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Walmart & Dogfood

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Walmart & Dogfood Empty Walmart & Dogfood

Post by katiesga Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:07 pm

I was at WalMart buying a bag of Purina dog chow for my dog , in the check-out line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Why else would I be buying dog chow, RIGHT ??? So on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again, and that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in inten...sive care, with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and all you do is load your pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle's butt and a car hit me. I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard. Better watch what you ask me and be prepared for my answer. I have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say........................ now that you've read it I have to confess, I copied it from someone else.. share and make someone else smile today Smile.......
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Walmart & Dogfood Empty Re: Walmart & Dogfood

Post by Guest Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:27 pm

I busted a gut so hard my girlfriend told me she was going to limit me to this site. LOL AJ


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Walmart & Dogfood Empty Re: Walmart & Dogfood

Post by Kevind53 Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:44 pm

Good one ... very good! lmao lmao lmao lmao no that's worth more than four ... lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao

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Walmart & Dogfood Empty Re: Walmart & Dogfood

Post by Alchemist Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:41 am

Next time that happens to me I am going to say that in line. If it's a cute girl that's trying to flirt and that's the only thing she can think of to start with, you think that story will endear me to her or ruin my chances? Smile

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Walmart & Dogfood Empty Re: Walmart & Dogfood

Post by ntvtexan Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:55 am

Alchemist...you drop that one her and get a laugh...and you are IN !!!!!

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