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Post by Ssmith Mon Mar 13, 2023 2:00 pm

Member: Good Morning…..New Week, new problems, one solution!

Member: Hope this is the event we have been looking for.

Member: Praying it’s not ground hogs week and we finally get to the finish line

MZ: I hope they do manage to keep things afloat a short bit longer, allows us to maximize our preparations.

Member: Reports are saying they have stop stock trading of some or all banks, so the dow number is a lie

Member: it was said that under exec. order stock market was taken over. Hmm... who is in control of it??

Member: Did y’all see Janet Hellen bailed a bank out? I am a little lost on that!

MZ: yes they are printing money out of the air to cover the money they printed out of the air….this is a great wake up call and is buying everyone a few days to get their affairs in order. 

MZ: They had to prop out the banks or watch the pitchforks and torches come out. The reality is there is nothing to prop up the banks but thin air. 

Member: Trading halted on Regions Financial Corp, Zions Bank, and First Republic Bank

Member: f the White Hats don't get this right I'm afraid we are going to see more and more vigilante activity...

MZ: Many in our community have been expecting this. We now have more bank failures and another bank taken over by the FDIC over the weekend. New York Signature Bank. We are watching it play out.; 

Member: I believe the FDIC states can take up to 30 years to pay you on your stolen funds . be good stewards of your funds .

Member:  FDIC "Insurance" Is A "Smoke & Mirrors" Joke

Member: Credit unions have there own version of FDIC called NCUA.....

Member:  a friend of mine went to atm yesterday and the bank was 5 cars deep of people trying to withdraw money

Member: Fed is in Rock...meet Hard Place...no way out, massive debt coming home to roost

Member: Maybe they want to usher in central bank digital currency for all with the on and off switch.

MZ:  Some Iraq news. “Iraqi cabinet approves the budget bill for 2023-2025 and sends to parliament”  So they are covering 3 years. It has made it out of the cabinet and gone to the parliament …Now parliament needs to pass it. This is huge news for us. 

MZ: Look at the juggling game going on right now with the FDIC, Fed Reserve, US Treasury ect….A key thing to remember guys is if you thought the roller coaster was bad before. We are about to hit some big loop-de-loops before the end.  Focus on things like this Iraq article …Focus on things you know are solid as they try to put more fingers in the leaky dike. 

Member: This is the week.... Nadar was a happy camper this morning. All A T M,s in all country,s are now exchanging currency......put in Dinars in Iraq get whatever is your countrys currency

MZ: Yes Nader did a video….the IQD budget started moving. He says they don’t want a 1 to 1 rate…They don’t want .$.50 cents or $.30 cents …The Iraqi people want what they are telling them on the streets….that the dinar is going back to its “Premier Status”. This is standard conversation over there.  Be sure to go watch , like and share his videos 

Member: THEY have awakened the sleeping giant

MZ: “From Zerohedge: “Never seen in over 40 years-SVB collapse sparks bank runs as people wait in lines”  Over the weekend  guys….Sat and Sun….people wer lined up in banks all over the world…not just the US. I am getting many reports of bank lines in the UK as well.

MZ: Monday 100,00 Americans will be lined up at their regional banks demanding their money. Most will not get it. 

MZ: “Fed panics as Signature Bank closed by regulators. Fed TSY, FDIC announce another banking system bailout” Up until Saturday they said they were not going to bail it out…they were going to let it collapse. They people threatened to move their money out of the market into bonds which would collapse Wall street. Panic ensued over the weekend. There have been high level meetings going on all over the world. Both in the financial industry and in politics. 

MZ: the “behind the scene “stuff going on right now is HISTORIC. There is a mad dash going on right now to keep things from imploding. 

Member: who's getting excited for things to happen? I want to see how they spin things until things spin out of control

Member: All economists are saying this is the crash…..and to get money out of the banks now before its to late……

Member: If Iraq RV’s alone…will we have taxes?

MZ: There is a good chance…if they go alone we will pay taxes. Be prepared for either way. 

MZ: Bankers are scrambling this morning with final preparations…..they believe we are about to see it over the next day or rwo. 

MZ: Bond people I hope to have an update later on today. . 

MZ: Also expecting an update on the CMKX, Farm Claim side today. I hope to have more news as the days goes on. 

Member: Last night Bix and Andy did a emergency youtube video….need to watch it. 

MZ: This is going to be a fun week. I will see if I can Andy on early this week.

Member:  If we RV@MarkZ will you have to sign an NDA. Will you have to stop the podcast temporarily. Just yeah or nay

Member: Mark said he may stop videos during the time of his NDA …..but will be back.

Member:  Feeling excited as things are finally happening this month!!

Member: As we witness incredible changes with severe wild swings, stay grounded and know that it will take months to restore what has disappeared in many pensions, savings, accounts, etc.

Member:  Had a dream yesterday that they announced the RV started and gave us the numbers and codes. Hope it was prophetic

Member: Please let this be the final week of all the pain, suffering and loss.

Member: Ides of March, all debts to be settled. It's looking like it is going to happen.

Member: Thank you Mark and Mods…….God bless us every one.

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