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ArizonaHeat - MISC CHAT & ARIZONAHEAT Post By Highhopes PTR Forum 12/19/2011 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MISC CHAT & ARIZONAHEAT Post By Highhopes PTR Forum 12/19/2011

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ArizonaHeat - MISC CHAT & ARIZONAHEAT Post By Highhopes PTR Forum 12/19/2011 Empty MISC CHAT & ARIZONAHEAT Post By Highhopes PTR Forum 12/19/2011

Post by silkysand Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:15 pm

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OK-did anyone see this??? I was the DR's with my son when Boehner was talking-I think this is really good!!!

8:46 AM [generals64] Hey...I have done some studying and have found (not completely verified) that their former revalues/devalues have actually happened in the Afternoon......Just thought that was kinda intersting...

8:43 AM [contaylor] jonny..did you catch boehner speech..when a reported asked him about using the iraq/afgan funds to pay for the tax extension?

8:46 AM [contaylor] i think he was afraid someone else whould bring it up..he exited quickly..it was the second to the last question..he only spoke for about 10 mintutes

8:48 AM [santafe] CONTAYLOR... Glad to hear that someone (reporter) asked the question. Maybe one day we will get an answer. But remember Geither's comment on using Iraq oil to pay for the Euro bailout/
Read More Link on Right
BOBGETZ6] Per a conatct of mine, the GOI and CBI, in a published article jointly said, since the troops have pulled out, they would do the rv. They will do it before 12/25 which is their new year.
This is yet to me, pure speculation as is anything I consider from intel. I have to get on a cc in 12 minutes, but will be back later.

[ArizonaHeat] These are things you need to know:
1. Iraq's parliament argues on a daily basis. Someone who has worked directly with Iraqi government assured me when they (walkout) they will walk out one door, go down the hall and enter through another door. Thus it will go on record they walked out. Its theatrics that they deal with daily. Its their nature

2. The common citizen in Iraq is very, very poor. No running water, no reliable electricity, and very little food.

3. Iraq has no real money to deal with these issues, they can not build water plants, electrical sub-stations and no way to import food to feed the masses.

An RV is needed to accomplish these tasks. With the troop removal, a very large source of income to the Iraqi people is now gone.

So the situation will now get even worse. I was told a week ago, after Parliament approved and voted on the raising of the three zeros, we would see this before Christmas.

Now with the news of total troop withdrawal, I see this prediction coming to light. Several world banks, and other countries are working together to see this situation come to an end.
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