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Post by SEBtopdog Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:14 pm

Happy Saturday, everyone! This has been a tumultuous week for me personally, like my little rowboat was being tossed around in very rough seas. Today I saw this beautiful post on Dinar Recaps and was so moved I wanted to share with you. If someone else already posted it, I apologize.

Dear Dinar Recaps team: I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you before this ride is over and I no longer have the opportunity to show my gratitude.
I do not have much invested in the Dinar but what I do have is a lot to me. I got into this because I had gotten into a financial hole with IRS.. a friend told me of the Dinar and as I trusted him I decided to buy enough to pay off the IRS if and when this RV really did happen. Over this past year I have been on the worst of emotional roller coasters. When the hounds were litterally at my door, threats to put me in jail, take everything I've ever worked for away I found the daily posts at your site and that at OOM's site the floating divise I so desperately needed to face one more day... when I was at my lowest that would seem to be the time one of you would post a heartfelt note encouragine me to keep holding on.. then my daughter came down with cancer.. which is now at stage four.. again the bottom came up to ingulf me.. and again I found that reading your blog gave me hope.. hope that not only would I get out of this debt but that I might be able to take my daughter on the cruise she has always dreamed of and possibly even to see Paris if she is still able to travel when this is finally done.. I guess what I am saying is thank you all.. I know your advise was about the Dinar, but what I found in place of that was the strength to hang on... not to let the negative energy in this world get me down so far that I would not be of help to my daughter.. so, if this does not happen will I be dissapointed, yes of course, but I do believe it will... if it does not happen in time to be of any good for daughter, yes more so... but mostly, I will remain grateful that I got involved with such positive, giving people... thank you all from someone who really leaned on you without your knowledge...you have truly helped me... more than you will ever know.
With Love and Gratitude

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