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Just enjoy the ride

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Just enjoy the ride Empty Just enjoy the ride

Post by vegasdinar Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:32 am

Obviously, we all read the intel, bank stories, rumors, news, and chats from Dinarland with much anticipation. As we may get caught up in the daily ups and downs, the hopes and letdowns of this INVESTMENT or SPECULATION, I think it's necessary to take a step back and just enjoy the ride.

How many of us thought of even having the chance at something like this in our lifetimes?---a seemingly legitimate chance to change our financial future. We have this CHANCE because we CHOSE to put our money down on the Dinar poker table. LET IT RIDE. It's easy to feel the anger in many of the postings when predictions and dates don't hit and we break down every word coming from the intel providers.

I realize some folks are really struggling; I wish the best for everyone and HOPE this occurs soon for them (and me, of course!). I pray for those that would be in such a bad financial position to risk putting "food on their table". However, I think most of us are pretty locked in to our "regular" lives and the money we put down on this speculation won't break us.

As we ride this out, let's grow some thick skin and ENJOY THE RIDE. I am actually grateful to be a part of this. For some reason, this opportunity came onto our doorsteps. No one held you at gunpoint to go buy some Iraqi currency! You decided to be here on this ride. You decide to follow the words of the gurus. You decide how you react.

I have a lot of optimism toward this investment. I am in it til the end. Things are looking great. What were your financial hopes before you invested in IQD? If the end of this ride is a big letdown, so be it. (I don't think it will be). Let's put on our big boy pants and just enjoy the ride. Keep the intel coming. I love reading it. I don't go rushing to dinarbanker and purchase more based on postings on a website. You made the decision to be here, so you should just LET IT RIDE.

I can't wait to cash in, baby!

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