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Just my Honest Opinion

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Just my Honest Opinion  Empty Just my Honest Opinion

Post by HeadNotTheTail Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:15 pm

For The Last several weeks we have gone through this Hour to Hour watch....I read all the sites to stay informed as best as I can.....IMHO we are winding Down to the end of this investment,,,But what real Proof do we really have besides the understanding that the world needs it......Or how about The People O Iraq,,,,This is for there country First ,,,,Now because of the amount that has been put into their country By the US and other Governments The economies of the world has taken a Big Hit.....IMHO Dr. Shab. is in control of this, we have heard time after time that it is out of Iraq's hands....Please People lets be real for a second if Shabs was done and had a rate ready to go and He felt that it was time to RV then we would Have an RV...all three letter Orgs. will profit this RV. in one way or another.....I see all the rumors and it really looks like we just learn as we go,,Look at the last three weeks and all of the claims.......I mean really ....to the Point people have flown to Cities and are waiting for a RV.. I do think there is more to deal with ...I want to trust that the Intel out there is sound , But half says the Hcl is done and half says not,,,Heck wasn't that done two months ago,,,that was the Intel at the time and that is my point....what about the Erbil....Four months ago it was done per Intel,,,now just three weeks ago it was reported done...Point.....Don't get me wrong I trust that this is ready to POP,,But there is so much out there saying that it could be any second.... then something Pops up and we go another week, what about the CH.7 most Intel says that we need an RV to be released from it and now if you read Intel says that it is the other way around...Look I can read very well so I must come up with my own conclusion , But there are allot of Peeps that are leaning on the Intel out there...My heart gos out to them...I get allot of slack from the hard heads out there and that's ok with me I'm man enough to handle that , But lets keep in mind that the majority out there are not where their at... I guess this is for the Man and Lady that does not know what to think...I want you to Stay grounded and trust in one thing only.......Lean not on your own understanding.....God will Pave the way,,,Man will let you down more than you know....The Guru that swears that it is here and says tomorrow well it is Tomorrow and there is allot of Tomorrows that has past,,,and that is allot of eggs on allot of faces...Now they all say once again next week... Hey when it gos past next week ...then what ,,,who will you trust again.... Look I love all the intel out there,,,,It has grounded me...And I love all of the Mods, Addm...site owners, Family,Newbs....As for me I will Seek Gods face and wait for him to move me, I really love having fun with the crazy post at night we get real crazy on here....See you at 10PM to night for more.....Hey this was not to bash anyone at all just want to help anybody that needs it,, This will come,,,I read a Post this morning from a new Member. and they asked what was up with the Banks , they told them they weren't dealing with the Dinar and my heart went out to them.... I remember the first time I herd that from a Bank...and so do you,,,,right ...So I lift all of us up right now in the Name of Jesus...Peace be with you all,,, Shalom....Jesus peace with you all. Thank you so very much for reading..... hemademe JESUS
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Just my Honest Opinion  Empty Re: Just my Honest Opinion

Post by spirit144 Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:24 pm

you make sense to me. thank you for the post. Just my Honest Opinion  1261280965
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