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Bank Story #425

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Bank Story #425 Empty Bank Story #425

Post by Ssmith Mon Apr 03, 2023 2:09 pm


I called my local Chase bank.  I said, can you tell me if you’re currently exchanging Iraq currency?  They said everything is changing minute by minute.  Your best bet is too coming into the branch.  I do not have an account with Chase bank… me and my husband went down…I was at the teller letting them know I needed to open an account and needed to exchange foreign currency…  She starts taking all of our information and says can you hold on just a sec? The branch manager is wanting to talk to you.  I said sure.

[Bank story continued]

2 1/2 hours later we finally got out of there.   We are private clients now with Chase Bank.  Private Client Accounts are the larger accounts…meanwhile when we were meeting with the branch manager…He said he’s seeing it [dinar] come and go on the screens.  He showed me they had two screens.  I stood there and watch him…He said you have 30 days to fund the account and the wealth manager will be calling you…He said he looked forward to seeing you in the future... 

My husband is a retired Police officer…I don’t have money like that to fund this account…the wealth manager called me today.  He’s actually the Vice President here in Oklahoma.  He says I’ve been waiting 15 years for this to happen.  And I’m going to wake up one day and receive an email from either Chase Bank or VP Morgan explaining what we need to do for our clients.  He knew all about the currency…Iraq and what’s been going on…what these banking people know what’s going on and what’s fix’n to happen is just amazing. ..he says can I come and meet with y’all?  I said I’d rather meet with our legal team…He’s actually going to call me again tomorrow.

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