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What if the real truth about the Fox News/Dominion/Carson, etc. situation is something totally different? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

What if the real truth about the Fox News/Dominion/Carson, etc. situation is something totally different?

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What if the real truth about the Fox News/Dominion/Carson, etc. situation is something totally different? Empty What if the real truth about the Fox News/Dominion/Carson, etc. situation is something totally different?

Post by kenlej Sun May 07, 2023 12:22 pm

As a contrarian, one thing that I always do is look deeper when something appears to make no sense. When the clear and obvious reality does not connect with the equally clear and obvious actions. In other words, when two and two don’t seem to add up to four – I ask, why is that?

In the case of the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News, it never made much sense, and for Fox to settle made no sense at all. The case against Fox was outlandish to the point of being almost frivolous, and it was unlikely that Fox would have lost that case, and it could have been appealed for months, or even years, in any case, so why settle like they did? And for such a massive amount of money?

But what if it was all planned to begin with? What if the whole thing was a gigantic ruse to transfer much needed cash to Dominion, and at the same time make them look like the innocent victims of bizarre “conspiracy theories”? And Fox was chosen to be the “fall guys” because they were perceived to be the “conservative” channel, the voice of the radical right wing crazies who challenged the validity of the election process, and the integrity of the Dominion voting machines in particular? So, if Fox felt that it could not prevail in this lawsuit and had to “settle” then, of course, it is a forgone conclusion that all the accusations against Dominion are in fact baseless lies.

Remember, the Murdoch family are wealthy New York Jews, and there is no such thing as a wealthy New York Jew who is not connected to the cabal, they are all members of the “tribe” and they will always do what the elders dictate. Fox News has always been “controlled opposition”, and to believe otherwise is simply naive.

But, the situation is getting dire for them, all of them. Their control over the nation is slipping away, and there is a great awakening of the public. This is actually getting very, very serious for them – it is, in reality, an existential threat, and it is one that they apparently never really thought would develop like it has. They seem to have convinced themselves that the general public were actually sleep walking morons who would believe (and do) whatever they were told. And they were told, over and over again, that the last election was both “fair and honest”, and that they should just shut up and accept that fact. But then again, they also said that the clot shot was both “safe and effective”, and now we are being told that the banking industry is both “sound and secure”, as well as being told that people who drink beer are basically stupid out of touch bigots who need to be properly educated into the “new reality”.

In other words, these people have lost all credibility, and they are beginning to understand this. So, how are they to “win” the next election? They full well know that Biden’s actual approval rating is in the range of 9%, and they full well know that they cannot win an honest election. And they can’t seem to destroy Trump, or stop the awakening of the nation . . . They are faced with a catastrophe in the next general election, and they know this.

They also know that without the Dominion voting machines stealing the election next time would be near impossible, and they understand that the Dominion machines are poorly designed, out of date, and fully compromised by the “white hats”. It is worth remembering that the severs were captured in Frankfurt Germany on election night, and that the director of the CIA was, herself, overseeing the election fraud being carried out there.

Which brings up another interesting point – what ever happened to Gina Haspel anyway? She was the director of the CIA, which is no small deal, that is a major political position, yet she is just . . . Gone? It is like she fell into a memory hole, you never even hear about her name; let alone what happened to her. Rumor at the time was that she was shot and captured by Special Forces and then taken into custody. But what happened after that? Where is she today? Why isn’t anyone even asking about her?

In any case, it would seem that Dominion needs serious updating in order to reliably steal the 2024 election. There is simply no way that the deep state can win that election any other way – hence Dominion needed a huge influx of funds, and as much credibility as it can get.

Maybe this is all just conjecture and even foolishness, but it sure would make more sense than a lot of the goofy ideas being put forward. Why on earth would the Murdoch family pony up hundreds of millions of dollars and then fire the one real asset that they had (and others too I guess, there is rumor that more will be let go soon) for something that clearly had no real credence in the first place, and could have been drug out for ages in any case?

It seems to me that the cabal is in a near panic mode – and that they no longer care so much about money, but rather care more about actual survival. And they cannot afford to lose this coming election – no mater what the cost, it MUST be won!


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