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Phony Tony and the Lying Game

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Phony Tony and the Lying Game Empty Phony Tony and the Lying Game

Post by Mission1st Tue May 16, 2023 5:53 pm

Its been well documented that Tony Baloney has a pattern to his scam. When participation starts to wane, he ramps up his rhetoric with a lot of baloney, ambiguous articles and Pronoun People. The last couple of weeks were no exception. But, as expected, a big fat juicy Nothing Burger with all the trimmings.

Usually, Tony explains away the once-again failure of an RV on Maliki, or Iran, or the US or, or or..... you know the drill.  He also occasionally intimates to his sheeple listeners, almost in a whisper: "I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but the RV was supposed to happen last week, but I wasn't allowed to say anything."

This time; however, he did a little change up and rather than lay blame on someone/something, he proudly announced in a Tweet that              "Everyone is on high alert. Was supposed to yesterday after 4pm. Hope you’re prepared. TNT Tony #wearethepeople". 

It must be a new way of attempting to keep his dummies enthralled. After all it ALMOST happened. Of course, he cannot substantiate any of it, and never has, other than trotting out Goat Boy with a silly YouTube video.

Rest assured, no matter how long he does this, the desperate and uninformed will continue to follow him, and for a con man, that is really a great thing.
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