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Rothschild Preparing Missile Launches To Start WW 3
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Wake up folks, Obama is not the most powerful man in the world, Evelyn David de Rothschild is, he and the Queen of England are the ones who put Obama into power, and they are the ones who tell him what to do. World War Three is about to begin.

Chapter Eighty-Four
The Mideast Rothschild/Queen Elizabeth Agenda

My Dear Ones, this is a very urgent warning. Listen to what I am telling you now. The world is on the verge of very terrible things.

A Vision from our Saviour
Two nights past, as I was praying, our Saviour gave me a vision. In this vision, I saw the Rothschild man of England, Evelyn de Rothschild; and he had left his place beside the Queen of England at the front of a wagon. I did not see any horses at the front of this wagon.
In this vision, the Rothschild man had left the wagon, and was walking around to the side of the wagon, but the Queen remained in her place at the front of the wagon.
As the Rothschild man stood alongside this wagon, I saw that there were two wagons, which were parked alongside the Rothschild wagon and to its rear. From one wagon, the Rothschild man took some very long missiles and loaded them into the back of his own wagon; and from the other wagon, he took two rows of shorter missiles and loaded them into the wagon. This second row was stacked beneath the top row of the long missiles.
I heard him say to the Queen of England, “Better wrap up, it’s about to get very cold.” And, then I saw the Queen of England put on a thick, fur coat.
Immediately, I understood in the Spirit that the long missiles were long-range missiles and that the short missiles were to be used for internal conflicts, and I was thinking that these would perhaps go to Syria, but they may not be going to Syria.
I saw the Rothscshild man climb back into his place at the front of the wagon, alongside the Queen of England, and the wagon supernaturally took off from its position and began to fly through the air, as if it were an airplane.
This wagon landed suddenly and I heard the words, “In Israel’s back yard.” Then, I saw that the Rothschild man quickly left the wagon and went to a small pile of coals. With a shovel in hand, he began to stir the pile of coals. Suddenly and unexpectedly, this small pile of coals erupted into a very great fire.
From this vision, we can see that a smoldering situation in the Mideast is going to quickly erupt into a very great war. Where is this great fire to erupt?
Yesterday, I read that there had been an explosion in or around one of the nuclear facilities in Iran. Was this caused by one of the small missiles that I saw in the above vision? Today, I read that a group of rebels has stormed the British embassy in Iran. We must all be asking ourselves one question? “Did the Brits, under the direction of the Queen of England and her side-kick, Evelyn de Rothschild, order an attack on the British Embassy, to inflame the people to go to war?
Through the escalation of such attacks in Iran, are we seeing a repeat of the rebel attacks, which have plagued the whole Mideast and have destabilized the whole region?
And, although the USA and other nations in NATO took part in the invasion and ruination of Libya and other Mideast nations, these weIl-organized attacks did not originate in this nation. They are the works of the Queen of England and her sidekick, Evelyn de Rothschild. Over and over again, our Saviour has shown me the culprits, who are behind the terrible rush for war, in the Mideast. And, they are none other than the Queen of England and her sidekick, Evelyn de Rothschild. Of course, they have their puppet in this nation, who is President Obama; and he does what they tell him to do.
Have you read the antichrist prophecies on www.prophecies.org? If you have, then you know of our Saviour’s teachings. He showed us in the fall of 2008 that Obama is the antichrist. He is a Rothschild and he is a subordinate of the Queen of England.
So, concerning the attack on the British Embassy in Iran today, is this just another false flag attack: one, which may be orchestrated by none other than the British crown?
Oh, would they do such a thing? They have and they will!
Remember the long-range missiles in the above vision. These missiles went soaring through the air with the Rothschild man and the Queen of England. Is this what we are truly about to see? Are we about to see these long range nuclear missiles soaring through the air? Are they getting ready to nuke somebody? Or, will these long range missiles be
some other sort of long range missiles? The Lord knows; and he has shown their plans. They are getting ready to greatly escalate this war; and they intend to escalate it quickly.
In addition, we are now seeing an escalation of the cold war. But, why? We know that they all work together to achieve their Satanic goals. Are we seeing something like the false bullying before the wrestling games? Is there really a breakdown in Satan’s kingdom, or are we watching a carefully orchestrated lie?
In addition, we may be already seeing evidence of their use of the smaller rockets, in or around the nuke plant in Iran.
Get ready! This evil is about to go global! And, why is this? The holy babes of light and fire have already been released to many of you. The Kingdom of our Saviour is already in the earth, if only in its infancy; and our Saviour continues to tell me that he is about to give me some eagle wings. What more will He soon do? Only He knows. I do not, and they do not, so they are running scared. But, we can truly see that as our Saviour’s kingdom is coming into the earth, this world situation is getting really ugly!
Repent of your sins and stay very close to our Saviour. Anything could happen any day; and many people could be removed unexpectedly from any area of this world. Are you ready to enter into Heaven? To do so, you must be spiritually clean. If you are not ready for Heaven, you are ready for the flames of heck. Do not take these warnings lightly. Linda
“They come as sheep, but are really wolves!

“…a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” Matthew 7:17
“He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” St John, 10:1
But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth them.” St John 10:11-12
Greetings to you, my Precious Friends! In the Blessed and Holy Name of our Saviour, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, I come to you today. Holy is His Wonderful Name!
Today, I must write to you about things, which are very sad. I must tell you some truths; as if I do not the wolf will carry more of you away. I must tell you also that this wolf has already carried many of you away; and for this I am deeply saddened.
My Dear Ones, also, I must honestly tell you that I did not see the wolf coming, but as I now know of this wolf, I must rectify this situation. For, this wolf has caught many of you; and this is a very grievous thing for me.
My Dear Ones, we must all be vigilant; for there are many wolves in the Lord’s House. There are many, who claim that they serve our Saviour, but they do not serve Him. They ride the backs of the people for their own gain; and they wish to gather unto themselves many of the sheep, so that they might get the glory, which belongs to our Saviour.
And, then, there are those, who are not really looking for the glory, but they come as they are paid to come. And, as they are paid to come, they infiltrate the House of the Lord for the very reasons that they are paid for. They work with Satan and with his servants in the various governments around the world. I have seen these and they are of the very worst sort; for they are sneaky wolves and their works are deplorable.
Who is this wolf that I wish to speak of at this time? His name is Jesse Fei. Some of you know Jesse Fei, but most of you, who will read these messages, do not know him. If you do not know him, or if you do not know of him, this message may not mean much to you. But, even so, I would advise you to read on; for this message is but one testimony of the works of the Satanists and their war to find and to cut off the Bride.
Jesse Fei contacted me a few years back. He was busy translating these prophecies and was placing these translations on his own website. He wrote me and told me of his work; and I was very thankful and delighted that he was working so hard to get these translations into another country.
Jesse was faithful and he translated many of these works. He was a blessing to many of you and I was also grateful for him and for all of the work that he did to help so many. Jesse bought many handkerchiefs and sent them to me; and I, in turn, prayed over them, anointed them with oil, and our Saviour put His power, miracles, and healings into these cloths. Many of you received blessings and miracles from our Saviour’s anointings on these cloths. Many of you were healed. Some of you received spiritual gifts and were able to see in the Spirit immediately. Our Saviour gave beautiful prophetic dreams to some you, which came to you through His anointings on these cloths. The Lord, our Precious Saviour, blessed many of you in wonderful ways.
My Dear Ones, these healings, deliverances and miracles, which our Saviour gave to many of you, are a testimony that I truly do serve Him. Signs, miracles and wonders truly do follow those, who truly do serve our Saviour. Thus, these miracles and wonders testify that I am one of His servants. Blessed is His Holy Name! It is important that you remember what I tell you about these healings and miracles, which our Saviour has freely given to many of you; for the wolf would come. Read on about this wolf, who is named “Jesse.”
Jesse also helped me in many other ways; and I will always be grateful for the good things that he did to help me and for all that he did to help you!
But, early in this year, I received an e-mail from one of you; and I was very surprised to receive such an e-mail. In the e-mail, this precious soul was telling me that Jesse had called her and had made certain statements against theseprophetic works, some of these things shocking; and that Jesse was confessing doubt about these works. It would not be long before I would hear even more profound, outright bold-faced lies, which Jesse was reportedly telling to some of the rest of you. His telephone bill must have been very great; as he was calling you from Canada! But, then again, maybe he was not paying the bill at all!
Immediately, upon hearing these terrible accounts, I contacted Jesse and asked him if these reports were true. I sent him e-mails. I sent him text messages and I also called Jesse on his phone. But, he would not answer my calls. And, he never responded to any of my messages to him. “…the wolf catcheth them and scattereth them…” St John 10:12
As the days went by, the reports increased about Jesse’s very sad behaviors. He was apparently calling many of you on the telephone; and was obviously expending a lot of time and energy to turn many of you against these works. I thought that Jesse had come under mind control and even wrote him and told him so, but sadly this is not really the case, though this could be true, in part. Sadly, he caused many of you to forsake these works; for you believed him. You did not know the truth; and you had an allegiance to Jesse.
But, my Dear Ones, if Jesse were not guilty of doing evil, he would have contacted me and he would have tried to resolve these issues. But, he was guilty! The sad truth is that he had gone behind my back, in secret, like a snake, or a wolf, and he had done much evil to destroy the faith of many of you. Jesse truly fed you with one hand and slapped you in the face with the other!
“…the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth them…” St John 10:12
When the warnings went out to the people in Japan to repent of Buddhism, I never heard another word from Jesse. He refused to translate that message! This was after March 11 of 2011. Jesse refused to translate any warnings for you to turn from Buddhism, or to give up your Buddhas. Read on; and I will tell you more.
My Dear Ones, all along there were some troubling things about Jesse. But, I dismissed some of these troubling things, as I knew that Jesse was also translating
the works of other prophets, and also understood that he was also working a job from time to time; and I did not really wish to keep troubling him.
Jesse had offered to translate any mail that you sent to me, which might be in your native language. I thanked him for this kind gesture; and then began to forward him your mails. I forwarded Jesse many of your mails to me, your e-mails and also your mails through the postal system; but I tell you the truth, that in the many months that I knew him, Jesse translated very few of your e-mails, or letters to me. The mail that I sent to him and asked him to translate just seemed to disappear down a rabbit hole. Yet, also I continued to justify in my mind that he must be very, very busy.
But, my Dear Ones, this was not and is not the case. Jesse told me that he was often laid off from work; and would be out of work for many months at a time. So, he really did have time to translate this mail if he had wanted to translate it. But, he did not intend to translate your mail to me. Instead, Jesse was collecting your mails; and he was going behind my back and saying things to turn you away from these works. Jesse was working all along for the enemy. He was and is an infiltrator; and I tell you these things as our Saviour has revealed these truths about Jesse. “…the wolf catcheth them and scattereth them…” St John 10:12
Here, I will give you some messages from our Saviour about Jesse.
Message from our Father in Heaven
November 02, 2011
Oh, Blessed Saviour, I come to You today as I am so troubled about the state of the world. I am so troubled about the rebellion, by the mocking and scorning of Your holy works. I am so deeply troubled, Father, for so many souls stand on the precipice of great destruction. Yet, they are blind. They are deaf. They cannot see and they will not see. They cannot hear and they will not hear. Father, so many mock the Holy Manchild. They also mock Your words in Pistis Sophia. They mock Your orders to repent, or perish. Oh, Father, how sad! Oh, how troubling is this wicked world!
Hear my cries, oh Blessed Saviour; for so many say that they serve You, but, instead, they draw the people to themselves for praise, glory, and honor. They want the honor for Your works. They want the praise. They want others to look up to them, and not to You. They divide and separate Your House. They are true servants of Satan, but they lie when they say that they serve You. Father, what will You do?”
“I will mark them with a mark.”
“Father, what sort of mark?”
“I will mark them with a mark for destruction. I will cast them headlong into the fiery chastisements.”
“Father, now that You speak of the fiery chastisements, I remind You that most only know of heck. Why is this, Father? For, in Pistis Sophia, You tell of more places of fiery punishments, which are not in this earth. Father, will You explain this?”
“I will and have. I have shown you much through My teachings in the work, which is called “Pistis Sophia,” Much is lost from these teachings to My disciples, but much also remains intact. Through these teachings, I have shown you the truths about Outer Darkness. None in the earth now, at least none of Mine, would know the severity of the punishments of Outer Darkness if I had not allowed these truths to surface.
Outer Darkness is a dreadful place, a terrible place of condemnation. Many souls will perish in Outer Darkness. Outer Darkness is real.
Woe to those, who mock My truths in Pistis Sophia. Those, who mock My words in Pistis Sophia will draw others unto themselves, who also mock. Those, who mock My words, blaspheme My words. The blasphemers will find themselves in Outer Darkness with no way to get out. Woe to the mockers and blasphemers.”
“Father, in Pistis Sophia, You also speak of a fiery place of punishment, which is called the “Midst.” Father, I do not believe I have seen reference to this place in the Bible. So, You know that there are those, who will say that this place is not real.”
“It is, indeed, real, a real place and a terrible fires, which is designated for the sexual predators. It is designated for those, whose sexual sins are abominable and the soul is very filthy. And, the fiery chastisements, which are due to that soul, are so great, that this soul does not recover, but is burned so badly that it is basically destroyed.”
“Father, you said, ‘basically.’”
“Yes, there remains a remnant piece of this soul, but most of the soul has perished.”
“Father, in Your words in Pistis Sophia, You have said that these souls must be made anew. What do You mean?”
“I mean that the remnant of the soul is taken. There is then created a new soul; and it is is infused with more light.”
“Will this soul be the same soul in any way, or a new soul altogether?”
“It will be a different soul. The old one cannot exist any longer.”
“So, the light remnant is recovered.”
“And, a small bit of fabric.”
“Father, what do You mean, ‘fabric?’”
“Fabric of the soul. But, that is another word for another time.”
“But, the new soul has no remaining identity of the old soul?”

“It does not. For, that identity has been consumed in the fires.”
“Then, many souls are lost.”
“Yes, in particular the sexual predator souls, who will not repent.”
“But, Father, in this day porn is epidemic. Bestiality in on the rise, the raping of children and babies is escalating. Sexual crimes are occurring that are so hideous; and few can grasp the depths of such depravity and evil.”
“Now is the time when many souls will be removed forever from this planet. Many souls will now terminate their own existence on this planet. They will not be back. Many sexual predators will never come back to the earth again.”
“Father, people will not believe that some souls are destroyed.”
“Yes! For, they do not fear the One, who has the power to destroy their souls. In fact, they fear nothing of Me, but fear evil and their losses of stuff and things.
But, now comes the time of determination for many, many souls. Those, who mock these truths, will mock! Those who scorn these truths, will scorn. Those, who laugh at these truths, will laugh; and they are all cut off from Me. For, I allowed you to write of My deep messages in Pistis Sophia because you desired for the people to have these truths.
I have allowed you to write of the Fire Baptisms and have given the fire baptisms to many through the holy, anointed cloths that you sent out. But, you have also paid an additional price for these truths to go out and to be received; and for others to receive the fire baptisms. Yes, you have paid an even greater price so that others could have this holy gift, the gift of the fire baptisms.
Some could receive these truths. And, they could receive the truths regarding this gift (of the fire baptisms) but in no way would they receive the truths regarding the fiery chastisements, that there exist fiery chastisements besides heck.
Woe to the mockers! Woe to the blasphemers! Your place is in the bottomless pit, in the Outer Darkness of the Bottomless Pit.
“But, Father is the Bottomless Pit also called Outer Darkness?”
“They are two, but also one. For, Outer Darkness is also part of the Bottomless Pit, though one is not the other, but within the other. Outer Darkness is in the Bottomless Pit.”
“So, there is much that we do not know about the Bottomless Pit.”
“Much, indeed!”
“Yet, Father, if these things were told to the people, they would mock. Few would believe.”
“Yes, and every mocking word will condemn the mocker! When in doubt, do not shout, but seek Me for understanding in all things. Do not seek discernment from the mind. For, the thoughts are full of evil and subject to every kind of seducing demon; but many truths will be imparted into the one, who has a pure heart. So, My Little One, what is the great problem? I will tell you the problem.
The hearts of the greatest numbers are wicked and perverse. The hearts of most people are full of evil. Therefore, they reject the deep things of My word; for it is not the truth, My truth, that they want. But, instead, they want to be told that they are right. This is what happened to Jesse.
Through pride, ego, vanity and double-mindedness, he made himself a judge over Me, over My works, and over My works through you. A scribe is only a scribe. Scribes write and they copy. Jesse is a scribe; but he has made himself higher than Me and My works and My words. For, he has made himself judge. Woe to the judges. You will all come up lacking.”
I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.
As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of November, 2011,
Linda Newkirk
Yet, read on, Dear Ones; for there is much more about Jesse. Our Father reveals even more shocking details about him.
Do not be surprised about these revelations. So great have been the assaults of the Satanists against these works! They have left no stone unturned in their attempts to destroy me and to destroy these kingdom works!
Hold onto your faith; for everyone, who enters into the kingdom of our Saviour, will be tried and tested in the fires, even as gold and silver. The war is very great against the “true ones,” and the enemy is very sneaky. Satan is a liar on all accounts and his servants are also liars on all accounts.
Be strong in your faith! Be determined to do what is right and to serve our Saviour. Many are being killed for their faith in our Saviour; and this is taking place all over the earth. But, remember, if you are persecuted and are killed for the love of our Saviour: to be absent from the body is to be present with our Saviour.
Second Message from our Saviour
“Uncovering the Layers of Jesse Fei”
“…the wolf catcheth them and scattereth the sheep…”
St John 10:12
“Father, I come to You now; for You have shown me a most profound vision. Father, You so amaze me; for you reveal things when You are ready. And, often You reveal things in layers, firstly one layer and then the next.
Father, You have told me that Jesse is a scribe and that he lifted himself higher than You; for he made himself judge. But, Father, today, You showed more about Jesse. Father why did You wait so long to show me these things?”
“My Little One, to reveal things is My good pleasure; but to reveal in My own timing is also My good pleasure. Through all things, I try and test many souls. See? And, through these tests and trials, I want to see what many will do; for through many tests, I try the hearts of others.”
“So, Father, through this situation with Jesse, You have tried not only my heart, but the hearts of many.”
“I have and I will.”
“Father, I will write this vision of Jesse, so that those, who know him, or who know of him, might also understand who he is. For, Blessed Saviour, You have also kept me in the dark, only revealing certain things until now.
Father, in this vision that You gave me of Jesse, he was wearing very strange glasses. There were layers of glasses and the effect of his looking through these layers of glasses was one of tunnel vision. Then, You showed me that Jesse had a fake plastic nose, like a nose that one would buy for a joke. Then, You showed me that he wore flippers on his feet, like the ones, which scuba divers would wear. Then, You showed me a piece of fabric and when it was rolled out in front of Jesse and was put on a wall, it made a cross. Then, I watched Jesse as he marked certain names on this cross. For, there were many names on this cross; but he only marked certain ones. Father, is there more to this vision?”
“Yes, My Little One, there is more; for you saw Jesse swim under water to secret locations and in the secret locations, he met in secret; for it is a secret work that he does.”
“Father, about the fabric on the wall, which is in the form of a cross, with certain names circled, what is this?”
“These are the true ones that he has found, the true remnant.”
“But, why do they need Jesse to spy? Satan has his own spies.”
“But, he works for government agencies, who do not know all that Satan knows.”
“You mean, government agencies in China?”
“I mean, specifically, China, but not only in China.”
“So, why did he refuse to translate anymore messages?”
“He did not wish to translate those things, which would profoundly affect so many: My teachings from Pistis Sophia, My words against Buddhism, which is one of Satan’s main religions.
As long as he was using you to find the true ones, your work would be allowed; but your work would not be allowed to reveal many deep and hidden, important messages from Pistis Sophia; and/or to target Buddhism. Then, they drew the line; but the original intent was not to let go of My works through you; for these works drew many to his website.
But, with the release of the holy babes of light, then their goal was to work to destroy your credibility, but to be rather quiet about it, as Jesse is an infiltrator and continues to seek to find the true ones. So, he has had to go about these attacks on your credibility rather quietly, and not so directly. This is why he has gone behind your back to tell lies against you to so many and to plant seeds of doubt. He wanted to send them away, one by one, and not lose credibility on his website; for he is still an infiltrator.”
“Oh, Father, this thing is so terrible. Father, why did You wait so long to tell me?”
“My Little One, through this one thing, I have tried the hearts of many. The true ones have remained true, but the weak ones and the double-minded ones went his way. This is happening all over the world; and when this sifting is finished, only the true will remain.”
“Thank You so very much, Father. I love You so very much.”
“And, I love you, My precious child. I also greatly love My Little Ones in China and this is why I now tell you these things. I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”
As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of November, 2011,
Linda Newkirk
“Oh, Father, Precious and Blessed Saviour, I come back to You, as I have a few more questions about this vision. Father, what does the “fake” nose on Jesse mean?”
“My Little One, if you put a “fake” nose on your face, what does it mean?”
“Oh, Father, I cannot imagine it. I would not wear a fake nose.”
“No, you would not wear a “fake” nose; for you are My true servant. But he wears a fake nose; for he is not My true servant; but a fake servant. He does not serve Me at all.”
“And, Father, tell me about the layers of the glasses, which give him the tunnel vision. What does this mean?”
“The layers of the glasses mean that many intelligence agencies are looking through his eyes and the tunnel vision means that he is very focused on his work.”
“What do the flippers mean?”
“You have seen it. He is into some very deep work of infiltrating the Christian movement, especially in China.” Note: In the vision, I saw Jesse swim to a secret place, beneath the deep waters; and there he sat in a room among others.
“But, why would they wish to use him to bring these works into China anyway?”
“To find the true ones. They take the risk to find the true ones. Then, of course, at some point, they must also discredit you. And, for some time Jesse has been doing this, but in secret, behind your back.”
“Father, thank You for answering these questions and for showing me the other things about Jesse. The wolves come to scatter Your sheep; for they are hired to do so. Father, punish the wolves, who come into Your house to scatter Your sheep. There are many of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Hear my cries against them, Father. Bring your hammer of judgement down on the wicked heads of the wolves. For they always come to bait the people with their smooth words, and then to snare them and to scatter them. Oh, how sneaky they are! They work to gain the trust of Your people, and then having gained their trust, they begin to change dramatically and to reveal their evil intents. The end result is that many lose faith. Many are scattered. They are left alone and their faith is often broken and destroyed.
But, Father, regarding this evil that Jesse has done, I pray that his wicked works will not prosper, and that You turn this all around and bring these truths of Revelation Twelve and the holy manchild to even greater numbers of people.
Blessed is Your Precious Name, Father. You are to be exalted, glorified, honored, blessed and magnified in the whole earth! I love You so.
End of message
May we all learn from this “wolf” lesson. All that Satan needs to destroy one’s faith is to plant seeds of doubt.
Dear and Faithful Ones, your great desire to marry our Saviour will not be fulfilled easily. For, as soon as you set your sights upon this everlasting gift, Satan sets his eyes upon you to destroy you. Your heavenly rewards will not come easily to you. You must be spiritually disciplined. You must obey our Saviour’s commands. You must not give up when hard times come upon you, but you must persevere in faith. This is no easy road, but a way of great and terrible travail. Yet, it is the Only Way into Eternal Life. The Lord has already told us that this way is the Strait and Narrow and few find it. The Scriptures tell us that if the righteous are scarcely saved, what about the rest.
Stay away from the magical thinking. This will only carry you into the fiery chastisements. It is not “once saved always saved,” and you will not be suddenly raptured out and not have to suffer anything. Now come the tests and trials by fire.
Keep your eyes on our Saviour. Love Him above all. Love others and forgive them, even if they do not ask you. Do not love this world and what is in it; for it is all passing away.
Keep your heart clean by walking in love and forgiveness. Confess your sins to our Saviour every day and ask Him to forgive you of your sins every day. Don’t let sins pile up in your life. A pile of sins in one’s life is a nest for Satan.
Read and study the holy scriptures, so that you will know the word of God. Pray every day and all through the day; and seek to have the Spiritual gifts that our Saviour would give to you. Seek to have the holy little manchild and pray that our Saviour makes you ready to receive this precious child of light and fire. You must have him to marry our Saviour, as I have explained in previous writings.
Hold onto the truths of these kingdom works; for Satan wishes to steal these truths from each and every soul. And, if you are not very determined in your desire to serve our Saviour, truly loving Him above all, Satan will easily distract you. He will steal spiritual truths from you! He will take from you the spiritual progress that you have gained. He will steal your faith. He will bring strife into your life. He will turn others against you to cause you problems. He will sow doubts. He will attack you in any and every area of your life and when you least expect it, he will put you in great distress through his attacks. He is vicious and he is unrelenting. Therefore, you must be very determined.
Call upon the Name of Jesus; and He will save you from Satan’s attacks. Only He can fight these battles. We are truly up against powers and principalities of GREAT darkness and we cannot fight these battles. But, Jesus can fight them; and He will fight them. He delights in doing for us what we cannot possibly do for ourselves. Oh, how I love Jesus!!!!
And, when all of these terrible things come upon you, sing to our Blessed Saviour. Praise His Holy Name. And, thank Him for all things that you must suffer for love of Him.
How blessed we are to be counted worthy to suffer for love of our Mighty King. Glory to His Holy Name forever and ever.
I love you with a big love,
PS I am receiving reports from some of you, who have received the Holy Son of light and fire; and some of you are under very heavy attack! When your road gets very hard, do not give up. Regularly sing to our Saviour and praise Him all through the day and night. He will help you. He will bring you victory. Blessed is His Holy Name.
If you have spiritual needs, write to me. I will arrange for a time of telephone prayer. www.prophecies.org
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December 1, 2011 at 1:55 pm
I find this article to be hilarious, whos idea of a joke to initially declare bill gates as the riches man on this planet any way?


Joe Ortiz
November 30, 2011 at 9:58 pm
Sheer lunacy. Another female PROFIT!


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