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Guru Judy 3/9/23 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Guru Judy 3/9/23

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Guru Judy 3/9/23 Empty Guru Judy 3/9/23

Post by Ssmith Fri Mar 10, 2023 2:42 pm

  • Thurs. 9 March Bruce: The Military has given the Green Light and on Wed. 8 March the US Treasury released the series codes for Tiers 1, 2 and 3 so they could receive liquidity. Bond Holders of Tier 3 should get their emails overnight tonight or tomorrow Fri. 10 March.  Tier 4a,b (us, the Internet Group) codes were released today and we should get notification to set appointments sometime over the weekend Sat. 11 March or Sun.12 March.

  • Thurs. 9 March Okie (not OkieOilMan) Update via Twitter: “As of right now the Teller Front Screen (rates) have not changed for the Dong and IQD. I received absolute confirmation that we are through. Nuff said. Rats took the “Bait, Bits & Bytes” and are nearly eradicated. Cheese moved again. Rates are high. Rats are low. IQD Dinarians fly in 747s above 10, while the Dong continues strong above .20 in my humble opinion. Goodness prevails and sails. Birds sing & software pings. Some of the Intel regarding Banks has just been de-bunked. …The rate is hard loaded in the banks. The rumor was that the big Four Banking Parking lots were full of employees receiving instructions for tomorrow.”

  • Thurs. 9 March MarkZ: Chatter from Iraq is they have dotted all their I’s and crossed all their t’s and we should get ready. They are going to start educating people on lower denominations at any moment. I absolutely believe things are happening or I would not be here. I have many more things I could be doing if I did not believe we were this close.

  • Judy Note: We have been told that all Tier 1 Banks have received the Source Codes and loaded those codes into their computers. The Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset, the Iraqi Dinar, has revalued with rates fluctuating on bank screens.


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