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Kaperoni Chat "the pressure is building" 11/8/2011 @ 9pm CST DinarAlert Chat Room 11/08/2011 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kaperoni Chat "the pressure is building" 11/8/2011 @ 9pm CST DinarAlert Chat Room 11/08/2011

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Kaperoni Chat "the pressure is building" 11/8/2011 @ 9pm CST DinarAlert Chat Room 11/08/2011 Empty Kaperoni Chat "the pressure is building" 11/8/2011 @ 9pm CST DinarAlert Chat Room 11/08/2011

Post by silkysand Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:07 pm

Provided by: Dinar Recaps
kaperoni: Today’s chat is "The pressure is building!" This chat will continue on the series of previous chats that discussed the laws, economic reforms, World Bank efforts, etc. needed in Iraq prior to the RV taking place.
kaperoni: Let’s get started…

kaperoni: I past weeks we have discussed how Iraq is laying the groundwork prior to the RV. That though the CBI itself is ready to “delete the 3 zeros” (announce June 22nd), the other pieces of the puzzle need to be in place Imo prior to the RV taking place.

kaperoni: These pieces have been discussed before and include the ISX, custodial banking, Forex, Tariffs, sale of state owned businesses, etc. Which in all will help expedite the movement into a free market economy in which Iraq will not only produce oil, but will have manufacturing and agriculture.
kaperoni: Tonight’s chat is titled “the pressure is building” let me show you why.
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kaperoni: The first article…
kaperoni: Cultivation of Diyala develop a plan for the elimination of desertification in the province - November 8 2011

kaperoni: And a quote…
kaperoni: “diyala Agriculture Department announced that it has prepared a program through which the elimination of desertification and the advancement of agricultural reality in Iraq.”
kaperoni: We can see from this quote, efforts are being made to prepare for the long-term production of agriculture.
kaperoni: And the next article…
kaperoni: Kirkuk begin planting 765 acres of wheat and barley crops Kirkuk - November , 2011

kaperoni: And a quote…
kaperoni: “The director of agriculture Kirkuk Mahdi Mubarak told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the cultivation of Kirkuk started to plan the new season, which include planting about 765 acres of wheat and barley crops," noting that "496 acres of irrigated land."

kaperoni: And this quote..
kaperoni: “He pointed out that "many farmers began to cultivate their land, after the distribution of more than 5 thousand tons of seeds and more than 16 thousand tons of urea and compound triple the peasants of all the province."
kaperoni: So we see, as well in Kirkuk, they are preparing for the future advancement of the agricultural sector.
kaperoni: Now we see this article…
kaperoni: Economy and investment representative called for support for farmers to compete with foreign - Tuesday, 08 November 2011

kaperoni: And quote...
kaperoni: “The Commission on the economy and investment representative, on Tuesday, the importance of the decision of the Iraqi government to prevent the import of vegetables and fruits from other countries, especially neighboring countries, and demanded that coupled with the support of the farmer to achieve balance and enable the farmer to increase production and marketing of locally-price measures.”

kaperoni: And this quote…
kaperoni: “A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment House Qusay Friday in an interview with "twilight News" that "prevent the import of agricultural goods is a very good step to help farmers to increase production in the agricultural season."

kaperoni: And another…this is a good one….
kaperoni: “It is said that the Council of Ministers decided early this November to prevent import of agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit from abroad, "to encourage farmers and local product."
kaperoni: You all see this? “decided early this November to prevent import of agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit from abroad”
kaperoni: You all see this? “decided early this November to prevent import of agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit from abroad”

kaperoni: Another article and quote…
kaperoni: Ministry of Agriculture: the decision to ban import of agricultural crops in force and stresses that "the traders who have been granted import licenses before the decision will allow them to enter their goods." - November 7 2011

kaperoni: Quote…
kaperoni: “The 'cabinet decision the judge to prevent the import of agricultural crops, vegetables and fruits has become a valid and applicable in border crossings', pointing out that the ministry has stopped granting licenses to import vegetables from outside the country in line with the government decision which aims to support the Iraqi farmer. '”

kaperoni: Wow. Now that is confidence that the country will be able to support itself. These two articles are full of great quotes, all of which are in support of the farmer and closing the boarders to agriculture goods coming in. This is a huge step in the advancement of the free market economy and support for agriculture within Iraq. That is a lot of pressure. And a piece of the puzzle.
kaperoni: Now moving into manufacturing….an article…
kaperoni: President calls for the training center to activate the trade laws to lift the economic reality of the country - November 7 2011

kaperoni: Quote…
kaperoni: “The Chairperson of training and development center in Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Arwa Abdullah Kazim to issue (2000) certification for inspection during the period of very little, citing the need to activate the trade laws to lift the economic reality of the country.”
kaperoni: Do you all know whom the Chamber of Commerce represents? Business! So this quote is from the Chairperson of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce saying…hey, it is time to help these Iraqi businesses by activating the trade laws!

kaperoni: Another quote…
kaperoni: “that the country can not rise and the elimination of unemployment is only through the investment process, we believe that what has been done in this subject is not equivalent to an ambitious and the requirements of the Iraqi reality and the enormous potential possessed by the country.”
kaperoni: Simply stated,...without these laws, the enormous potential will not become a reality. Wow. Again, look at that pressure.

kaperoni: Let’s move to another piece of the puzzle…this article…
kaperoni: Baghdad market for securities: investors demand and expectations of the recovery of a large - 07/11/2011

kaperoni: And quote…
kaperoni: "The will of initial public offerings of shares of telecommunications companies undoubtedly a catalyst for the stock market by attracting more attention from regional and international investors and to help improve liquidity in the market."
kaperoni: I mentioned this several times…the privatization of the state owned businesses. Here they mention telecommunication companies as a “catalyst” for the stock market.

kaperoni: And another quote…a good one…
kaperoni: “investors said that the application of some regulations, such as conservation banking services and the settlement of stock trading can be more open market to more foreign money.”

kaperoni: And one last quote…
kaperoni: “iraqi securities rules governing the custody services will be issued in November.”
kaperoni: Now we see again the mention of the laws they want to get passed very soon…”in November!” for conservation banking (really custodial banking) and of course these laws will open the door to the foreign money (global business). What month is it?….oh the pressure to quickly pass these laws.
kaperoni: Now let’s see what the CBI has to say…this article…
kaperoni: Expert calls for a "real revolution" to change the economic laws - 08.11.2011

kaperoni: Quote…
kaperoni: “The adviser said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that Iraq is suffering at present from interference in the laws and authorities, pointing to the need for a genuine revolution in the field to change the laws in force to separate the overlap in government institutions and promote development and alleviate the administrative bureaucracy.”

kaperoni: Oh nice quote. This is the RV hold up everyone. Remember the CBI has been ready since June 22nd…but they state right here was is holding everything up. Want some more proof?

kaperoni: Another quote…
kaperoni: “He described the benefit of what is happening in Iraq, legal chaos, noting that Iraq's transition to a free economy needs to rebuild the legal infrastructure better.”
kaperoni: We jump back to last week and see how they are going to fix this…article…
kaperoni: Central Bank of Iraq presents a project to decode overlapping jurisdictions - On: Friday 4/11/2011

kaperoni: Quote…
kaperoni: “central Bank of Iraq, on Thursday, he put forward a project to separate legislation, laws and overlapping jurisdictions in the government institutions that hinder the promotion of economic development and reduce the administrative bureaucracy.”

kaperoni: Another quote…
kaperoni: “The deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a press statement: "The central bank will be put project on the Iraqi government to lift the interlocking laws that hinder economic development in the country and the abolition of the old instructions that do not fit with the direction of Iraq to expand the investment projects. "
kaperoni: Oh the pressure…to open the door…. The laws are waiting for Parliament.

kaperoni: Let’s add a bit more pressure…
kaperoni: Article…
kaperoni: CBI confirms that it will intervene strongly to curb inflation if arrived at two places decimal places ..11/06/2011
kaperoni: This is a great article…as if there is not enough pressure…inflation is creeping up (7.3% - 7.6% Sept-oct) which gives the CBI a whole new problem…they have set the limit at 10%. Thereafter they will intervene. They are watching it closely. How will they fix it?

kaperoni: Quote…
kaperoni: "pointing out that the bank is able to tackle inflation through the use of tools the bank cash correctly to bolster the Iraqi currency by controlling the levels of cash flow and enhance the purchasing power of the Iraqi dinar by using the signals of exchange and interest rate.”
kaperoni: Can they do this even if the economic laws are not passed?

kaperoni: Here is a quote direct from the CBI website – CBI Laws page 10.
kaperoni: “The procedure set out in this paragraph shall not apply if the financial system or hinder the effective conduct of monetary policy, provided that such decision by the CBI shall be explained…”
kaperoni: So either way the pressure is on for the RV.

kaperoni: Now lets wrap this up…one more article…
kaperoni: A coalition of law: Maliki's visit to Washington aims to develop relations between the two countries - Tuesday, 08 November 2011

kaperoni: Quote…
kaperoni: Said Mohammed Chihod in an interview with "twilight News" that "the objectives of the visit to activate the strategic framework agreement on economic, industrial, agricultural, cultural, diplomatic and political,"

kaperoni: And this quote…
kaperoni: “He Chihod that "Iraq has received its full sovereignty, and is capable of keeping security and stability", pointing out that the pace of Iraq on the political strides towards a democratic system. "
kaperoni: Ok, so according to Chihod, Iraq has full sovereignty!…and on December 12th Maliki to the USA to meet Obama…and we see here it is to activate the new Sofa. Can you all say RV?
kaperoni: Done
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