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24 Hours that changed the world

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24 Hours that changed the world Empty 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by SpaceCowboy Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:52 am

WED 02/08/11
0907 CST: Wash Post (Foreign Policy) Breaks Story:
Meir Dagan, former Mossad Chief, presents plan to remove large groups of Cabinet Members and streamline the decision making process in Israel. He states; "The system must be changed now, we need a prime minister who will not be subject to political pressures when deciding on such issues as an attack on Iran or a peace agreement."

0913 CST: SIT/COM***
M/E***ISREAL***Military/Protocol BREACH(ChnOCom Challenged)***
Meir Dagan***Mossad***Intl MEDIA (Y) 0907 CST***
BE ADVISED: Mossad Chief moves publicly to challenge Gov’t/PM no response***
ADJ THREAT (Y)***+1***CC_ALL Br MIL/Intel/US_S_DEPT/Cat 4 Blue Persons***
SAT TAGS: Peace Process/attack on Iran/PM/Cabinet (et al)***
Sug RESP: Initiate SIM 14:012:Alpha:Winter (report ¼’s per proto)/AMEvent 3.1***
Initiate Personal Contact PM Benjamin Netanyahu ASAP/AMEvent 3.2***
NAVY/ Tripoli/Station 4 Surf/Station 4.-1 Sub PER CnOCom/ AMEvent 3.3***

0915 CST: Oval Office***
POTUS Initiates Sug_RESP 0913 AMEMB #3(ALL)/verbal order (EXOrd 1.3.0)*** VP/SectST?(DepDir)/SectDef***

0920 CST: Oval Office***
Arrival SectST***DepDir/Sect ST/Review AM EMB #3/Review AM Events 3.0-3.3 (ALL)***
Schedule: 0930 SIT Heads/Dirs/NO +1 Allowed (AM Event 3.11)***

0930 CST
U.S. Media Outlets have release limited statements RE: Former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan’s call for changes in Israeli Gov’t. Internet searches for “Mossad” rise 30,000. Internet searches for “Does Israel Have a Nuclear Bomb” rise 200,000. Internet searches for “Is Israel Going to Bomb Iran” rise 512,000

0930 CST: SIT ROOM(AMEvent 3.4)***
Potus/VP/MSOfc_USARMY/MSOfc_Dir Int/MSOfc_USN/Sect St/CHM Joint COS/ME Intel*** Specialist Grant Aarmin/MSOfc_Atlantic Fleet Forces/MSOfc USAF/ Other participants are Cat 4 or below, see entry log***
SIM 14:012:Alpha:Winter_report 01: Mossad Chief is not financially capable and cannot realistically challenge PM/Dagan reports to current operations Dept and is a protected asset/Iran uses Iraqi news to release challenges to Israel’s rhetoric/Iran moves MIL TRANS units to Sector 6 in mass/ SAT COMM limited for 2 hrs USA, 2.25 hrs ME/Final result classified to POTUS/***Verbal Order_Continue Monitoring Sim and Report POTUS on HR. (EXOrd 2.3.4)***
Specialist: Israel is NOT going to change government structure. Monitor Dagan statements! Most likely scenario is PM \\\\ is out of com loop_probably already in a protected facility_and this is code message or activation message to military***

1000 CST: OOM website
I stop in and watch as conversation continues regarding the general lack of information. General consensus is that intel has dried. Several very obvious persons have instigated smoke statements, others generally respond to previous OOM and Bulldog posts. I have seen for the last two days that most sites and chats/forums are generally following this trend. There is a very evident sense that “this time, something is different”. I would say it is nearly palpable! Almost every private contact quickly turns into a conversation about this “feeling”, and it is something that is widely shared. I must note, most of the older members are communicating a strong spiritual awareness and awakening lately. WOW! This is NOT a coincidence. The numbers of people sharing the spiritual feeling is dramatic, and percentage wise it is massive. Personally I can share that I am quite interested in the spiritual aspect of this large group of people. I can tell you this; there isn’t a pastor in the world that wouldn’t give his right arm for such a primed and powerful audience! Personally I had a very powerful spiritual conversation with my mom and dad yesterday evening. I just couldn’t help but notice that the Church Body is tired, and worn out, and desperate for some intervention! There is a lot of need out there and as intel dried, many of the conversations turned to basic financial, spiritual, and physical needs. Everyone did an awesome job of wrapping these people in prayer, but the general sense of need was overwhelming. I told my mom how strongly I am feeling pressed into prayer! I believe that we are being called to pray the RV into fullness, but it is going to take all of us. Well, luckily, nothing unites us like a possible RV!

1100 CST: IRAQ/Baghdad
West Qurna #2
Senior Geologist, Ryan Kreigan, Exxon, Reports via secured satellite phone to the Operations Chief at the U.S. Embassy in Leipzig, Germany:
“Saturate my line. OK, Report date and time for inbound call, ok, start transcription: This is Senior Field Office Agent Ryan Keel 02/08/11 1700 Iraq. There is something brewing here and this time I think intel leaked past the cleric level because I have heard several young men discussing their new cars and college plans. I believe the news has been leaked to several of the religious leaders and they must have leaked that there is good news coming. This goes on every day, but for some reason today there were not long general public announcements after morning prayers. It was like every cleric was headed to the same meeting. I did get notification that borders are being closed, but haven’t heard that confirmation yet. I expect to hear it within minutes. I did notice that a very large number of Iraqi laborers, mostly the group foremen and leaders, were not on site today. There is something going on. Yesterday morning I was offered 1700 Dinar per USD by the turnaround foreman on site… he said the black market was jumping quick. Today I brought USD to trade and he said “No Way”, and left the site. Hey, a U.S. contractor just handed me this note, it says that CNBC just broke the story that Mossad is planning a nuclear attack on Iran. Are you kidding me? Is this for real? Call ******* in Tel Aviv and get me the real intel right NOW!

1150 CST: SIT/COM (AMEvent 3.6)
U.S. Satellite Intel now live/ Iran_Drone recon collected_continuing***
PM Israel at ********/ Saturated Coms only/POTUS/VP ONLY
Generally agreed between agencies, Dagan statement was directed by PM and staff. Iranian leadership and senior staff is currently being moved to various safe house locations via non-mil vehicles***Agency Head Reports and Joint Chiefs Responds: follow as directed***

1400 CST
CNBC reports that Troika agreement has crossed political table lines and they believe bill scheduled to pass has been leaked. Greece agrees to cut 15,000 government jobs and will cut minimum wage rates by 20%. The figures are almost laughable, and the depth of the desperation is seen… they also stated that they will be back in line and healthy financially in 2013! If money is used to support Greece in the interim, other Eurozone countries are demanding that they be guaranteed equal (or more) shares and loans be made available to their situations as well. The IMF is promising that “someone” is guaranteeing liquidity.

1406 CST
CNBC adds that they are breaking the story that an emergency meeting of all Eurozone leaders has been called, and that all members and leaders will meet in Brussels tomorrow morning to discuss “Progress in the deal being made to guarantee Eurozone rescue!”

1615 CST
News day summary. Much ado about nothing! Anytime Greece is mentioned, reports are cut in half. CNBC trying hard to focus on BofA activity and trying to do anything to keep REVISED (read… less untrue than previously reported) labor figures for January off topic. CNN focusing on primary candidates and I Phone. Interesting note, CNN.COM says top question in their “Public Square” is: “What is the worst case scenario of an Israeli air strike on Iran?”

1820 CST
Local Dinarians agree to provide 24 hours of prayer. They are hitting other chat’s, forums, and social groups with the request. “If you feel like something is going on, something big in the background that is stopping this from happening, then please consider joining us in prayer to release the RV.” We are committing to prayer for the next 24 hours. Anyone adding just one minute to that time will be greatly appreciated. For prayer warriors, please add our cause to your list this evening and early tomorrow morning. Thank you all.

1957 CST
Met with larger group of Dinarians. General consensus is that many are not happy with the combination of faith and religion and investment. Several added that many use chat rooms for a “break” and won’t appreciate being bombarded. I think both points are valid, and we agree that trying to overwhelm everyone with this is not going to get the results. I respectfully submit that post RV I doubt they will be upset that we sensed an urging to pray and obeyed…

2200 CST: POTUS Private Qtrs (PM Event 3:17)***
POTUS PM Standard Briefing (PSTAB)***
BE ADVISED: U.S. Embassy Stockholm/Intelligence Forces intercepted encoded transmission from Olaf Palme International Center (long time advocates for worldwide opposition groups and associates of Sweden’s Social Democratic Party)/_*** Outbound to: /Guardian Council (anti election movement) in IRAN***
TelAviv Envoy copied***
BE ADVISED: “North Korea Model” refers to NK decision to ignore sanctions and worldwide pressure to halt nuclear weapons research and ultimately manufacture. “Libyan model” refers to Libya agreement to halt nuclear weapons research under intense worldwide pressure. Widely agreed that $ initiates in Stockholm and is made available in grants format to approved opposition groups. ***
ADJ THREAT (N)***+1***CC_ALL Br MIL/Intel/US_S_DEPT/Cat 4 Blue Persons***
SAT TAGS: Olaf Palme International Center/Nuclear attack on Iran/ NKorea/Libya/Social Democratic Party/Green Party/Stockholm meetings/Student Activist Movement***
Sug RESP: Initiate SIM 116:016:Alpha:Winter (report1’s per proto)/PMEvent 3.2***
Initiate Sect St Contact Stockholm assets ASAP/PMEvent 3.3***
CIA Initiates Contact assets w/in Guardian Council
DepDirFAF Initiate Contact with Spec Assist to PM Net*****/(saturated coms)
POTUS/***Verbal Order_Initiate SugRESP as listed. Report ChOCom. (EXOrd 6.3.17)***

2228 CST
We are 13 hours into the prayer plea. Based upon my strong feelings about this subject, I am reviewing the Iraqi algorithm model we have tried to recreate. I feel that there is a single… maybe a couple… of pieces that are causing infinite loops. We can create 20 Delta models with 2,000 economic standards each, but that is the limit of our computing power. It sure makes you respect the guys that put the real one together. Their algorithm is 184 Delta models with 20,000 economic standards and 20 million relationship standards. Everyone here is about to tar and feather me for waiting so long to test our version… I guess I better start the input process and see what happens when x (20th) meets A-T (2,000th). Or in layman’s terms, “See if we can learn the RV rate!”

2318 CST
I can tell you we ran 100 projections and refined to the mean and to quartile responses. Basically we wanted to try to reduce the range to 12% (6% either side of PAR). That is a huge variable though in economics and mathematically and statistically it would not be refined enough, to publish, but again… no one wanted to loan me their supercomputer! We got the best data we could. Several members are literally crying. Actually I am a bit emotional here too. The results are overwhelming. Somebody is planning on a BIG (and I mean B I G) change in the global economy. I am glad I have been praying all day otherwise I think I would just start running into the woods bouncing off of trees. Also, I get the strange feeling that somebody didn’t like our little algorithm project! I am all the sudden a bit more understanding about the “going dark” theme in the chat rooms lately!

0009 CST
OK, the more we run the more goose-bumpy I get. I have always believed this was worth it, now, I think it is really, really, really worth it! WORTH PRAYING FOR! I think we are missing the big picture overall and are not spending time thinking about the massive changes this is going to bring. What will the super poor do? How will they act? How will the desperate and frustrated (furious!) act? Just think about the “Occupy” movement… they are going to be even more upset! How are the third world nations going to respond? What will the nations do with their riches? What will the Church do? Will we do as we promised and tithe and give freely? Will we hoard it? Will we still obey Him? I hope so. There are thorns coming so as a Church body we can sure use the financial and emotional support. I honestly believe it is going to renew our faith too. Worship does that! I am hoping that you join us in the 24 hours of prayer that will change the world. There isn’t a start and stop time… it is just a reminder. IF we pray nothing that He desires for us can be hid from us. God is going to give us a safe place, and the means to start making some changes. It has to be big…We have a lot of fixing to do! Let’s pray this RV into fruition and get started!

Fellow Dinarians: Once again, I have taken true information and news articles and have mixed them with information designed to make you smile or catch your breath, or ponder something in a new way. To read this and believe that I have intel would be a mistake. To imagine that just because I used some silly terminology that I am an expert would be a mistake. To take ANY action (other than joining us to pray!) regarding your Dinar based on this post would be a grave mistake. Please don’t. Just read it, get a kick out of it or hate it, consider if you think praying as a group would make a difference, and act in the way that you feel is best for you and your loved ones! Thanks for the medium, thank you for your encouragement, and thank you all for your determination to manifest God’s best in each other. You are a blessing.

Space Cowboy

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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by ibcraig0 Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:21 am

Thanks Space Cowboy once again you have given us words to ponder that contain meanings beyond the actual words. Although I am not a religious man I will join in praying because I do believe in God and although I do not know if God will really put forth His hand to accomplish this I do believe that God answers personal prayers so the more of us who join the better the chance we all have of seeing the end of this.
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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by Shipngold Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:34 am

Spacecowboy Thanks, Very Good Post, Count me In
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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by wenlee Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:35 am

I have read your posts and finally I have found someone who is in line with my views of what is going to take place here. It is so much bigger than just an RV. Dinarians are making history as we speak, I too will be praying. Thank you for your post!

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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by fang2 Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:50 am

Thanks spacecowboy, I will be praying also.

fang2 24 Hours that changed the world 3151798102
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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by Terbo56 Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:23 am

Spacecowboy- I will be standing along side you in your endeavors-Very Happy
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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by top_gun Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:22 pm

Love it SpaceCowboy! Really does make one think! We WILL Pray!
Keep 'em comin'!
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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by gtabdinar Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:31 pm

Awesome stuff Cowboy...count me...I'm in and praying alongside all others! Our God is bigger than any of this stuff and He wants us to talk to Him and ask for our needs. He also knows the desires of our hearts! Thanks again. Go RV!

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24 Hours that changed the world Empty Re: 24 Hours that changed the world

Post by SFCHUTCH Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:50 pm

I pray and pray that "I will fight no more war!" a quote from Chief Joseph.

My pray are with you all 7 X 7.


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