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Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 22, 2023 2:47 pm

Member: Happy Hump Day All You Beautiful Souls here today!!!

Member: any good news for us today Mark???

Member: Hearing Good News about being Go Time. Hope it’s true.

MZ: We did get some very positive news overnight…. Awesome chatter and really great news. Something we were waiting for has occurred.  Nader shared it , TNT shared it…A HUGE step was accomplished this morning toward completion. . 

Member:   Lots of action being reported in Reno, not sure if they are liquid or not. Nadar said we are close this morning.

Member: NADAR posted wait till after Ramadan due to having to donate profits if gained month? input??? Just for Muslim world?? Get money in from world -give to people of country once have 70million back??!

Member: I was blown away when they said that 50% of Iraq's currency it outside of the country...

Member:  But Nader did say regular citizens had to forfeit profits during the month of Ramadan, so… after Ramadan? He did indicate that they are tired of waiting…

MZ: Nader says there is a new rate on the dinar. They moved it overnight. We have been looking for this move. They changed the official exchange rate to 1,132 dinar per US dollar from 1300. They were around 1600….moved it to 1300 and now 1132. This was designed to get people to de-dollarize and citizens to hold onto their dinars. So when the RV they will get the economic benefits. 

MZ: This is one of the steps we have been looking for a long time. It has taken longer than what we were expecting. But, we finally got it. Of course we all want a much bigger one, but this (according to many smart people0 is the last step before we see the lower denominations and a massive rate change. This is big.

Member: Exactly MarkZ they took the next step being 1132. HUGE!!!

MZ: We also saw them reactivate coins…..This is big. 

MZ: I think this is great news. I am stunned that you people don’t think its great news. I guess there is no way to make everybody happy. I think this is exciting. 

Member: Sorry Mark. We been hearing this stuff for so long ……It’s the never ending story of Groundhog day………we are just tired of talk………really need to see some action .    For those losing their homes and have nothing to eat……it doesn’t  help much 

Member: I wonder what are the last boxes that need to be checked for the major rate change

Member:  Iraqi gov't promised 3 rate changes. Next one show be the reval rate, possible 1:1

MZ: There is a lot of concern that this will not haopen during Ramadan. This is a world wide event. Could they be waiting until after Ramadan? It’s possible. But I am hearing it will be sooner than that and during Ramadan. We will know very soon. 

Member: It is good news. It will happen in time. I know we are all ready and tired. Stay calm everyone!!

Member: How long is Ramadan?

Member: About a month. I think it ends April 22 or so

Member: Ramadon starts at sundown today

MZ: I do not think we will be waiting another 30 days guys. We don’t know the timing….and they do that on purpose. 


Member: Moving forward is moving forward, no matter how slow.

Member: I think a lot of people will exchange when the rate in Iraq hits 1 to 1…….we are so tired of waiting . 

MZ: Probably many will. I totally understand that. 

Member: Is it still possible it happens this week. 

MZ: Yes IMO it could happen at any time. 

Member:  We are in the final stage of a many years long plan.

Member: .Did your bond contacts get liquidity yesterday? Just call me Mr. Hopeful. 

MZ: Unfortunately no…they did not get liquidity yet. Just big promises of it this week…They expected it yesterday….didn’t happen. They were asked to still stay in place. 

Member: Are the whales in Reno beached??

Member: I would sure be angry if I was one of those whales. 

Member: My contact says CMKX deliveries on Thursday ….we shall see. 

MZ: I am hearing that too. 

Member: Maybe they’re waiting for the arrest so everything can go at once?

Member:  Are redemption folks working later than normal this week/ weekend?  

Member:  United States Economy Is Melting Right Before Your Eyes.

MZ: Unrest is everywhere in the world……They have to do this and do this soon. It’s a process and it is happening. …You should all be excited. 

Member: Anniversary of Kuwait RVing is today in 1990

Member: Where is the money coming from for exchanges If the banks are broke?

Member:  QFS, is where the money is coming from, backed by Gold, not oil

Member: May this Wednesday bring you blessings and joy. May you find peace in the midst of any challenges and comfort in the face of any uncertainties. May you be surrounded by the love of friends and family

Andy Shectman from Miles Franklin joins the stream at the end…..please listen to the replay for his information and opinions. 

Member:  Thanks Mark, Mods and Andy……..have a great day everyone.

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