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Guru MarkZ  4/20/23 am DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru MarkZ 4/20/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Thu Apr 20, 2023 2:10 pm

Member: In a blink of the eye-this week has flown by 

Member: EID starts tomorrow?

Member: I think it started today and everything in Iraq is closed until Tuesday. What a convenient tome to let it go!!!!!

Member: if Sudani is saying right after EID...then I think they will drop it before then....they never tell the exact timing...and Sudani cant let this go on for too long

Member: Markets in Iraq are having problems with the Dinar only thing....so they new lower denom currency has to be soon

Member:  anyone think this story of it being pushed into June has any merit?

MZ: I was told that date was going to be floated a few days before it was. Things are getting super predictable now on the smoke.

Member: Isn't the 60 day deadline passed for the New Minister of CBI to revalue???? Not that I thought it was ever a real benchmark...

Member:  Militia Man's vid was exciting!!!!

MZ: The news from Iraq continues to be phenomenal. But be sure to expect the “carrot and stick” news all this week. 

MZ: After lots of good articles this week – they throw this one in “After approving the triple budget. Political forces fearing government  domination of Parliament”  

MZ: Meanwhile ther is more positive pieces “ Minister of Finance directs the working hours of Al Rasheed and Al Rafidan employees during the Eid El Fitr holiday” They have them working for days straight throughout the holiday…..but, 99% of the country will be off. I think this is very important. If they want dinar in all the hands of the folks…..If they are going to revalue or reset their currency…..it would be important for banking to be open.

MZ: A lot of folks in Iraq believe this is a cover….and they believe its necessary. But it is payday for many in the country ….. government employees. I do find this curious. They have not been paying government salaries because they have not passed the budget …and now suddenly they need to pay them? Did they quietly approve the budget and not made an announcement yet?  This may be an important piece. 

MZ: “Iraqi Market suspends its activities for five days.”  Think about that…….Banks will be open but the stock market will not. You would think if it’s all about the Eid Al Fitr holiday everything would be shut down. The timing is pretty interesting in my book.

MZ: We are still hearing all kinds of chatter on the bond side. I am hearing more and more reports of “changed procedures” for payouts and some KYC (know your customer) changes that they are scrambling to take care of today and tomorrow…..I will let you know when anyone has real, spendable dollars. 

MZ: No CMKX news specifically. 

Member: More chedder-less chatter

MZ: Maybe that needs to be our new motto. 

Membr: Congress wants to raise the debt ceiling again….Guess 32 Trillion in debt is not enough for them….sheesh

Member: lol McCarthy saying they will raise the debt ceiling... His own party says he doesn't have the votes for it (unless something has changed?). This "movie" can turn into a comedy at any moment please!

Member: gm rv'ers! we woke up at 4:30 this am to an ebs that said 'EXTREME ALERT this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. no further action needed'. I have never gotten that before.

Member: Early day here in FL with an EBS Test at 4:45 AM!

MZ: Supposedly it was just a “glitch” An unintended EBS. Not sure how that happened. Someone has to set it up????

Member:  Two unintended tests? First tv then phone????

Member: Mark, Do you know if the accounts we get with the QFS is a multi currency account?

MZ: I am told we will be offered a multi currency account when we exchange….but they were not specific if its with the QFS…I assume it is….I will ask that question. 

Member: Dong rate?

MZ: I still say $2.25 but hearing it could be as high as $4. We will not know until we get there….I would be happy with $1 and be excited. 

Member:  New ATM's going in at my CHASE bank this morning

Member: Protestors storming Euronext stock market with torches –ccalling on Macron to resign. 

MZ: They are trying to keep this hidden……but things are heating up

Member: The Best is Yet To Come

Member: Thanks all……see you all tonight….unless.

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