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Gurus Frank26 & Firefly 3/22/23 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Gurus Frank26 & Firefly 3/22/23

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Gurus Frank26 & Firefly 3/22/23 Empty Gurus Frank26 & Firefly 3/22/23

Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 22, 2023 2:47 pm

FIREFLY: The CBI governor is on News Channel One…being interviewed.  He’s saying he wants to explain to the citizens Phase II and tell us about the 6 new exchange branches they told us about in and around Baghdad…This is part of the plan of step 2 to collect the 3-zero notes from the citizens and replace them with lower notes...

FRANK:  It’s been a campaign of massive advertisement for the 3rd day now.  They won’t stop.  They keep talking to the citizens of Iraq on their Channel One news… 

FIREFLY: Then they told us in phase 1 they have collected over 60 trillion 3-zero notes and they expect more to be collected during phase 2…he explained this will help stabilize the economy and control inflation...

FRANK:  These are the final days…of your monetary reform.  It is the start of the economic reform…Both of your reforms will bring forth your explosion in your country…it is coming to an apex.  It is coming faster than they can print it and show it to you…we believe at the beginning of next month they will give it to you. 

FIREFLY: The budget we heard has a rate of 1300 but also has amendments are coming to the budget…

FRANK: I believe the budget will be exposed hopefully with the new exchange rate…and somewhere in there they are going to give you what they are bragging about…this is beyond exciting! …as far as the budget coming out at 1300 to 1…they will amend it…there is a retroaction that will amend the exchange rate in the budget and prepare your currency to start a float.  I pray that it starts 1 to 1.  It could start lower.  But the most important thing is that it is now starting.

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