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Post by Ssmith Mon Apr 03, 2023 2:06 pm

Okay, okay, so today we bounce back to all the news being mostly about the Iraqi dinar once again. Go figure….lol..lol..lol..

I recommend that you read my commentary below but also take some time to read the articles and my comments and highlighted areas in the articles. This will give you a good sense of just where the efforts are to increase the rate of the dinar and bring it back to FOREX.

Remember that it will always be my understanding that, it is corruption that after nearly 20 years post-war, other countries around Iraq have higher currency rates against the dollar. Why is this? These other middle eastern countries don’t even have half the oil revenues, CBI reserves, or gold stockpiles, etc. that Iraq has, yet they are way over a $1 rate and in many cases over $2 and even $3. The articles even showed us that the top 4 globally valued currencies where all of middle eastern countries. So why is Iraq not included? 
So why are they suppressing the Iraqi dinar and taking so long to reinstate them back on FOREX with a rate to reflect a true value?  Surely Kuwait is surviving on FOREX and they don’t even have half the resources that Iraq has. Their rate is way over $3. Something is very fishy here. You want to talk about corruption….well here you have it. The artificially suppressing of the Iraqi dinar by the US is the largest corruption scam I have seen in my lifetime.  Shame, shame, shame on the US and the IMF for talking so much about Iraq cleaning out their corruption yet when they themselves are a major part of the problem.

Iraq must go along with the US game for now, but will the end-game be the reinstatement? How much longer must this go on?

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, announced, on Tuesday, the stability of the dollar exchange rates, after the three packages launched by the bank during the last period. He also said the Central Bank’s measures are continuing, and the packages it launched are serious and contributed to the stability of the dollar exchange rate.  But there is more to do and it is in two areas. One is to parallel the black market rate of the dinar to the official CBI rate. The other is to stabilize the currency auction amounts of dollars to the nominal amount needed to support the Iraqi economy. This will show the US that no dollars are leaving Iraq illegally using the auctions.

The Central Bank expected, on Wednesday, a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates (black market rates of the dinar) during the coming period, while indicating the imminent issuance of a decision regarding the possibility of printing a denomination of 20 thousand dinars. So they are on the verge in approving or discarding the idea of the new 20 thousand notes. Remember almost 9 months ago they told us they would be rolling out these news notes in June 2023. So it appears they have not yet decided to even go ahead with the project yet. These notes are not yet even printed.

The Sudanese advisor recently told us the official exchange rate will match the parallel exchange rate within a few weeks or months. So what happened next in our dinar investment community?

Many of these so-called intel gurus went off on their normal rage and hype thinking this meant 1:1 parallel with the US dollar. Of course, this is not what the news really told us. Instead the “parallel exchange rate” they are talking about is parallel of the dinar official CBI rate with the black market rate of the dinar on the streets. They want to get them to match up or very close. So please stop listening to these intel gurus.)

So there is some good new and bad news in all this and I quote -“during the next few weeks or months, the official exchange rate will match with the parallel.” The bad part is it could take months The good part is it could be only a few weeks and that either way, they will get these rates under control and as close to parallel as possible which needs to be completed prior to any reinstatement or 1:1 with the US dollar.

This dinar investment has been a long journey and I know it will soon come to an end. But again this corruption in Washington DC is another part that is holding it up. I knowm any of you refuse to believe me but that is just your opinion and not FACTUAL. Like so many other issues in dealing with foreign countries there are double standards when it comes to many of the policies made by the US government.

With Iraq we can clearly see this is taking place now with the suppressing of the true value of the dinar. Think about it this way. If the rate is only 1/6 of a penny per dinar now and we know the dinar is worth much, much more that that then were is hell is all this other money going. Think about it. There is almost $3-4 dollars per dinar being lost when each dinar is being exchanged. So, who is getting wealthy? Is it the Iraqi people or the entities that are controlling the rate of the dinar? This stolen money is coming out in the form of the dollar and not the dinar. This is where it is going. The dinar is being used to prop up the dollar and make billions for the rich. Through the US policies they also control the CBI revenues and have big fat bank accounts in the US propping up their own economy and banking industry at the sacrifice of Iraq.
So, we must pray and pray hard that God’s Hand will strike down upon these charlatans and to FREE UP the wealth of Iraq for the GLORY OF GOD to bring this long awaited prosperity and abundance meant for the people of Iraq.

See you next month!

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