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Post by Ssmith Fri Apr 07, 2023 2:47 pm

Member: Blessed Good Friday to all

Member: Y'all ever wonder how it's really gonna go down?

MZ:  All the time

Member:  Mark, is the second reading of the budget and the HCL Law scheduled for today?

Member: Do you think the rate change (RV) is already established as they read the budget for the 2nd and 3rd time? Or is that revealed publicly in conjunction with the release of the smaller notes?

MZ: I am looking for it to be revealed publically in conjunction with the release of the lower denomination notes. I think the budget being approved is all behind the scenes. 

Member: Nader says the budget has been approved!!!!

MZ: Lets start with an article that is a couple days old…I cannot believe I have not seen it yet. Thanks Liz for finding this  “ Baghdad’s draft budget includes Article 140-Peshmerga” We had suspected this but now have the proof. Article 140 is the HCL law. This is very important as many of us thought the vote on the HCL was going to be a separate event..but its already in the budget …this is a key piece on information for us.  

MZ: “Iran and Iraq agree to Implement a rail link”  This is a seismic shift

MZ: Another seismic shift:  “Saudi Arabia makes a Eurasian shift” This means they are leaving the US nest and going off to the BRICS nest. 

MZ: From Zerohedge “ The last war we cannot afford to fight: Tucker Carlson sounds an alarm over De-dollarization and slams Biden admin for pissing off the world.”  And they have. There has never been a greater isolationist president than Biden. 

MZ: “The Chinese Yuan will likely displace US Dollar as the world’s number one currency”  I think we are going to see a commodity backed BRICS currency and break the system and make the US come to the table. Unless the white hats exist. 

Member:  If we get "parity" for all 209 countries I don't think there will ever be a "reserve currency" again....

Member: Fact: Cannot proceed without a gold-silver-commodity standard backing for Currencies. BRICS provided it first! BRICS has been in process for over 20 years.

MZ: Pretty quiet on the bond and paymaster side. They all seem to be gearing up for something over the Easter weekend. 

MZ: We just don’t know the timing but based on events in Iraq we may can guesstimate we not see anything until the 3rd week of this month. 

Membeer: Yes- Ramadan ends April 22. 

MZ: If I hear something good I will let you all know. I am not planning on a podcast this evening because its Good Friday. I do plan on being here in the Morning and on Monday. So no podcast tonight unless we have big news. 

Member:I hear Iraq is a sovereign nation and can change their rate if they choose to "go alone"

Member: Have you all seen this? "Texas Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Create Digital Currency Backed by Gold" 

Member: Are you under an NDA Mark?

MZ: I am not under any new NDA’s. A lot of things I don’t share right now is because I havn’t been able to vet them. I am looking for concrete stuff. 

Member: Someone that follow & respect said that we are very small steps away from RV!! Pray it is true.

Member: My banker says new currency is in bank right now.

Member: MarkZ do you believe the Rv is waiting for the Saint Germaine, Dubai 2 and Rodriquez Trust to open on Easter? That would provide the money for humanitarian and Nasara/Gesara to be announced?

Member: My taxes and payment to US Treasury are in an envelope waiting to be mailed by the deadline……..I’m hoping for “the announcement” that IRS goes away!!!

Member: If the White Hats are real….they need to do it before April 15th….or all those tax dollars will be going right into the bad guys pockets!!!

MZ: “IRS Report announces major changes on who it targets for audits” They now want to target wealthy conservatives. They are weaponizing the IRS again. 

Member: Dear God – please let the IRS be disbanded from hurting us all even more than they do now. 

Member: Come on Nesara…..We are living through historic times of the 1000+ year old evil takedown.

Member: what does NESARA stand for? there's conflicting info. out there

Member: The National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA)

Member: Nesara is supposed to abolish income taxes and the IRS and implement a fair tax of about 14% on purchases  (Excluding food and medicine)   

Member: Nesara is only for the U.S only and Gesara is Global.

Member: be careful following the masses...some of them have the 'M' missing...

Member: time to take out these traitors for all to see! enough of this charade! people need forced awake

Member: Another week has come and gone. No RV it would seem. Hearing that so much is happening yet seeing nothing makes it tough to keep the faith.

Member: I agree but believe it will just happen “suddenly”   and soon. 

Member: Mark-a huge thanks as always for all you bring to this community as we inch ever closer to our blessing.

Member: Good Friday to all…..with a blessed Easter weekend

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