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Time will tell all… Empty Time will tell all…

Post by jason25 Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:23 pm


I write today in regards to our investment of the Iraq Dinar RV, the reason for this is to share my inner most heartfelt feelings on what’s really going on here, as many of us relentlessly watch the different site’s and watch for the most up to the minute speculations as this RV unfolds, the Intel is all great in my opinion and each whether it be the poster and so called gurus on Dinar Guru or the feeds from Dinar Recaps and the multitude of all these different websites, each person brings to the table there version of the date and rate, there are some from the Dinar Gurus that I simply do not agree with for the simple fact that we are not dealing with events that have ever taken place on this planet before and so I feel all bets are off.

There are some posters who come in with a low RV rate and while I do not know anything or anyone, I have never talked to any person from Iraq, I am not a banker, I have no inside information, I know no one in politics and may even be way off base here but I’ll take my shot and hopefully help others come to some understanding of what we might really be up against here with this RV…

I’ll try not to mention names as It is not my intent to criticize anyone, I do believe that the Gurus have nothing but the best in mind for us readers and so no harm should be done, but here is my take on the whole RV and some other things that some of the gurus might be missing when they post about Dates and Rates, it’s been said many of times, no one know the date or rate and I am not sure anyone does but I’ve a feeling that there is a lot more going on here than what meets the eye.

I think this RV will not happen until the Dark Cabal are all out of the way, if you do not know who or what the dark cabal is, read some of Benjamin Fulford, Sheldon Nidle’s as well as David Wilcock’s articles, they each speak of the CABAL in some detail, and while the dark have basically run the world for the last few millennia, there time appears to be coming to an end, these people or evil ones currently running the planet are losing power but they are still in play and are still attempting to raise holly heck on this earth, they are not going away without the good fight but I believe their almost kaput and out of business.
The Financial system or the old system that too is also dying out at the same time the dark cabal is dying, they seem to be 2 peas in the same pod and one cannot exist without the other and neither can exist without the will of the slaves that feed them “us” it is our collective consciousness that is awaking and killing these parasites that have been in control, and now they run like rats on a sinking ship, they are doomed and they know it, yet they still hang on in hopes of world domination, not going to happen, at least not from what I see happening on a local, national, global and even galactic scale.

Take a look at the banking systems right now, they, the banks, are now in a full blown all-out war amongst each other and while this may seem really bad on the forefront, it’s actually a really good thing, and here’s why, take a look at all the Law Suits going on right now and look closely at what’s going on here, this whole thing involves trillions of dollars of fiat currency, “money that never existed” , my feeling is, that these law suits can never be solved and this will eventually cause a debt forgiveness between all the current banking system, this will allow for debt forgiveness and this will eventually trickle down the common man as the whole global financial system reboots and at the implementation of a new banking system that is apparently already in place, these new systems are all now sitting idle for the proper timing to be announced and activated. It’s all about timing here and when the timing is right then the RV can happen as well as all the other 78 or so other prosperity programs said to be in place, this is all one gigantic monetary and political global reset, it’s been a plan in the making for hundreds if not thousands of years and there is nothing and I means nothing that can stop it.

So for those that think the RV is only 1 to 1 or 1 to 1.2 RV I think this is probably an accurate statement while analyzing it when thinking of the old system of banking, but this is not about banking, this is not about money at all, no…. this is about freeing humanity from its current shackles of servitude and slavery, the human race has been manipulated for so long that we really have no idea in the world what true freedom really is, sure we talk about freedom all the time, but still operate in many cases with the pretense that someone or something else is going to take care of us or make the tough decisions for us, or that because we can sit in our big fat easy chairs watching football and drinking beer that this is somehow freedom, folks, that is not freedom, that is the illusion of freedom, now, I don’t mean to pick on football, it’s a good sport, but surely we put way to much emphasis on it all the while we have become so complacent with the important things in our lives, we have been enslaved for so long that when we finally become free, we are in many cases going to have some difficulty in dealing with this new found freedom and we are going to need some help along the way, this is where all the global settlements, the 78 different prosperity programs as well as the Iraq RV comes in to play, it’s not about money, this is only a temporary solution to help facilitate change in our collective whole, to bring change so we can stop worrying about the nuisances of how to do this and how to pay that, right now we live only in a survival mode and not a progression mode, having money will allow us the freedom to concentrate our collective energies on creation rather than wasting all of our energies on the many problems we now have, this money that is about to be released is to be used as a vehicle to get us from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimension.

Anyway, so whatever the rate or date, relax and just know that we are being guided by our galactic family in to a world of abundance, freedom and ascension, I believe the ride is almost over, just keep in mind that much work is still to come after this financial reset.
Just my 2 cents.

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Time will tell all… Empty Re: Time will tell all…

Post by Kevind53 Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:28 pm

Interesting post, but it likely belongs over on OOM2 despite the dinar tie in. please repost over there. Thank you.

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