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Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 11, 2023 2:26 pm

Member: Hi all! It’s Marvelous Monday. Happy birthday to those celebrating and prayers for those in need.
Member: So did they open the St. Germaine trust over Easter?
MZ: Well, If they did- they won’t be able to keep it hidden for more than a day or two….imo Hopefully we will know more before today is over.
Member: I loved Naders Video last night.

MemberL The dollar has died across the world
MZ: Yes Nader talks about de-dollariation. This is big guys. He says he has friends calling him and there is a whole lot happening…..People in Iraq are hitting money lenders and traders to try to dump dollars and get dinar. It’s almost like they know something is coming.
MZ: “A rapid decline in dollar prices in Baghdad and Erbil-and the stock market clarifies” Especially in the Kurdish region they are dumping US dollars and embracing their dinar. They know something is coming.   Maybe they are looking for a serious change in value.
MZ: On the RV side- you can hear a pin drop in most of the financial locations from paymasters to bond folks…all across the board. They are waiting quietly. A number of people are anticipating being called in today. It will probably be late this afternoon before we hear anything solid.
MZ: We need to stay patient today. If anything happens you do not have to email me….I will let you know. If it’s something big I will come back and do a podcast early.  
Member: Do not mistake silence for inaction!
Member: It’s always darkest before the dawn!!

MZ: We can see everything is aligning….”Gold and silver outlook as 23 states move to reclaim precious metals as legal tender”   This is the move back to commodities.
MZ: Many experts around the world are telling us the same thing. “ Economist Peter Schiff advises you to get rid of your US Dollars now-The USD reserve currency status is in jeopardy”  
MZ: If all you do is follow the charts right now- follow the ups and downs. This move to commodities/asset backed currency is happening. Right before our eyes. And it is coming quickly …Quicker than they will be able to launch any CBDC’s imo.
Member: Lincoln and JFK both had printed gold-backed currency… the currency never saw circulation and Lincoln and JFK were also soon out of circulation
Member: Everything in the markets are down this morning, except for the USD.
Member: Does St. Germains Trust need to be opened for us to exchange?
Member: I heard if Iraq geos first and alone…no…..I hear the trusts are to fund the GCR.
Member: My local BofA had a notice posted over the ATMs that read: : “The outside ATMs will be closed from April 10 to April 15″…
MZ:  For those of you who may be affected: “ Social Security update: Direct payment worth up to $4,555 goes out to millions in one week”   https://www.newsbreak.com/washington-state/2982247610279-social-security-update-direct-payment-worth-up-to-4-555-goes-out-to-millions-in-one-week
Member: I wonder when will we see the arrests?

Member: When does Ramadan in Iraq end?
Member: april 22nd.
Member: what is the paper from the bank called that we would need to buy us a house after the RV?
Member: Clean and Clear documents
Member: Mark, what calendar do you think they will use when it comes to opening the Saint Germain trust? Because on the gagorian calendar it is not Easter yet
Member:  We are currently on the Gregorian calendar we are going to the Julian calendar. The first will start on the 14th and will start a new year April 1, 2024.
Member: So what’s the next can kicking holiday to look forward too ? Best Memorial Day ever ! So I guess the trust are good till Christmas…lol
Member:  it’s amazing how some of you think that Mark controls all all of the timing he does his best everyday to get us information from all sorts of places and break it down and explain it we shd be grateful
Member: we are very grateful. Thank Mark and Mods for all you do
Member: I woke up with the song “do you believe in magic” stuck in my head. Haven’t heard that song in a while. Hopefully that’s a good sign for this week.

Member: Dear God- Please let us see the RV /GCR before the cabal receives all our taxes on April 15th…..We do not want to give bad guys more money to do more evil with.
Member: Many of us are waiting until the last moment to send in our taxes to the IRS….just in case we see a miracle this week.
Member: Any news on whether our exchanges will be taxed?
Member: Mark…Thanking the Lord for His Goodness and thanking him for you and mods!

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