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Post by lynx69 Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:34 pm

Rather than list a conversion chart, (fish), I will give the formula, (fishing).


Divide 1 by whatever you know,(x). If you know you want to determine what $1.13 would look like on the CBI, post RV, simply divide 1 by 1.13, (.884). If you are more hopeful, and you know that you would like to know what $7.47 looks like, divide 1, by 7.47, (.134).

Conversely, if you go to CBI, and see .083, don't divide it into one, just hurry down to the bank and cash in at about $12.

If you have a calculator with a reciprocal button, (1/x), just enter the number you know, and hit the recip button.


Thank you for your support. ~Bartles & James. :face:
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