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Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 09, 2023 2:42 pm

Member: Good Morning…..ready for coffee and great news today

Member: I am fine with Iraq going alone and first with a neer rate of $`1.60 or 1 to 1 

Member: I completely feel the same way. Even if everything went 1 to 1 it would be life changing for 90% of us

MZ:  Not wearing gold this morning. We continue to see real world progress but, no gold yet.

Member: Iraq is very impressive with all the financial changes they are implementing 

MZ: Yes it is obvious they are making all the changes they need to…to go solo if necessary . 

Member: I think its possible that Iraq is slow rolling this thing because they are contractually obligated to the GCR / RV and IT is not yet ready?

Member: IF Iraq goes alone, how many days or weeks will it take for the others to follow?

Member: If Iraq goes solo…it would mean double dipping….I will buy more foreign currency if that happens. 

MZ: I am with you on that. 

MZ: Nader dropped a video that really dove into a lot of the security measures that Iraq is going through . From people on the streets, ministerial, financial properties ect….They are really upping their security at all levels in the banking sector and government sectors. Be sure to go watch his videos and like and share them. 

MZ: He also shares growth suggestions for each country in the middle east. It shows Iraq is very solid. He is pointing out how they are pulling together. 

MZ: And Nader says that Iraq has very quietly joined the WTO (World Trade Organization) without any fanfare. This means they are very close to their new value on their currency. It happened weeks ago very quietly. I am very glad Nader points this out. And he is very correct on this. 

MZ: A good, solid article from the CBI. “The Central Bank decides to use the local currency only at ATMs “

A statement by the Central Bank, which it received (Baghdad Today), stated that “based on the decision of the Council of Ministers and in light of the policy of the Central Bank of Iraq to encourage reliance on the national currency in financial transactions inside Iraq provided by the banking system and non-banking financial institutions, it was decided that the electronic financial services provided inside Iraq Through (automated teller machines, point-of-sale devices, electronic payment gateway) in the Iraqi dinar currency.

In addition, ATMs operate in Iraq in local currencies (dinars) and foreign currencies (dollars).

MZ: Why is this important? This is their de-dollarization …..by only using their dinar it is telling us they think theor currency is steady and stable.  This is fantastic news. 

MZ: A little touch on History “Top 10 strongest currencies in the world in 2023” Kuwaiti Dinar, Baharainian dinar, Oman rial , Jordanian dinar , British pound Cayman Islands, Gibralter pound, Swiss franc, Euro, US dollar.…..Do you know who used to be at the top of this list?? Iraq. 

MZ: Fundamentally Iraq is probably safer and more stable now then when it was at the top of that list. We know where they are headed. 

Member: What is the chatter today

MZ: There really isn’t any today. Nothing negative but I am burnt out on the ups and downs of the bond market.  Chatter from Iraq is they have dotted all their I’s and crossed all their t’s. and we should get ready. They are going to start educating people on lowere denominations at any moment. 

Member:I think  Mark is playing dodge ball with all the intel he is getting. What he can and cannot say.

Member: my credit union bank teller stated bank system was being updated, bank area was being expanded and some tellers will be eliminated.

Member: Wolverine said all 3 tiers are going. Everything is done!!! Just waiting to put in codes!!!

Member: bond holders are rumored to be payed in the next 24 hours per Dallas on PPN, but he said they have been in this position before and it didn't go...

Member: Mark I'm hearing the German bonds may go liquid today from a bond whale

Member: I have a friend who told me over in Iraq that their RV started yesterday afternoon

MZ: I absolutely believe things are happening or I would not be here. I have many more things I could be doing if I did not believe we were this close. 

Member: The world wide debt is far far in excess that it cannot be repaid, so a collapse is inevitable, the can is running out of road!!

Member:  Dear family, get ready and buckle up as we are about to experience a grand and glorious paradigm shift of the likes we have never seen in our lifetime.

Member: Mark. Looking forward to hearing from Andy today. Thanks as always for all you bring to this community.

Andy Schectman joins the stream at the end . Please listen to the replay for his information

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