out of the past. the news articles are pointing the way its evident, we are riding the coatails of the big players.

If it doesn't make sense it's nonsense.

Real procedures must be completed before we have a real RV. The cart cannot pull the horse!

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