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Poppy - SOONERFAN POST & BGG AND POPPY CHAT, 26 JAN DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Rosy Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:38 am

9:18pm est [soonerfan62] You guys need to understand that myself, jonny, bella, lojak, freeway, and many, many others are on the phone with each other everyday trying to bring the most accurate intel to you by confirming each others intel while you guys are chatting. You really don't have any idea what goes on behind

[soonerfan62] But I will say again, if I knew the RV was going to happen in 10 minutes, I know I can get ahold of jonny because I WILL NOT announce it, I simply don't deserve that priviledge

11:06 pm est [KYRV39] soonerfan62 so we are looking at Monday now [soonerfan62] kyrv39 Cashout imo

[sandytob] soonerfan62 .....so 10% is real? wow, you've really got a job sorting all that out!

[soonerfan62] sandytob You have no idea

[vic406] Soonerfan do you know if this is with the IMF

[soonerfan62] vic406 Yes for a fact
9:29 PM [BGG] They will get this handled soon.
9:30 PM [BGG] and our CEO's over here can wallpaper each other from here to Wall Street with memo's and it won't matter till this thing is handled IN IRAQ.
9:31 PM [mangorancher] hey
9:31 PM [mangorancher] BGG tell me this is done!
9:31 PM [mammat] HI MANGO...praying for you and your family!
9:31 PM [mangorancher] I just found out that my father in law is going in today (over there) for brain surgery
9:32 PM [mammat] I have been praying
9:33 PM [mammat] BGG you ARE happy tonite...I can tell
9:34 PM [BGG] For instance - there were folks making suppositions a week ago based on old info - which was correct info - at one time. Then things changed and they didn't know about the changes. That's the way I look at some of this - it was good info at some point but their time-lines were off and things really have been changing rapidly.
9:34 PM [templejc] BGG - so - with that said - we could actually be looking at any time - especially if the word on the streets is accurate
9:34 PM [BGG] and not in terms of "glitches"...
9:35 PM [BGG] templejc - it is...if all goes well it could be anytime in the next 10-12 days. If not - it could be several weeks.
9:37 PM [BGG] templejc - most folks don't. Which is the beauty of the internet....where all opinions are equal.
9:38 PM [BGG] in fact, most folks never will know.
9:38 PM [mammat] OK...need to go.... our daughter returns from INDIA at midnight. So excited.........
9:38 PM [BGG] CU
9:38 PM [mammat] bye.......
9:38 PM [templejc] BGG - an I know that Shabs it the point man - but we have all thought - at least I have - and it is this - whose hands is this thing in. Does the PTB have the final say or is it in the GOI?
9:39 PM [BGG] It is Shabibi - however, there is an extraordinary amount of pressure about to be applied to all parties.
9:39 PM [BGG] Obama needs a re-election platform. $$$$$$
9:40 PM [templejc] BGG - it is like playing hot patato and at any time - it can or could change
9:40 PM [BGG] Well - true, to a certain extent...
9:40 PM [templejc] BGG - right so that make me think that it iis not in the hand of Iraq
9:40 PM [BGG] Some things need to go our way.
9:40 PM [BGG] But the table is set right for a run...
9:41 PM [BGG] Things are in order.
9:41 PM [BGG] The main thing is that Maliki needs to play ball. Bottom line.
9:41 PM [BGG] If that doesn't happen - it will take a while longer yet...but not long.
9:43 PM [mangorancher] Gotta go for now... please keep him in your prayers. Love ya all
9:52 PM [ajpalm] I have to admit, I find it hard to belive that the rest of the world is allowing one coountry to hold up the rv of 195 countries and the economies. THe UN IMF etc is allowing this to happen? I find it hard to imagine. I might be naive to all of this but doesnt make sense.
9:53 PM [BGG] ajpalm - because that part isn't true. Those other countries have all done whatever changes they needed to do.
9:53 PM [BGG] The whole world isn't waiting of Iraq - they are doing their business and soon Iraq will too.
9:53 PM [BGG] Check the UNORE and tell me I'm wrong.
9:54 PM [BGG] Changes have all been made. The ones of consequence - at least.
9:55 PM [BGG] ajpalm - which is exactly why you shouldn't believe it - because it wasn't true. That part was BS.
9:55 PM [BGG] ttyl - bbiab
9:57 PM [poppy3] just got a min or two. --- calls this evening saying if the parties come together and show some working ethic's and some positive steps towards functioning as a working government instead of boycotting meeting and or walking out of meetings without accomplishing anything. No one country or three letter agency can force their hand it is strictly up to dr shabibi. But i admire him for what he is doing because he is protecting the many countries that will change because of the rv. Poppy3
9:59 PM [topofthemountain] poppy3 thank you poppy3
9:59 PM [poppy3] dr shabibi has to hold back for fact . If he were to release the rv and the goi of iraq fail in the first 6 months or so of the rv it could collapse economies around the globe and disrupt import and exports around the globe. This is bigger that just little iraq peeps. Poppy3
10:02 PM [poppy3] got to run be back tomorrow night sometime. Poppy3

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