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Guru MarkZ 3/15/23 pm

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Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:27 pm

Member:  Happy Wednesday to all. Hope all had a great day. Enjoy your evening!
Member: Sure is a lot of misinformation out there….. I think we are in the corkscrew part of the roller coaster…
MZ: There is a lot of misinformation…..just stay calm and don’t panic at every rumor you hear
MZ: Lots of chatter kicked off today about Fines and Penalties….with some believed to start delivering possibly as early as tomorrow. ….My DHS source thinks that they will start Friday night through Saturday. Fingers crossed and I am praying guys as I am expecting 2 different deliveries. I am hopeful this is accurate.
MZ: Most of the chatter out of Iraq is looking at this weekend as well. Remember we do not know the timing….but the chatter is exceptionally good.

MZ: A number of folks in the Reno crowd is calling for it this evening….i think that may be a little premature…but I hope they are right and I am wrong……
MZ: I got permission to share this one today. A person who left a Credit Union and started working for a Regional bank. They were recently told about the “foreign currency exchange” and was told that right now the dinar was acting “funny” on all of their screens. Then they had a meeting with the “top dogs” and she asked if they were “Basel backed” The look on his face was very surprised that I knew about this. But he said “yes…we are Basel 3 backed” . Now we come to the bills. For some reason they have many  2017 crisp and new looking bills –they may have been expecting a bank run. Also they are having regular meetings on the wealth management  side. Every two weeks. Also we had training on NDA’s and how seriously we would have to take the NDA’s. We have not yet been asked to sign any.
MZ:  I wanted to share that story from someone who now works at a regional bank…..
Member: My bank says they will be QFS compliant by the third of next month.
Member: I told my Credit Union lady that fiat was going away. She told me our dollars are gold backed!!
Member:  Bank run or not? According to Bruce’s Intel yesterday, we now have the QFS, in which our accounts are essentially digital and protected.
Member: Tony said CitiBank and others say the rate is $3.81. and said the US gave them a 390 day extension in Jan to be completed by April 1st.

MZ: That would not surprise me at all .
Member: I heard to start looking for RV overnight tonight.
MZ: I’m not looking for it tonight…that may be premature…. but I know a lot of bankers that are suddenly looking for it overnight tonight.
Member:  I see the Dow was able to pull it’s self out of the dumpster a bit today. dang it
Member:  How is the market not crashing big time. I just don’t get it.
Member:  Because the liars and thieves have a mouse that manipulates it all…imo
Member: $4.30 rate for dinar?
MZ: That’s a rumor at this point. Is it possible?  Yes it is .Many of us have direct contacts on the ground over there like contractors , CBI employees , government workers…..and they say the rate has not been announced yet. But it is possible that could be the rate….
Member: Some currency centers are no longer selling IQD
MZ: they simply cannot find it. The supply dried up.

Member: That’s a really good sign…imo.
Member:  I’m just looking forward to the finish line for everyone
Member:  One of these days all of these gurus are going to be right
Member: Thank Mark and Mods….see everyone in the AM for coffee.

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