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Post by Ssmith Tue Mar 07, 2023 3:20 pm

Member: Hola fellow currency enthusiasts as we gather once again.

Member: It’s time to get this rodeo started

Member: Everyone says now/very soon!! We are beyond ready!!!

MZ: I am going to start with a “not quite” a banking story. 

MZ: Someone needed to pay a bill and took some VND to a currency exchanger in a local mall. When he told the staff there he needed to sell some to cover a bill…….she asked him “Do you know what is about to happen?  He said yes but needed a bill paid today. She checked the rate on the screen and then said she didn’t want him to lose out and changes could happen at any moment over the next few days. 

MZ: This to me is awesome as you are starting to see this from certain banking and exchange personnel. They are seeing things. 

Member: VND should be at least $2.25

Member: It sure sounded like Frank was saying good bye last night……hope its because RV is imminent!!

MZ: If he is going to disappear after exchanging…..its going to be soon based on everything we have been hearing.  

Member: I don't want to see another small rate change and 3 more weeks of waiting

Member: Just give me a NEER rate and let the dinar go…….

Member: Disinfo necessary I’m thinking Kuwait model

MZ: In Iraq they were hoping to have the draft budget on the docket today…but they are still on track to have things done this month. 

Member: Frank26 always said the budget needs the rate , but the rate does not need the budget.   We could still see the rate before the budget is passed….imo

Member: Iraqi parliament has to pass everything 3 times

MZ: “How Iraq caused a currency crisis by paying Iran in dinars”  When the US did all of their sanctions by trying to block Iran from the banking system…..it put Iraq in a bad position as they get most of their natural gas and electricity from Iran. They are working to fix this infrastructure weakness.  But because Iraq could not pay in US dollars…they paid Iran in 1.6 billion dinars. This caused a liquidity issue and the value of the dinar to start going in the wrong direction. 

MZ: Do you know what would fix al of this? A new rate and a new banking system

MZ: I am still hearing they are preparing the new mechanisms for the introduction of the lower denominations. This would fix their liquidity problems if they change the currency value and release the lower denomintaions. 

MZ: I have nothing from the paymaster and bond side. But, I am hearing from different Prosperity Package people that they are back again updating info from people who may have fallen off the grid. It is now safe to say there is activity going on and chatter is going to start picking up. . 

Member: Anything about the Venezuelan Bolivar?

MZ: I still hear it will be in the first basket…but nobody knows the rate yet. 

Member: What is your honest opinion what the dinar will rv at?

MZ: I have multiple opinions….if they come out solo….I believe we could possibly see 3 rate changes …but if they wait and come out with the GCR…we could see a street rate of around $3.50-$4.00. I am still being told we will get a $2 bonus of $2 on top of that rate for the “Oil for Dinar “ contract rate. 

Member: I received a notification from my Bank of America app that "Our NEW Pay & Transfer hub is on the way" Hmmm..Thoughts? QFS?

Member: My bank told me yesterday that they were closing for the day today. No reason given! Hmmmmmm

Member: I bank with a Credit Union and for 2 days I wasn't able to check online balances. showed system down. This morning it is back up working. Made me think they might be switching to QFS system ??

Member: Talking to my Credit Union Teller, she sad so many changes to our computer system, it’s crazy !

Member: Goldilocks is looking at Mark20th for banking changes and SOFR to start worldwide.

Member: the 20th anniversary of Iraq war coming up Mar 19th

Member: Everyone says the US market HAS to crash first!!!!!!!!!!!!

Member: Dow is taking a dive today

Member: Stocks are now in the RED!! FAST DROPPING.

Member: S&P -36 Dow -197 bounces back 180 NASDAQ -90

Member: The Stock Market is Shorted to death, Hedge Funds are bleeding and Banks as well. Crash COMING

Member: I wish we knew exactly what to expect at our exchange apts.

Member: There is a lot of back and forth regarding the exchange. I am sure it will be smoother than we all think. I do trust this plan. Gods wealth transfer. You have been chosen!!!

Member: It’s so frustrating trying to wake friends up to what’s going on. They just want to sleep.

Member: Anyone still asleep is in a coma…….leave them there…..and rip off the bankdaid…..

Member:  It feels like Christmas Eve and I’m getting that butterfly feeling in my stomach that something is about to happen. This is God’s time. Rejoice!!!!

Member: Today we are in Purim….. the wealth of the wicked to be turned over to us. it is written

Member: Thanks Mark and Mods…..hopefully we hear big news by tonight

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