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Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 08, 2023 1:37 pm

Member: Happy Hump day RV family. Are we going to get over the hill to the RV??

Member: Anybody hearing any fabulous news???

Member: Certainly seems like a lot of alignment going on… timing

MZ: There certainly is a tremendous amount of chatter running around. 

MZ: My contact in the Admirals group say that no money been received yet. No codes have yet been released for them . But , could the next few days bring it?  Yes. In fact the next 10 minutes could bring it. We just need to try to stay calm. 

MZ: I have been told by folks involved in it..that we are minute to minute. And yes…it is event driven. I wish I could tell you more than that. 

Member: Do you think everyone will get SKRS after we exchange…and then all funds released at the same time. 

MZ: No I think our funds are released at our appointments. 

Member:  Did anyone see Nadar post about an hour ago?

Member: Nader said this morning that the Iraq budget will hit parliament by mid April. 

Member: That Iraqi can has to be the most dented in human history!

Member: Actually, I'd be ok if it was April. As long as that is a hard and fast date. Each month comes and everything is forever pushed to the next month and so on and so on....

Member: Nader indicated in his video that Ramadan has started …I consider this very positive. And remember we don’t need to be concerned about the budget 

MZ: I agree with that…Nader says the pre Ramadan stuff has started and then officially it will start within the next 2 days I think…..not really certain.. but I agree we do not need to be concerned about the budget….as we understand it – we need the rate before the budget. 

MZ: The important part of the budget is the hydrocarbon law.(HCL) which is the sharing of oil revenues with the Iraqi people

MZ: MilitiaMan and Crew also did a great one overnight. We shared the articles last night on these developments and MM and crew did very solid reporting on this. 

MZ: Be sure to go watch the Militiaman and crew, and Nader from the Mid East videos…..they have some of the best content out there…..be sure to like and share them 

MZ: The news has been great and we know Iraq is ready for it. It is my understanding again that they need the rate before the budget. This news is encocuraging and we can see the logical steps towards the establishment of their currency. 

MZ: We are hearing similar things from Vietnam that they are also ready. 

Member: We need the cabal gone so the world will become safe for those of who exchange. 

Member: The RV, NESARA-GESARA and the QFS would solve the cartel problem. Take cash away from them.

Member: I have read that if Iraq goes alone…..Vietnam will also follow right after?

MZ: There is always the chance Iraq could go alone….Iraq does a tremendous amount of trade with Vietnam and Vietnam is already prepared and ready to change their value. The US state dept has been pushing them to change their value. 

MZ: I have been told….that the same time Iraq goes….or within days….then Vietnam will go as well. IF Iraq goes alone with the GCR or gold treaty. 

Member: Is there a chart somewhere that shows the potential exchange rate for all these currency?

Member:  I'm needing the info on getting notifications from rc (redemption center)  plz…how do they know to send us emails?

Member: They don't. You have to make an appointment with 800 number. Which you will get here or DinarRecaps.

Member: Mark Will you be able to tell us if redemption centers are active without violating your NDA?

MZ: Yes …and we are encouraged to share this when it is time

Member: Just wished we didn’t have to deal with a NDA

Member: I've heard NDA no discussion for 90 days.

Member: Nda is for your safety and no one needs to know your worth!

Member: If people were to know how wealthy you suddenly were….you would become a target…..stay smart….stay quiet 

Member: Hang in there everyone. Stay strong-we must be very close

Member: Don't try to watch the grass grow... it'll need mowing soon...

Member: “His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me"

markz - I just want to express my sincerest appreciation for all that you do! You brought this amazing community together with humor, candor, dignity and honest concern. 

Member: Everyone have a great day today! Should be a good one!

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