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Guru MarkZ 3/23/23 am

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Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 23, 2023 2:33 pm

Member: Good Morning Everyone…..this week is flying by!!

Member: This movie seems like a combination of the Never Ending Story as a horror film and Groundhog day!

MZ: Who knows today may also be the day we have an alien invasion….lol….Tiktoc time traveler says aliens invade on Mar.23….

Member: My bags are packed for the alien invasion today hope they take me someplace nice 

Member:  okee (not Okie OilMan) says rate on forex. hope I can say this and no penalty.

Member:  How are fines and penalties CMKM looking today??

MZ: There are a lot of expectations starting about 7:00 tonight….

MZ: So rumors on the bond side and settlement side that things are going to start this evening. …That is what I am hearing this morning guys. We all hope and pray it is accurate. I am not hearing anything negative. 

MZ: Hearing that some of the groups are sending their leaders back to Reno. So there is a lot of chatter that things may be starting over this evening. We shall see. We know we are close. 

MZ: the news out of Iraq continues to be fantastic. They are openly talking about their currency having parity with other countries in the region. 

Member: why do they constantly lie about the bondholders getting notification day after day after day.

Member:  Hat's off to the good guys for confusing the heck out of me

MZ: You are being nicer than I would be. 

Menber: The plan is working very well no one knows of what is going on because of all info conflicting news and it can not be put together.

Member: With all due respect, I’m so done with them lying to us….

Member: We are given misinformation to keep us off balance…

MZ: Absolutely. I have one DOD source that sometimes sends me notices of the latest misinformation that we were going to see released to the dinar boards. They would feed this misinformation to one or two out there and like clockwork….we would hear it. 

Member:  You realize The Simpson's TV show has more accurate predictions than today's media.... I find that amusing.

Member:  I am pleased with the positive progression of things in Iraq, but I am reserving my excitement for when we receive our contract rate

Member: Just heard that Kuwaits RV was on the 7th day of Ramadan,

Member:  Rmadan date changes every year depending on the moon cycle….so its possible.

Member: Yes…..I heard when Kuwait last revalued they did so 7 days into Ramadan...end of March is in play for us...keep the faith!

MZ: I couldn’t agree more with you. I hear from all my sources that the RV is still in play and it doesn’t matter if its Ramadan. 

Member: Charlie Ward always said it’ll start on a Thursday. He just wasn’t sure which Thursday!

Member: Are we ever going to see new currency….or the QFs….or the reset????????

MZ: I have to go back to Puerto Rico next Wed and am still hopeful I will get to exchange before then. 

Member:   I hope and pray we can get to the next of this movie script where we start having the funds to create positive changes in this world on a massive scale!!!!

Member: “Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”― David G. Allen

Member: it took almost 100 years for Noah to build the ark, meanwhile, folks didn't take him seriously and those folks were sorry they didn't listen. all things on God's timing--not ours.

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