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Post by Ssmith Mon Apr 03, 2023 2:11 pm

Member:  Happy Monday fellow hopium addicts

Member: A Wonderfully Great Golden Morning MarkZ, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room. Blessings To All

Member: Do you have some great news for us today Mark???

Member: Did Our window of opportunity move?

MZ: No we are in the middle of it. We are very close…..you can see it. 

Member: can someone explain what the hold up is with RV?

Member: It’s the United States trying to keep riding a dead horse…. the dollar

Member: Nader has already said it don't expect anything until after Ramadan........

Member:   End of Ramadan is April 21st…..

MZ: Let’s start with some Iraq news .  “ Government appeals to parliament to pass the budget bill swiftly”  We are seeing some real movement here: :”The budget race has begun-Parliamentary finance to meet tomorrow in the presence of Taif Sami”  

MZ: “Parliamentary finance sets the date for the first reading of the budget”  This is this week…..the first reading is tomorrow. We are also expecting to hear the first reading of the HCL law this week. If all goes as smoothly as they are saying. Both are expected to pass this week. 

MZ: these are the last roadblocks I am told for Iraq to go solo…. if they choose to. IMO this puts pressure on the rest of the world to get their currency and economic houses in order or they are going to miss out. 

MZ: Gold Telegraph tweet:   “Saudi Arabia agreed to join the Shanghai cooperation organization as a dialog partner and China  and Brazil agreed to ditch the dollar in trade and China and France cocmpletedd their first natural gas trade…..settled in yuan” ……this was just last week. All this was in one week. 

MZ: “Asean Nations are considering dropping the Us dollar , the Euro The British Pound, The Jananese Yen from their financial transactions”…..This is huge. 

MZ: We learn that “BRICS will potentially be backed by gold and other commodities like rare earth minerals.” They are right now working on that basket. All of this happened in the last 7 days. 

Member: everyone is standing up to the school yard bully! Getting rid of the US dollar. 

Member: Member: India is no longer using using the Dollar …..just the RUPEE

MZ: Yes: India is getting in on the action. They also want to be able to conduct trade without the US dollar. 8 countries will be doing trade with India and the Rupee. Sri Lanka, Meritas,  Malasia, Singapore, Miramar, Isreal, Germany and Russia. 

MZ: I really like these thoughts by Goldilocks. Don’t panic when you see these dates. He gives a really good technical analysis of where we are at.  He gives a backwall date of June 30th  for most things to be done. This does not mean we are waiting that long. It means they want the new system totally in place and taken over by then. Really solid reporting from Goldilocks. Be sure to go read them . He knocks things out of the park. 

Member: I really like reading Goldilocks updates every day at Recaps.. You can go there and read all his recent posts…..Goldilocks has his own category there…..

Member: Many countries have stopped using the USD…..I find that very encouraging. 

Member: Any bond holder or paymaster updates?

MZ: No meaningful update yet. It’s still too early to have an update yet today. 

Member: I guess Whales still sitting in Reno??

Member: Those bankers and bond holders get lied to constantly…..imagine their frustration. 

Member: I’m done with being lied to. Anyone else done with being lied to by the PTB? Forgive me saltiness but enough is enough with these people…

MZ: Most of the bankers marching orders come directly from the US Treasury. They tell the bankers to get ready. They tell the bankers they are expecting it “This weekend” or whatever. They play “Cried wolf” with the bankers….probably with political influence. Unfortunately the bankers have to be ready for whenever it goes. It’s their job no matter how many false alarms there are. I get why they do this …..but it sucks for everybody. 

Member:  MARK-QUESTION????If the petro dollar dies what happens to the dinar contract rate???

Member:  It would only make it stronger.

Member: Any news on rates?

Mod:  **** Estimated: Dong - $3-4, Dinar - $6.00-$11.00???, Zim Bond - .50 (per million) additional for projects, Indo Rupiah $1.47, Rial - $3.30, Agro Cheques - $330,000/1 billion ***

Member:  From the beginning of Mr. C’s intel…he said the gold codes will not be released from the Chinese elders or Golden Dragon until they are confident of disclosure of arrests and executions of elites in the US . do you believe this remains true or has it changed? 

MZ: I still believe this remains true. 

Member: I wonder If our Easter will be extra special? Or do you think they have kicked the can further again?

Member: I declare and decree no more delays in Jesus’ name!

Member: Mark I pray will we get notifications this week

Member:   To you all, May your day be filled with the love of God, may He guide your way and may He show you His strength, love, joy and grace, you are loved, Amen

Member: Don’t forget this is Holy week. Focus on our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Get your priorities in order

Member: Thank you Mark and mods, Blessings all much love. Thank you for your time Mark to interpret this crazy news.

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