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Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 29, 2023 2:04 pm

Member: Good morning everybody is this the day for the RV?  all we can do is hope
Member: Any clue as to why this is taking so long?
Member: God please grant me patience …but please hurry up


MZ:  What news we have today: “Report says US Banks are missing hundreds of billions of dollars-Find out why” 
MZ: “The dollar crisis-the relationship is optimistic and the money ends fraudulently in Lebanon” From Central bank governor Al Alaq:  They get into a few important things like the US has been controlling their purse strings since the Iraq invasion…..and all the petrodollars that are spent on oil and gas from Iraq go to the US treasury to get doled back to Iraq. This is a problem and one of the only reasons the rv hasn’t gone yet. We are getting to the end of that game right now.

MZ: Today “ US Senate votes to revoke Iraq war licenses”  This is out of Rueters. The vote was 65 to 28….paving the way for the final vote this week….This is big. The house has already passed it. This will give autonomy back to Iraq …It ends the war.

Member: Sheesh I though Iraq has been sovereign for a long time……I guess the US has been holding everything up all this time……this sucks.…..

MZ: “ PM Advisor: Iraq economy is strong and moving toward improvement”  Tucked in this one is a great little piece for those paying attention.  They are literally telling you what they are doing. “He emphasized that the situation is gradually improving as long as there is freedom in transferring the process that is subject to compliance”  “Noting that during the next few weeks or months the official exchange rate will match with the parallel” What they are telling us is that the rate in the next few weeks will be in parallel with their assets…or their great wealth. They are telling you it is happening.

MZ: Don’t panic about the timing….they have to say that to keep the timing confused…..it is part of the process.
MZ:  “Kenya to buy oil using local currency instead of US dollars” Iraq and all these countries do not have to go through the petrodollar to buy and sell oil. This is the abandonment of the petrodollar. All economists not in the MSM are talking about it……

MZ: Both Kenya and Venezuela leaders are telling their people to get rid of their dollars that things are changing in a few weeks. I believe there is a plan in place  for the change and revaluation and its coming right now from the BRICS side of the aisle.
MZ: This one is from Sean Foo and he hit it out of the park: “The crisis has hit Europe –Banks are desperate for cash” The European banks right now are borrowing in the repo markets which means more inflation. We are printing 60 billion overnight for the European banks because they are collapsing. 100 billion overnight for US banks. So $160 billion a night overnight for the repo markets.

MZ: This system is going to break…It’s coming off the rails. The only to save it is the rest to sound money.
Member: Put Sean Foo in the search bar at youtube to hear the video…..Recaps posted it yesterday.

MZ:  From the Rumor news: On the bond side …there is a lot of rushing around right now in Reno and in Zurich…but no solid movement. This flurry started yesterday. I do not think we have gold backed money moving yet. There are tabletop speculator deals with flippers.As soon as I have confirmed movement I will let you know.

Member: With all due respect how many more meetings do they have to have? Release it already!’
Member: Do you believe we’ll be waiting for the end of Ramadan? April 21st? for cash?? I hope not that long.
Member: Militiaman said everything starts on 3/31- 4/1
Member: Frank26 gave you a big shout out last night Mark

MZ: I heard that and thank you Frank. Frank and his team have  phenominal contacts on the ground in Iraq .
Member: Our credit Union is already set for IS020022 and said by the end of the month for sure
Member: I went to our bank and there were 2 techs installing a new ATM. there was a piece of masking tape on it that said USTN only!

Member:  Mark I thought in our reset the Fed was supposed to be absorbed by the treasury?
Member:  Mark, if iraq goes alone, QFS not in effect, what is to stop them from taking it all before we even get out of exchange. ? please
Member:  If the QFS isn’t running when this goes then I doubt there IS a QFS and nothing has changed for the good in the world and our money would be vulnerable
Member:  The only way we truly win with foreign currency is if Nesara happens the same time the RV happens………. Sounds like that’s what is going to happen in Iraq…….
Member: What haopens to the US currency when we exchange our dinar and dong? Will it be worthless?

MZ: If we get the QFS- the USD is supposed to be asset backed. If Iraq goes solo….we wont have that ….yet …
Member: Charlie ward says US will not be gold backed until Oct or Nov.

MZ: Perhaps he is talking about parity  where the whole world is 1 to 1. And that could take that long. But we will have exchanged long before then…imo

Member: Does “match with parallel ” mean “parity?” If so, then the RV first, and then parity with the gold backed currencies around the world and NESARA/GESARA
Member: I think Charlie Ward is saying states may go good-backed singularly, not US as a country.

Member: Is the petrodollar dead or in the process. Your best guess for total collapse. Thanks,Mark.
Member: So what will the Indonisian Rupiah rate be?

MZ: I am still hearing $1.47
Member: I heard Zimbabwe is going to be so well off their currency will be backed by diamonds and their coins will actually be Gold
Member: I hear 100 countries have completed Operation Sandman(De-Dollarization)
Member:  l find all the lies in our govt harder and harder to take. If the good guys are really there then just DO it and let’s get moving back to restoring life for folks. 
Member:  the excessive waiting causing mental problems…. not patience

Member: The RV is just the beginning. Nothing is ever fixed overnight. We will begin now and be in a better place by Oct/Nov. Listen to what they are actually saying. 1 word changes the whole sentence.

Member: We are all going to have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)  after this ends……we are going to need those medbeds to heal from the RV roller coaster.
Member:  Thanks all……see you all this evening- God bless

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