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Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 30, 2023 2:16 pm

Member:  MarkZ hope your trip went smoothly…. Give us the good news this morning PLEASE

Member: Mark do you know if there is an end date that all of this has to be done by?

MZ: There is not a “drop dead date” . I believe the drop dead date is the complete implosion of the financial system forcing them to “go” . Do they know when that collapse is coming….yes…and are they feeling pressure…yes. 

MZ: MilitiaMan did another great video on capital movement, currency and CBI platform. He also rightfully noted that the chatter about the possibility of printing a 20K note is just that…chatter.  To me that is a clear “balloon “ to keep everybody guessing on the time and the date. 

MZ: They have already told us that over the next few weeks that their currency…the dinar will parallel the market and wealth of Iraq. Parallel means to represent the true value. We know it’s coming. Its their job to keep things uncertain as to timing. 

MZ Regarding Iraqi border crossings…this dropped yesterday from the CBI. There is an extreme tightening of cash going in and out of Iraq.   I was always told to look for this toward the end. Coming from the CBI I think this is a big sign that things are impending. 

MZ: On the rumor side….We still do not have the money movement we have been looking for. There is still a lot of chatter and table top deals from speculators willing to buy up some bonds at extreme discounts. I wouldn’t suggest this as we are this close…but some people have gone there. Some were taking millions instead of billions on some deals. I get it …people are frustrated. 

MZ: A number of sources are still saying April 1st through the 3rd is a “go” I did speak to one contact from the redemption side….They are planning on working this weekend. They believe they will be working this weekend. Could that change between now and the weekend…..possibly. But this is the first time in a long while that they are expecting to work. 

Member: UMB Bank did a big system "change over" this past weekend and the wait time on the phone can be up to nearly 3 hours. They can't get to email bc they are on the phone so much

Member: Many banks are going Digital starting April 1, my Credit Union will have limited online access this weekend ( new system )

Member: Basil 3&4 compliance tomorrow for banks …….lots of things happening on April 1st…..sounds promising. 

Member: Mark- do you think the EBS will start this Sunday?

MZ: It is very possible. Many people I respect think it will start between the 1st and the 3rd. I am just trying to not get to excited…..

Member: Anticipation fatigue is real…..it’s exhausting and depressing…..best to not get excited until it happens for real. 

Member: The EBS Announcement was tested in Texas and NY and several other states yesterday

Member: Kids are on Spring break next week. Perfect time for EAS. Time to wake the sleepers!!

Member: I'm just standing here on the sidelines watching all this chaotic misinformation .... not getting excited yet. 

Member: Thoughts on Banks waiting for RV to happen and then doing bail-ins to confiscate our monies to bail themselves out?

Member: If banks steal peoples money that will be the last straw for Americans….they would take to the streats with torches, pitchforks and nooses…….I do not think the bankers would do that……..they are greedy liars but not stupid…imo

Member:  If Iraq goes alone….will we still have to sign an NDA?

MZ: If they are still sending us to redemption banks to exchange….( I believe they will be) we will still have a negotiated rate…..so I believe there will still be an NDA on just the rate…..I could be wrong. If you just go to the bank…..there will not be one. 

Member: I will gladly sign an NDA….. it’s to protect us……loose lips sink ships.

Member: What if you refuse to sign an NDA.

MZ: As I understand it you may get a lower rate. 

Member:  if you have only us dollar do you take to Redemption center?

Member:  You only go to redemption center if you have foreign currency or Zim

Member: What if our exchange comes before we switch to rainbow currency UST notes?

MZ: Lets say we don’t get asset money yet and Iraq goes solo…..maybe one or two others go as well ….We will need to have a real exonomic plan to make sure our dollars are safe. 

Member: Can you reassure us redemption centers will be safe….many out there are pushing fear about them

MZ: We are so worried about everything right now…whats real…whats fake….They are not going to send out notices on where to go …give you the address and number and then defraud you……think about it. Do not worry. I believe this rumor was sown on purpose to get you all to go to regular banks and get less money….. That is my opinion…so you get less and banks will get more. 

Member:  I wish we could see a picture of the new UST Note

Member: go to the youtube search bar and type in “New US Money”  Lots of possible examples will be listed there. 

Member: I read a news article that our fiat cash can only last another 30 days. Unless we get a central bank adjustment or switch to the new Rainbow cash . Either way it sounds like this train is coming to the end. 

Member: Goldilocks posted that on Recaps yesterday….it was very encouraging. 

MZ: Depending on who you are listening to…..they are estimation another 30-35 days before there is no cash in banks ATM’s anywhere…..people are hoarding cash with the bank runs…This means liquidity will be gone. When liquidity is gone everything freezes. This is important. 

Member: I was in my bank yesterday and there were a lot of older folks going thru the drive thru pulling big dollars out!!!!!!!!

Member:  Barges sinking, trains derailing, helicopters crashing, school shooting, this week has been a complete crap show. Let's pray our blessings come to fruition so we can help change the world.

Member: Thank you Mark and mods……..really hoping this is our big weekend. 

Member: I just want to thank you from my heart, all of you who help educate me on this. God is Good and directed me to get currencies! God Bless


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