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"Detox of the mind, Body and Soul"

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"Detox of the mind, Body and Soul" Empty "Detox of the mind, Body and Soul"

Post by coolbreeeze Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:11 am

Please, focus while reading, this may be freedom as it became for me. Improved quality of life, or the time you need to get everything done you want done. But please, I am living proof. I published this on the day I was supposed to be dead! Praise God!! And please, I would like to hear you story some day.
October 31st. 2009
All rights reserved
"Detox of the mind body and soul"

The only way out is through!

My name is Rich, and I am a stage 4 lymphoma survivor. If you’re reading this right now, you’re alive & I assure you, you’re are not alone. I congratulate you for being pro active in your quest for answers. My experience is from both sides of the fence, conventional and holistic medicine. This information may well be useful for treatment of a multitude of ailments. I assure you everything I am about to share will be as factual as a lay person can present..
My degree is not Medical but in Psychology. As Oct. 31st of 01, 5:30 pm, and for the last eight years, I have been on a journey of doubt, fear, and God what did I do? I got off the chemo bed and after Halloween with the kids and a restless night of sleep, my thoughts were, "What’s next"? I went back to work as a contractor. My energy levels where gone. I could work for twenty minutes, and then it was ½ hr. of lying on my back just to catch my wind. Thanks Steve!
A note here for those of you who have not under gone chemo, it is you, your doctor’s and faith’s call; you may be able to fend off treatments? I was stage four, exploding like popcorn. I needed, in my oncologist’s opinion, chemo now! I was scared & I thought strong enough to handle it. I sat for eight sessions, my oncologist recommended that I stop at six because I was responding so well, but my response to him was, “Doc. We came here to kill something, so let’s kill it!” His name is Dr. Peter Sheng, "Natural Healing Arts" 513-528-2900, or 513-984-3334. www.PeterSheng.com.

I’d like to take a moment here and let it be known, what you know, what you think you know , what you should know, and what you have taken for granted and what I will share with you are all very intertwined. This is not a poke at your intelligence, just a reminder that this old dog has learned new tricks. Even if it is a swift kick in the pants and the admission that an apple a day and all the other things that Grandpa and Grandma taught us are true.

For a while I was weak, tired, lethargic and very depressed. By the eighth sitting I was worse. My kids, twins, were only 5 & I was angry with God, "How could he give such beautiful creatures and destroy me?” I had some very unproductive prayers with him over the need to be there. I made a deal with him but more on that later. There had to be a better way to live. The quality of my life was gone!
None of these products or life style changes, or changes to diet, etc. that I am going to present to you will conflict with you or the medicines you are on unless you are just plain allergic to some foods. Just remember, you are what you eat, if Twinkies are the order of the day, look in the mirror. If all you eat is dead food, you have extremely lowered chances for success at anything, especially winning against cancer. The first thing to go is your energy, and then what’s left of the libido disappears. Small ailments begin to become large like a sore turning into a boil, a cold into phenomena, and on and on. Sound familiar?

Now let me make something very clear, I was helped by chemo and I was very, very hurt by chemo, so you must ask yourself and your Dr. the odds, ask your lord, what to do! Cancer is akin to a house with termites, yea, blow up the house, kill the termites but the house is also destroyed.

Hum? But what if there is a magic bullet. Some conventional chemo-therapies target certain cancers and are wonderful and very expensive not only in cost but try getting insurance afterword or try to work. There are cancers that are so awful that the best current conventional medicine will give no hope. As a lay person I am certainly not qualified to comment on all types of cancers. The type and degree of treatment is your final choice. Get more than two opinions. The other magic bullet is your own immune system. This manual applauds some conventional treatments but you will find this author is firmly affixed to preventative measures.

As I considered my own plans, I began to remember products I took when I was younger and was aware of the dangers of over processed foods, additives and everything I used to take. So I could be a manly man and productive if you catch my vanity here. Of course I speak of vitamins, trace minerals enzymes and whatever was new. Whether this info is for your or a loved one with any ailments, take copious notes and for the love of God and the quality of your life, don’t believe a word I am about to say. Rather, as you have come this far, I want you to investigate every word and bring me to task!

Your actions thus far tell me volumes about you. You want to live, you want quality of life, you have unfinished business, you want more time, you’re scared to death and you have a hundred other emotions others can not fathom. I was there when my diagnosis was handed out, it was not a movie, it was my mortality in jeopardy, so I can beyond of a shadow of a doubt understand how you feel right now!

I shall begin with the first key element of poor health, TOXICITY! Your body is a biomechanical machine. Any nutritional program is all but useless in a body that is septic. You change the oil in your car right? Lube jobs, fresh filters, air up the tires, do the same for your body! Look up colon cleanse, I repeat, colon cleanse on the internet. Please be advised, it will not be pretty, but like the pipes of an old house, the colon must be cleaned out. This subject has been beaten to death; so much that now it is taken for granted. Do not fall into any belief that it is not useful; it is the pinnacle of the beginning of health.

The second major portion of health is NUTRITUTION. A note here on nutrition, it can get out of hand all too easily. When someone, a doctor, gives you bad news we naturally turn to nutrition. I’ll refer to the last chapter in an Adele Davis book, "Lets get Well". She was an unbelievably informed but dry statistician. I tried to read her book but was forced to sneak a peak at the end of the story. The last chapter was most illuminating. It was entitled, "A fortress against disease". In short she let it be known that huge amounts of any substance can be a waste as most chemical interactions are interactive, her word was synergistic. A body will just slough off unneeded or excess & some excesses can be unhealthy. Consult your doctor or an allergist or nutritionist. The working together of nutrients is much like concrete. Too much or little of any one ingredient can cause an over hardening, maybe brittle or a sandy weakness in the structure. It’s YOUR BODY, so temper your studies with this in mind. I know you think you know but, please review, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace minerals, Phyto nutrients, ENZYMENS, probiotics, and for your energy levels, circulation; and aerobics, as nothing will work right without them.
If it wasn’t for Faith, love of my children, a serious work ethic, a good support system & an obstinate will to live, I would have gone crazy and not be here! If you have any reservations about any of my ramblings, please consult more than one Dr., holistic and conventional! And above all, remember nothing I am going to share with you is not in conflict with conventional medicine. It’s all natural! When you were born, supposedly you were clean with a perfect immune system and hopefully breast fed. As we grow older with the perversions that exist in food production today we have become more & more toxic, just look at ailments that are occurring in kids at earlier ages. On two scales, one is the immune system and the other being of toxicity, both being 0 up to 100%, as the toxicity rises in the body, the immune system has less and less reserves to fight with. As one removes the toxins the immune system is less taxed.

Let me interrupt myself here for a moment, toxins, i.e., food colorings and other additives need some comment. Did you know that all green beans are not the same color? Hormones & antibodies fed to beef and chickens, overly processed food lacking fiber and trace minerals, destroyed antioxidants, enzymes, imported foods improperly inspected, preservatives, pesticides, parasites, additives, V.O.C’s.(volatile organic compounds) and the favorite of the devil himself, heavy metals, aluminum, lead & mercury. Read your ingredients in all spray & stick deodorants, perfumes, makeup, lotions and the like. It is believed that aluminum could be one of the culprits behind Alzheimer’s. The list can go on but the accumulation of these items lines the intestines with a plaque build up that occludes the ability to absorb the essential nutritional components of your new and improved diet. Elvis died with an excess of 45 lbs. of excess fecal matter, John Wayne, 40 lbs. Fellow humans, do you believe that your pot belly is just a beer belly? Not! The pivoting point of the above & remaining knowledge must include circulation, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, live food, nothing happens without them, that being the assimilation and the elimination of good or deficient nutrients.
As a result people give up on renewal programs, exercise programs. Energy does not return as promised by the manufacturers. Remember it took years to build up this plaque and it can be removed slowly or at any speed you like. As we have become overly wanting people of instant gratification, good things take time. If you want successful midlife crises, start here!

I’ll tell you my first detox story, it was after chemo and I needed energy just to work, giving up was not an option! The kid’s needs were growing fast and they sensed something was wrong with daddy. My initial exercise in detoxification, being a man, and quite a bit of ignorance on the subject, I bought a detox program from Dr. Patricia E. Bender’s office here in Cincinnati, (513-772-9065), Also Susan’s Natural world, (513 -474-4990) Burdock root, Red Clover Ginger root Dandelion & many others are the catalyst of the pipe cleaning, especially psyllium husks. Well being a man, more is better right? Well let’s just say I added a little more husks than the suggested amount, and a few extra drops of the others, O.K. a lot more! Don’t do that, read the directions well. This stuff swells a bit when it is mix with water, juices are better. I began to bloat and I drank much rich fluids and water, you must hydrate, to push to it through. I highly recommend keeping fluids available; in short three hours later, I was cleaned out!

I recommend not attending any social functions but rather start any detox program on a Friday afternoon. My experience resulted in an approximant weight drop of at least ten pounds, a suddenly noticeable inch loss and after a short bout with nausea and the shortest headache I’ve ever had, my energy levels began to rise through the roof. Bear in mind I did this on an empty stomach as to give the herbs & husk the freedom to go directly to work. I knew from reading up that when I partook of food that there would be continued movement. Well I didn’t work that Friday, so be stocked up on bear care items & baby wipes. Open the window and expect to be alone for a while! LoL. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory ailments etc. one should read up more than I did, consult your Dr. maybe have some one around to bring you fluids keep an eye one you and initiate a milder program than I did! It is this author’s belief that one can stop feeding the termites by changing toxicity. The environment, pH, and with a good balance of nutrition can be helpful to a multitude of ailments.

That brings us to another (third) above mentioned highly controversial subject, pH balance, (environment), and basic 7th grade science. Here again, In short, no acidity allowed. The natural pH of pure water is 7.0. pH strips can be found at any real health food store. Anything below that is considered acidic. The internet or library can provide you with a list of foods that can raise the pH balance in your body naturally. You need to change only a couple of things each week to reverse disease, here again, just my opinion.

Holistic beliefs are that acidity is an environmental factor that contributes to aberrant oncogenic growth, i.e., cancer, hence the noun Oncologist! They are highly educated persons that are as bewildered as most of us on oncogenic aberrance. Mine, as professional as he was could not hide his frustration with treatment. That will explain their attitude for most of them as they cannot afford to become involved with their patients.

It is my opinion, that the sooner you start a detox program the better the odds of an extended and quality life, if not pure survival itself. For me every day is a blessing and I will admit that I still get my blood panels screened annually. If you should notice anything about your body that doesn’t seem right, seek a second & third opinion and please guys & gals, if you’re over 30/35 get a check up. Preventative medicine is a whole lot cheaper than progressive illness. It should be added here that the sooner one catches any disease; greater success comes with intervention as soon as possible!

Please excuse some of my rambling as it has been so long since my treatments, but fludarabine, also fludarabine phosphate and Fludara®, the first of 4 courses in my chemo, worked on the first treatment. I noticed a softening of the knots under my chin. There was one I called blue cheese it was the anti-nausea chemical that made me nauseous. I discontinued it on the third sitting. I was so late for the first treatment from fear; I was denied the main course of RITUXAN® (Rituximab). That one took hours to administer and it lived up to its reputation, even to this day its name reviles my very being.

Look up Dr. Loraine Day, from California ; she refused all chemo and beat cancer with these tid-bits of info. An article, and I apologize as of it’s origin, as it was some time ago ( I think it was, The Indian Journal of Medicine)I read that proper starving of the body could cause the body to turn on the cancer and eat it for food, now that is more than extreme. That is not recommended by this author; maybe a Dr. might try it. But the point is cancer has weaknesses.

Take heart. Personally I never took any of the foods or products that you will find here during chemo (day of treatment) to let the poison do its work. Chemo only lasts for a few hours; remember when you’re feeding yourself you are feeding the cancer also, just my opinion. Remember this above all, LIVE FOOD FOR A LIVE BODY! Fiber, Fiber, Fiber. Enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals as organic as can be found.

The largest primates on the face of the planet are silver back gorillas and they are for the most part, vegetarians. But first to finish up, no more hydrolyzed anything Olive oil, real butter, salads, veggies the rawer the better, wash first. Legumes, unless you’re allergic. If you are a trade’s person, as I am, hit the deli or a salad bar instead of fast a food restaurant. Try not to overcook veggies or some red meats, but of course fish, foul & pork must be well done. Red & white wines if you must. Oh heck, I’ll admit it, I like my beer. Fire all negative people, if they don’t like it; have them call me, I’ll be happy to set them straight for you! Take time to take care of yourself, if you don’t, who will take care of those you love? Trust me; I look pretty good for a dead guy!

Now for more good stuff! I’ve great respect for "The almighty Cleanse", "Dual Action Cleanse". There are a lot of knock off’s out there. These items can be found on the internet or as infomercials. The process of detoxing can take some time; remember it took years to build up this plaque. Now that you have a cleaner colon and I do mean keep the cleaning up at least twice a year and add a product called Fiber plus Caps, once or twice a week, you’ll get an idea of how much you’re enslaved to fast food. Anything in a can or irradiated is lacking fiber, trace minerals and has god knows what preservatives and additives. I feel they should all be reclassified as fast food, in short, over processed.

Some raw foods can possess parasites or worse. Use honey instead of sugar, honey & cinnamon are an outstanding combination all around the world for many ailments, use sea salt instead of table. Keep good friends and take time outs! Naps are always good therapy. Never change for anyone, unless you need too! In your wonderings you will come across several, if not many home remedies, lost in the ages, give them a try.

All of these items are and the ones up coming are only about two to three hundred dollars a year and over the counter or off the tree. Most of that money is already going to be spent on questionable food anyway! Shopping for good food is cheaper than the drive through. Make your foods as organic as possible, as opposed to one to two hundred thousand dollars on chemo, radiation, and related bills. Not to mention the debilitation that always accompanies chemo and radiation and the upsetting of families, economic, and emotional balance. I especially feel for the ladies as you get all the fun of chemo, radiation and worse.

A short story of overly processed food here is white bread. At the turn of the 20th century, mechanization yielded far more wheat than we consumed, so we stored it. When we went back to make needed bread, opened the storage bins, they were full of fat happy bugs. What are we going to do about that? I know, we’ll poison the outside of the kernel so the bugs won’t eat it. That cut down on the bugs. Went back the next year but there was a different bug eating the wheat germ only, you know, the staff of life for centuries, B complex, trace minerals etc. Well, I know what we’ll do, remove the wheat germ itself. Wow, less bugs. But we went back again, now there was a garden variety worn, fat, dumb & happy. Hells bells, what are we going to do now! I know, we’ll bleach the portion of the remaining kernel. Low and behold no bugs! Well if the bugs won’t eat it why should you?

After a detox treatment, you have cleaned out the monkey; now you will find that you get fuller faster. That’s because without the impairment of absorption, toxins reduced and improved nutrition your body goes farther on less than since you were a child. Energy levels will rise, you will sleep better, wake up feeling lighter, less gas and bloating, your color will improve, you might take the wife out for dancing, weight loss, inches disappear, greater resistance to usual ailments, and improved immunity and libido. It’s a fact that some persons are starving to death even though they are over weight.

A short note here for respiratory problems, clean the carpets, replace them or go to hard wood get an air purifier and change your filters on the ac. Clean out the air ducts. You will be amazed. I open up my system each day with juice and a 100 mg. vitamin C. The virtues of this will start your day off right. Waste not a 1000 mg. vitamin C as the body does not absorb but that which it needs, the rest just passes through. Discern the difference between fat soluble & water soluble vitamins, some are not stress proof! I’ll admit to a pot of coffee as I am not a morning person, the world calls and I answer.
The best overall maintenance product I’ve seen on the market for nutrition, detoxing and weight loss is Herbalife. After using it for twenty or more years I find that it is the best program available on the market. An avid distributer of said products is a friend named Skip Rasfield, a police officer here in Cincinnati , 513- 474-2300. This one product can help with all of the above slowly and gently.  
Time is of the essence for some of us to get the lead out, now! The best vitamins I’ve seen on the market are here again, Herbalife (private distributers) Earthsource Vitamins, here again from any real health food store. I don’t take three a day maybe one at dinner to soak in during the night or when there’s added stress, maybe another at lunch. Take a vitamin C on top of any meal. I’ll make you read up here as, C has many attributes. Make sure your products are natural, not synthetic.

I do aerobics on an empty stomach to burn and clean out as much of anything that is possible, caution if you don’t feel well, don’t run as far or take the day off! Don’t push the river! By the way you may have the energy for your favorite aerobic activities again. Remember, you’re only as strong as your heart!

A really good source of real food is real food; I speak of safe raw foods like fruits, vegetables and break out that juicer you bought. Eat as much of the rind of any fruit as you can as most of the nutrients are there. The largest organ on your body is your skin, so if you intend to save it, kick start a detox program with a nutritional back, and avoid VOC’s.( Volatile Organic Compounds such as paint thinners, solvents, airborne petrochemicals, fertilizers and pesticides in general), absorption thru the skin and lungs. Give it a few days or weeks depending on energy levels and start a slow walking for twenty minutes three times a week. You may have the luxury of a wet sauna. Sweating out toxins is great therapy and all recommendations by the manufacturers of said units or gym policies should be strictly adhered to. Look up oral chelation, nothing happens without circulation.  
In closing, there are schools of thought that some cancers are environmental, some genetic. Mine probably was environmental because as a flooring contractor I was exposed to some chemicals so toxic that they wouldn’t even stay on the shelf; they would evaporate right through the can it was stored in. Imagine breathing VOC’s for 30 yrs. An aberrant growth is an aberrant growth. There by definition (in my opinion) is no such thing as a benign growth. Anything growing out of control anywhere is bad, especially in the brain. You have to ask yourself the question?
"Do I want to live?"
It would seem to be straight forward enough question. The answer is always the same, but inside, some of you hold a guarded secret. I cannot hear your voice or discern the content by tone, but they must match. Cancer is a not so an easy a way out. Believe this; you may be able to beat it! Even if you don’t feel that way now, I was told I was dead! I’ll give you no more false hope than your oncologist has.

You have to fight! Fight like a cornered shrew. He/she may be the smallest, but is the most fearless animal ounce for ounce than any creature alive. If you can’t relate to a shrew, think of a badger or wolverine, or any of the large cats. There is no middle road here, only you know the answer to; Do you or don’t you, want to live? Those of you that have been handed this unfortunate news know with a new light on the subject of dying, what I am saying.
Give up or get up! Yup, I’m calling you out. Anger is better than apathy.

Remember the deal I made with God? Well it went something like this. As irreverent and indignant as it was, I was mad, scared, felt singled out and wasn’t going to take it! I had words with him along the lines of, "If you let me die before I can teach these children what I can, and were going to have it out". I know I won’t win this one but I asked that I would let me be allowed to stay around till they were at least eighteen. Well, I’ll ask you for your prayers now as they are now thirteen and I only have five years left on this contract. I’m in renegotiative prayer right now! LoL. Praise God!

It is my sincere hope that you have found some resolution for your mind, body and soul. None of these products or life style changes, or alterations to diet, etc. that I am presenting will conflict with you or the medicines you are on unless you are just plain allergic to some foods. Read the labels on your prescriptions. Here again, If all you eat is dead food, you have extremely lowered chances for success at anything, especially winning against cancer. Nothing I am going to present to you will conflict with you or the medicines you are on unless you are just plain allergic to some foods. Here again, you are what you eat.

Give your feelings a time out. I know how tired out you are mentally and physically, not to mention being emotionally drained. Think, be proactive, whatever you do, Do not "let it ride". To not decide is to decide! With all this in mind let it be known you now know the truth, it is you, not I, that can make this happen, and you have free will. These alternatives are immensely less expensive than traditional health care and in my opinion are more effective with an immense amount of less bodily damage! Most of us have no health care & waiting on government reforms based on English or Canadian models are questionable at best. With these preventive measures you can implement your own health care right now. I thank you for your time and attention, now go do something for your self! Above all, remember, Food is medicine!
In the words of Dylan Thomas,
“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

In the words of my generation,
"Keep on trucking."

Make it happen!
Go forward,
Get it done.
No excuses.
Keep the faith,
Sincerely and with deep and warm regards,
Richard J. Kaup
Just do it! Matthew, 11: 28.29,30.
Today is the first day of the rest of your Life

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