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Post by Ssmith Tue Mar 14, 2023 2:31 pm

Member: GM everyone…. happy Tuesday to you,

Good Morning Winners!!!!! What a time to be alive!

Member: Let's not forget the IDE's of March. Tomorrow... What is going to happen?

Member: It would be great for us all to get a pot of gold on Mar 17th. (St. Patricks Day) 

MZ: Lets get to it……”Sudanese government approves the largest budget in Iraq history”  He’s talking about the committee approving it and sending it to parliament ….They are flush with cash and have more money coming in that going out. Based on the current value of the dinar…they have a deficit. 

MZ: But what happens if they get a value change on the dinar??? Then suddenly they do not have a deficit anymore. To me this is very interesting news. To me its very clear that before this budget takes affect….possibly by April 1st…that they need a new rate…..but, I am hearing they plan to approve this before then .

MZ: My finance contact over in Iraq feels very confident that there will be a rate change before the budget takes affect. So there will not be a deficit but a surplus. 

Member: if you can go to the ATM for lower denoms…that says it all for me. 

MZ: I believe they are 100% ready for this. 

Member: Frank26 says the same thing about April 1st. 

Member: April fools could refer the idiots being rounded up

Member: I look forward to seeing that. 

Member: MARKZ. In the past Iraq was telling everyone that the budget was trillions of dinars. Now they are talking billions on their budget. I wonder -Is that implying 3zeros have been taken off?

Member: any CMKX news?

MZ: I have dug for news….and everyone connected with it tells me they are just waiting for the reset. I am told the Fines and Penalties have now passed the $8 mark….and they are prepared and just waiting on the reset. 

Member: Any tier 3 info from Sheila? (She is a CMKX/currency contact) 

Member: We both think this is our month and things are moving. 

Member: Could this be our week?

MZ: Absolutely it could …we are in a sweet spot right now. We are in the best spot we have ever been in the entire history of this thing. We have banks struggling to stay afloat….we have everybody waiting for the next shoe to fall…We have the Iraq  budget passed…the HCL law submitted to be passed…….we are in a great spot. 

Member: Iraq cant float with program rate, they need new rate.

Member: This morning there are more than just banks in the stocks that are being halted

MZ: The stock market it totally being propped up today. 

Member: Market is gapping up today because, according to Dr Scott Young, the troubled Bank Stocks have been removed/blocked from Trading today

Member: Did everyone see on the debt clock they have United States Treasury notes listed instead of Federal Reserve Notes…..this is awesome

MZ: I think we have all seen that now. We will wait and see if that means something or not. 

Member: Goldilocks posted about that on Recaps yesterday. It looks like good news to me. 

Member: Will we be allowed to swap our fiat Fed Reserve notes for new USN notes?

MZ: I am told yes and we should have 60-90 days in which to do this. To trade it, spend it or whatever. 

Member: Can you clarify –is the QFS a bank?

MZ: It is not a brick and mortar bank. It is a Quantum system .It is not a central bank. It runs autonomously. 

Member: Could this possibly kick off before Ramadan which is Mar. 22nd. 

MZ: I was told by folks on the ground over there that the goal it to kick it off specifically for Ramadan. 

Member: Praying this all happens before taxes are due next month for sure. 

Member: Mark Charlie Ward is saying a good possibility for Friday for the crash

Member: Capt Kyle has said about everything being on the Quantum system. Trusts and other legal documents will need to change over to Quantum language!

Member: National Treasury Union President Tony Reardon resigning

Member: Many companies moving plants to Vietnam from China !!

Member:  MZ, Looks like the stage is set, do you think Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse are to follow?

Member: Mark do you still think the contractor rates due on the 20th could be a deadline indicator for the RV deadline?

Member: Amazing watching everything we have been waiting for to show to the public and it’s happening so close to the other side great things begin

Member: Remember to Remain in Faith and Listen to what Mark is saying, not what you want to hear....... NESARA / IS COMING.

Member: I’ve heard it’s about to get wild people to fasten your seatbelts and be ready

Member: Thanks everyone…looking forward to more news tonight at 7

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