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My Thoughts

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My Thoughts Empty My Thoughts

Post by Big Mike Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:13 pm

This is in
no way to hurt anyone or be negative…

Here we are
again on a Friday and all the gurus, have stated that we would see it everyday
this week again. If you go to dinar recaps you will see a wide range of
opinions from all the gurus, let’s talk about a few things.

You are
hearing that there was a problem with the code from some (I almost throw my
drink at my screen on that tidbit) you are hearing that there were delays and glitches,
your hearing downloads of codes none of them are true or fact.

When a
county revalues it’s currency there is no need for programming or download. The
system is already set up for any I mean any country to revalue it’s currency,
all it will take is for the cbi to post it and the system will do the rest, yes
it is just that simple.

Let’s look
at this same time last year; remember all the gag orders, chat rooms where
close all over the dinar world once a week for a while. Because if there was
talked about the RV; then it would not happen, I am sure most of you remember

It took
Frank26 and Bondlady to put an end to that nonsense, and when they stood up and
refused to close there rooms or be silent, like magic it all stop then and
there.. Remember.

Now this
year you are hearing we can not speak because of national security. Lets look
at that for a minute. What does any information on a currency from another
country have anything to do with the national security of the USA, absolutely nothing!
There is no way anyone can get in any trouble for speculating on a currency
after all that’s all that is going on is speculating right?

This just
shows me that all the Intel that these gurus’ guys are getting is smoke, there
telling the masses to watch for smoke. When in fact their, the ones pushing the
smoke and their in the dark about most things because they don’t do there
homework on how banks work when it comes to currency.

So last year
at this time was gag orders and this year is national security issues, so which
guru is going to step up and put an end to that ..

This is not
that complex and that hard it’s a simple process when it gets to the cbi, Iraq
will revalue it’s currency when they have all the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted.

There are no
hold ups delays, glitches programming or uploads/downloads.

When this is all over you all will see that
the gurus have been used to push the smoke propaganda to you all,

I think it’s
time for the gurus to regroup.

This is for
you people that think I and being negative, the RV will happen this year..

The gurus sources are not in the KNOW, there just giving there opinion and speculation on the dinar. and the gurus are giving out opinions and speculation as high up Intel. Remember that when you read all the gurus Intel.. lol! My Thoughts 3091836158 My Thoughts 2211252749 My Thoughts 1261280965
Big Mike
Big Mike
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My Thoughts Empty Re: My Thoughts

Post by Ponee Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:50 pm

Well spoken


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My Thoughts Empty Re: My Thoughts

Post by obiewon Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:50 pm

I believe it will happen this year too.

Come RV!!!!!
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My Thoughts Empty Re: My Thoughts

Post by Guest Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:11 pm

Well said sir.


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